Forever Formula Reviews – Is John Writes’ Formula Keep Your Relationship Strong?

Forever Formula Reviews

Learn all about the evolutionary and hormonal changes that make every man, husband, boyfriend, etc grow apart and lose interest in their partners, and the ways it can be prevented with Forever Formula.

Did you know that an average male is evolutionarily programmed to have at least 14 female partners in a lifetime? Women averages to just 2 intimate partners in their lives. 

This of course doesn’t mean that every male is undependable and a cheat, but they have the evolutionary baggage that can drive them away from their current partners in search of new ones. This is caused by a gradual change in their hormonal structure, popularly referred to as the ‘Coolidge effect’.

Forever Formula Reviews – A Technique To Achieve A Peaceful Relationship Goal?

John Writes, the author of Forever Formula, is a brilliant evolutionary psychologist who extensively covers the Coolidge effect and the many practical ways it can be controlled and used to reignite the passion of straining relationships. 

Here we have decided to create an in-depth Forever Formula review and answer some general queries at the end.

Forever Formula Reviews
Product NameForever Formula
Author Mr. John Writes
BenefitsIt helps you to strengthen relationships and stability
Product FeatureBased on the Coolidge effect
AvailabilityPDF Form
Money-back guarantee60 days
Official WebsiteClick here

What is Forever Formula?

Forever Formula – The Science of Two, is a beneficial and knowledgeable guidebook for couples. It provides insight into the destructive hormonal changes happening within their male counterparts and how it threatens their relationship stability.

The book enlightens its readers, especially females, with practical advice on how they can detect these changes early on and take advantage of this evolutionary phenomenon to further reenergize and strengthen their relationship and its stability. 

The book is extremely user-friendly and written in a simple and informative manner. It is a collection of various scientific researches illustrated in the form of short stories and it is available in easy-to-download digital formats. 

The author of Forever Formula – John Writes

John Writes is the author of Forever Formula. He is a renowned evolutionary psychologist whose main research focuses on the in-built genetic traits that are formed over millions of years of evolution and how it affects the modern human psyche.

His theories on human-behavioral changes induced by hormones are well acclaimed among his professional community.

Forever Formula is a collection of research studies and working treatment methods that John collected during his study on the ‘Coolidge effect’.

He has contributed several other works in this field and is adored by readers for his engaging and informative writing style.

How does Forever Formula work in your life?

Forever Formula enlightens the readers in detail about the ‘Coolidge effect’ and its influence on modern relationships.

It is useful for both men and women, understand the changes happening within the male brain, and detect them early on before they can do any serious damage to their relationships.

Apart from damage prevention, Forever Formula also provides valuable insights and practical advice for taking advantage of this condition.

This can be helpful for couples to rekindle the lost flame and heat of their relationship and inspire positive changes in both their lives and then elevate their relationship to a stronger and stable level.

Forever Formula Relationship

Benefits of Forever Formula:

Learn the Importance of ‘Coolidge effect’:‘A problem well-stated is half solved’, once you learn about the inner-workings of the male-brain and the Coolidge effect, you will have a better understanding of the troubles you face in your relationships.

  • Protect and Prevent Damages to your Relationship:

Forever Formula equips the readers, especially females, to easily detect the hormonal changes happening inside men. 

It will help to identify and pick up on the subtle and gradual behavioral changes of men and provides practical advice on how you can counter them.

  • Reignite and Elevate your Relationship:

Forever Formula teaches the readers how they can make use of this evolutionary phenomenon to their advantage and ways in which such hormonal changes can be beneficial to them. 

With the practical application of these methods, you can channel real improvements in intimacy, togetherness, and commitment in your relationship.

  • Easy to understand and instructional language:

Forever Formula is written in easy-to-understand texts and passages that presents its information like instruction manuals. 

All of its supporting scientific research papers and studies are illustrated with short stories and real-life examples for better comprehension. 

What is Included in Forever Formula?

Forever Formula mainly includes a collection of scientific researches and studies conducted within the past 60 years on the Coolidge effect.

It provides insights on identifying and controlling the 3 evolutionary programmed stages that every man goes through, which are:

  1. Plain, intense, and mostly impersonal desire towards almost any woman.
  2. Uncontrollable obsession, repulsive thoughts, and irreversible falling in love with the one woman.
  3. Spontaneous process of bonding that leads to unquestionable devotion, affinity, and loyalty that could last indefinitely.

Pros and Cons of using Forever Formula:


  • Easily comprehensible language
  • Provides detailed grasp on Coolidge effect
  • Helps early identification of damaging hormonal changes
  • Illustrated with real-life examples and practical advice
  • Helps re-energize and ignite lost passion
  • Available in convenient digital format
  • 60-days moneyback guarantee 


Will Forever Formula work? Is it Legit?

Based on Forever Formula Reviews, is a collection of scientific papers and studies published on the Coolidge effect. It provides practical examples that can help treat failing relationships by helping couples identify the root causes and creating a systematized plan for improving their conditions.

Some relationships could be simply unsavable so Forever Formula may not work in everyone’s lives.

But it seems to be extremely beneficial in identifying problem signals early on and the information it provides could be very essential for a mature and long-lasting relationship.

There are some instances where fake copies of Forever Formula were sold illegitimately in certain websites and stores. Please avoid such products as they violate the terms of the refund policy.

Forever Formula Customer Reviews and Complaints:

By analyzing Forever Formula Reviews, we found some life-changing success stories from verified customers on the feedback forum. Here some snippets are taken from the forum and their social media pages.

You can read the full stories on their official website.

Most Forever Formula Reviews, we found were positive. Some of the complaints we came across were mostly issues with the download link and server issues. However, the checkout page and downloads seem to be loading normally as of now. 

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Forever Formula pricing and Availability:

Forever Formula is available for instant download as a digital product.

Currently, there is a promotional campaign that has drastically slashed the price and is available now for $7 (Plus VAT $1.26)

Payments are processed through ClickBank’s secure checkout page. 

They have multiple payment options including credit card or PayPal.

Their promotional campaign seems to be nearing an end so once it is over Forever Formula will be available back at its normal price of $37 (excluding VAT).

Forever Formula is only authorized for sales through its official website.

Products downloaded from other websites or stores won’t be covered under their refund policy. 

Final Take on Forever Formula Reviews

Relationships are a complicated experience, and it is only our recent advances in evolutionary biology and neuroscience that we now know a great deal about the Coolidge effect and how it is deeply ingrained in the minds of men.

Forever Formula provides an in-depth analysis of this phenomenon and is beneficial to create an effective plan on identifying them early and treating them.

It can’t be argued that the knowledge provided in this eBook is invaluable and extremely useful for both men and women to lead healthier and long-lasting relationships.

John Writes is also a brilliant writer that makes this book overall – a worthwhile read for sure.

Please bear in mind that Forever Formula is not a 100% assured solution to your problems. John Writes sympathizes with those who still failed in their relationships and were unsuccessful with Forever Formula. This is why he is giving out refunds for dissatisfied users.

However, there are so many inspiring success stories from the users of this program so we suggest you give this a read if you have started having problems in your relationship.

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