Foods That Can Boost The Immune System

Foods That Can Boost The Immune System

The immune system is a collective term that refers to organs, cells, tissues, and proteins.

The immune system protects our body from pathogens like viruses, bacteria, or any foreign object that can cause infection.

Foods That Can Boost The Immune System

The immune system fights the pathogens by triggering an immune response that produces antibodies that attach to the antigens on the pathogens and kills them. A healthy immune system is essential for maintaining good health.

One can incorporate specific foods in the diet to boost the immune system for better functioning.

Foods That Can Boost The Immune System


Blueberries contain anthocyanin, which is a kind of flavonoid. It is rich in antioxidant properties and can help in boosting the immune system.

It helps in strengthening the immune system of the respiratory tract and helps in preventing the common cold, and respiratory tract infection.

Dark chocolates:

Dark chocolates are rich in a compound called theobromine. It helps in boosting the immune system of the body by protecting the cells against free radicals.

Free radicals are substances produced within the body when it comes in contact with certain toxins o by breaking down certain food products.


Turmeric is a spice that is predominantly used in cooking. However, it can be used in certain alternative medicines as well.

Turmeric contains curcumin which is known to boost the immune system of an individual if consumed on a regular basis, owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.

High-fat fishes:

Fishes high in oil content like salmon, sardine, tuna, and filchards are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Some studies show that continuous consumption of omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the probability of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune condition that arises when the immune system attacks the healthy self cells of the body.


Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, and antioxidant sulforaphane. When consumed on a regular basis, it can boost the immune system.

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene that gives a distinct color to the skin of sweet potatoes.

It is rich in antioxidant, and vitamin A that is good for maintaining healthy skin and protect against skin damage caused by UV rays.


Spinach contains a heavy concentration of nutrients and antioxidants like flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin C, and vitamin E. while the vitamins can help in enhancing the immune system, the antioxidants help in protection against the common cold.

Ginger and garlic;

Ginger and garlic have a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties that can provide protection against the common cold and its symptoms.

These are used on a regular basis in almost all types of cooking and have proven to be beneficial against cold and infections.

Green tea:

Green tea is a healthier alternative to coffee or black tea as it contains a very low amount of caffeine.

It is known to have certain health benefits owing to its antioxidant concentration and helps in boosting the immune system.

Sunflower seeds and almonds:

Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E and a very popular choice of seed for breakfast.

Just like any other antioxidant, it helps in improving the immune system and fights off the free radicals in the body.

Almonds contain vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, and manganese, just a handful of soaked almonds every day is a snack god enough to benefit the immune system.

Alternative ways to boost the immune system:

One can also boost the immune system by following certain lifestyle modifications like maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and smoking, managing stress, exercising on a regular basis, getting enough sleep, and maintaining proper hygiene.

It is important to note that boosting the immune system is a contributory effect of a number of factors like marinating a healthy diet and lifestyle.

However if one continues to experience poor immunity despite following the preventive and enhancing measures, one should consult a doctor.


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