What Made Florida The Hardest-Hit State During The Latest Covid Surge

What Made Florida The Hardest-hit State During The Latest Covid Surge

Florida ranked topmost among all other US states in terms of new cases and death owing to covid-19.

Although the governor of the state has blocked the mask mandated but has urged people to get their shots and to keep businesses shut.

Experts believe that these factors will have some impact on the surge of cases in the state and there will not be any peaks for few upcoming weeks.

The Latest Covid Surge In The Sunshine State:

Florida is presently the leading state in the US in terms of new covid cases, the majority of which are caused by the highly contagious and infectious delta variant.

As of 31st July, the confirmed cases in Florida have increased by 50% accounting for 21,683 new cases, which is the highest single-day hike since the beginning of the pandemic.

Presently Florida is ranking 5th in the most number of covid cases in the US.

22% of the intensive care beds in Florida are filled up with covid patients which is the highest in the US.

According to Dr. Stephen Kimmel, the epidemiology department chair at the University of Florida’s College of Public Health and the Health Professions and School of Medicine, the spread is simple calculus.

Kimmel implies that the new variant of the virus is much more contagious hence the vaccinated individuals will be acting as a carrier to carry the infection and sored it among the unvaccinated ones.

What Made Florida The Hardest-hit State During The Latest Covid Surge

This eventually is leading to a large number of hospitalizations and deaths among the unvaccinated population of Florida.

Mary Mayhew, the president, and chief executive officer of the Florida Hospital Association state that, all the hospitals in the state are rapidly filing up with patients having severe cases of covid illness.

According to Mayhew, the cases of hospitalization have gone up from 2000 cases to almost 10,000 cases over the past month.

Such a leap in daily admission took almost 2 months during the peak of the pandemic in the previous year.

Younger Population More Susceptible To The New Variant:

Apart from spreading rapidly in the state of Florida, the new variant is more prevalent among the younger population compared to the surge of covid cases in 2020.

The majority of patients that got admitted to the hospital with severe covid sickness were older people in 2020.

Whereas this year the average age of people reporting severe sickness in the 40s and not in the 60s.

Such a high rate of hospitalization among the younger population can be attributed to lower vaccination rates in this section of society.

The older population has a better vaccination rate providing protection against the delta variants thus cutting down their hospitalization rate.

Kimmel states the correlation between vaccination rate and the spread of the virus is quite evident from the situation in Florida.

It further reinstates the claim of the experts that vaccination is the only weapon against the new delta variant and it can provide protection against severe illnesses.

As stated by Kimmel, getting more and more people vaccinated at the earliest is the most important objective at the moment.

The Stance Of The Governor:

The governor of the state however has accused the media of spreading fear and paranoia among the people.

The governor adds that the current surge in cases is not as grim as that of 2020 since the patients this time are younger and presumably less vulnerable to severe sickness.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida have also attempted to shift the blame for the case surgeon the influx of immigrants at the USA-Mexico border, however, Kimmel debunks any such claim since the statistical data doesn’t support it.

While DeSantis has urged people to get vaccinated he has sidelined all probabilities of implementing lockdown to curb the spread of the virus.

DeSantis has opposing views to making masks mandatory for educational institutes and for businesses, the two steps considered most important to control the spread of the virus.


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