Our Generation’s D-Day: The US Nears 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Our Generation’s D-Day: The US Nears 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths

It’s been almost a year since the arrival of the dangerous and life altering pandemic. Most citizens in America are fed up with wearing masks. Kids at home are desperate to return to schools and colleges. People are numb by looking at the number of death data due to Covid-19 which has touched 500K on Sunday. 

Our Generation’s D-Day: The US Nears 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Health workers now don’t want to talk about anything about death or any sad data. They have been working continuously and endlessly amidst the rising number of cases and people dying daily. The constant deaths, suffering, exposure to disease, and continuous threat of disease have exhausted doctors and health workers all over the world. 

Our Generation’s D-Day: The US Nears 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Still, there is no confirmation about the ending of this deadly virus.

A tangible fatigue can be seen amidst health workers. They are sick of Covid as well as the people’s disregard for public health guidance. 

As per Eric Cioe-pena who runs a Covid-19 field hospital in New York, he has been telling people just to wear masks in public places. Don’t clap, don’t handshake, and don’t give me baked goods. All you need to do is stay safe. 

With more than 500K deaths since the day of the arrival of the vaccine, there have been more than 1440 deaths of healthcare personnel nationwide. Many people believe that data by many agencies are incomplete. In a report released in late December by Kaiser Health News, it was found that the number of fatalities for health professionals was closer to 3000.

The arrival of vaccines in the month of December helped medical workers to get rid of worries. A health worker named Michael Daignault, who worked as an emergency room physician recalled the joy and relief among his co-workers when they got vaccinated. Many health workers posted their photos online and many also convinced people to take vaccines and claimed that it was safe.

Daignault also remembers how bad he felt, when he saw many Los Angeles County residents ignoring health advice when the infection piled up and turned the area into a Covid calamity. 

Last year was super frustrating because he worked for most holidays on July 4, Memorial day, Labor day, and thanksgiving. He only enjoyed the vacation of Christmas. 

Julita Mir who is an infectious disease physician and Chief Medical Officer at the Community Care Cooperative in Boston said that all health professionals get strength from serving the community. But, it is also essential that people take precautionary measures. 

Thinking about the new variant of vaccine, health workers feel like crying. No one knows if the current vaccine will work for the new virus strain or not. People also don’t know when everything will be back to normal. The data released by CDC about 500K deaths within a year due to the virus seems too big to grasp. People still need to be aware. Until the vaccine works for the new Coronavirus strain, nothing can be said. We can just hope everything to be over soon.


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