Fred Ward’s Death Has His Colleagues All Saying The Same Thing


Whether or not they worked with him personally, the prevailing opinion among Fred Ward’s peers was that he was a significant talent and someone who will be sorely missed.

director Edgar Wrightfor example, described Ward as someone “who has gifted us with so many gruff, funny, and relatable characters throughout his career and always had charm to burn.” ‘, ‘The Right Stuff’, ‘Southern Comfort’ and ‘Miami Blues’.

actor Diedrich Bader similarly characterized Ward as an actor whose “characters felt like they had lived full lives and we only see part of it, and that’s a magic trick performed right in front of you and thankfully captured in the light forever. “

Film critics are among the many others who commemorate Ward with glowing praise Richard Roperformer teen heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr.“Bill & Ted” actor Alexander Winterscartoons John Fugelsangand screenwriter Brian Lynch. In his tweet, Lynch described Ward as “a tough guy who could also be really warm and funny.”

Taken together, these contributions paint a picture of an artist who was valued throughout the industry and who was an inexorable influence during his lifetime.

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