GAZPROM share: GAZPROM cuts gas delivery to Germany again – Federal Network Agency sees no technical reason


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GAZPROM had announced that it would only pump a maximum of 67 million cubic meters through the pipeline from Thursday night. The state-owned company justified the move again with the delay in repair work. The Federal Network Agency was concerned and called Moscow’s approach “technically unreasonable”.

Already on Tuesday, GAZPROM announced a reduction in daily volume by almost 40 percent from the already planned 167 million to 100 million cubic meters per day and pointed to the delay in repairing gas compressors.

The energy technology group Siemens Energy then announced that gas turbines overhauled in Canada cannot currently be returned from Montreal due to Russian sanctions. The recent reduction of 67 million cubic meters means a throttling of around 60 percent within two days.

The fact that GAZPROM is now reducing its deliveries via Nord Stream 1 by around 40 percent is a warning signal from the point of view of Klaus Müller, Chairman of the Federal Network Agency. “Unfortunately, Russia is fueling the uncertainty and increasing gas prices,” he told the “Rheinische Post” (Thursday).

Germany would have a problem if GAZPROM only delivered 40 percent a week via Nord Stream 1, said Müller: “That would significantly worsen our situation. We can probably tolerate that in summer, because the heating season is over. However, we now have to fill the deposits with Russian gas in order to survive the winter.” When asked whether he feared that Russia was serious about stopping gas supplies, Müller said: “So far it has been the Russian argument, more gas to sell to Germany. But we don’t rule anything out.”

According to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Hebeck, Russia wants to cause unrest with delivery cuts. “The justification given by the Russian side is just a farce. This is clearly a strategy to create uncertainty and drive up prices,” said the Greens politician. Quantities can currently be bought on the market, albeit at higher prices. It still saves: “Supply security is guaranteed.” Gas storage facilities in Germany were recently about 56 percent full.

For Germany, Nord Stream 1 is the main supply pipeline with Russian gas. The Yamal-Europe line, which runs through Poland, has not previously been filled. The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine has also decreased. Among other things, the past sanctions have led to an increase in energy prices, as less gas flows from Russia to Europe overall.


Moscow/Berlin (DPA-AFX)

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