FOCUS ONLINE DISCUSSION – Audi employees go to court because of gender: pros and cons in debate


Excitement: At the Audi Group in Ingolstadt, a dispute with an employee on the subject of gender is now going to court. A male employee feels influenced in his “free personality development” by the company’s internal need to use an adapted gender form in order to ensure “mutual respect and appreciation” among employees. He finds the system “anti-male” and complains. (Read more about it here)

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The topic also leads to groundbreaking discussions in the Focus online editorial team: Editor Hannes Brenner is open on the subject of gender: “Manliness has perhaps never been so threatened: if doctors are to be doctors, doctors themselves must be threatened in terms of their gender identity because he does not want to be addressed as “the doctor”.

You can tell from the controversy that I clear on gender am. At first it seemed awkward and artificial, and I quickly found reasons not to do it. But I forgot at least two points and it seems to me that the people at Audi and – even worse – the German-speaking association that supports them are making the same mistakes.”

Gender should help to make our society more inclusive

Brenner clarifies the misconception: “On the one hand, that’s the way it is today Personal development plays a much more important role Compared to 20, 30 or 100 years ago. Jobs should not only save lives, but also be fun. Education should be open to all and there should be opportunities for advancement. We can express and show our gender and sexual identity more freely. Milius disappears and regroups. In addition to all the opportunities, it also harbors the risk that fellow human beings no longer feel addressed and excluded from the language used. Many studies have shown that Gender really matters and reflects diversity better compared to the normal male. It may not be comfortable and perfect and privilege men, but overall it suits our way of life today.

On the other hand, it’s about Gendering is not just about changing our language, but about making our society more inclusive, The former is, of course, a common target and counter-argument. It is fair to say that mere language changes nothing. But the Union of German Languages ​​should know that social change and linguistic change go hand in hand throughout history. So why should we assume that an inclusive society, which we (hopefully) all aspire to, can emerge without a language change? we’ll probably lie with that laid the foundation for the further development of our society,

The debate is too one-sided, too emotionally charged and not very constructive

Editor Sonja Sporer takes a critical, but general view of the gender discussion at Audi: “Without belittling the achievements of the gender movement, I feel that I am a woman as a woman.” It’s too reserved to go. A woman same work same money To get. I can still understand the emphasis on the female form in the lyrics. But I don’t find the use of language to pause before “in” and start again with “i” particularly exciting, especially since this short pause was swallowed up and is no longer really audible. . what about a Discrimination against male professionals etc. leads.

Can you now say: “So what… We women didn’t have equal rights for a long time, now it’s the men’s turn“. However, this also fails to address the actual problem of harm specific to women.

my opinion: Instead of getting into heated discussions about the right gender and even going to court, everyone (!) should recognize and name the real problems of people with discrimination.,

It appears to me The debate is too one-sided, too emotionally charged and not very constructiveUnfortunately, I also find it somewhat disturbing that anyone who speaks without hesitation is immediately labeled as reactionary and outdated. hyphen More peace for everyone involved Would be nice to discuss.

But maybe I’m just too old (fashionable) not to be addressed and annoyed by “Dear Citizens”.

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