Gilder’s Technology Report Trillion Dollar Miracle Review

Gilder’s Technology Report is a monthly newsletter led by famed stock picker and futurist George Gilder.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Gilder’s Technology Report is temporarily priced at just $77 for your first year.

Plus, all new subscriptions come with a bundle of bonus reports – including two reports on how you could make money by investing in an “$11.5 trillion miracle sheet” technology.

Should you subscribe to Gilder’s Technology Report? What is the $11.5 trillion miracle sheet technology, and how can you invest? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Gilder’s Technology Report and its new promotion.

What is Gilder’s Technology Report?

Gilder’s Technology Report is a monthly financial newsletter featuring stock recommendations, investment ideas, and market analysis.

Led by stock picker and futurist George Gilder, Gilder’s Technology Report is one of several free and paid newsletters available through

For the last three decades, George Gilder has sent monthly recommendations to subscribers around the world. Those recommendations have included some of the world’s hottest rising tech trends. The goal is to help investors buy into a new technology before it becomes mainstream.

Here’s how explains the goals of Gilder’s Technology Report:

“Each month, George details the evolving paradigms in technology and provides a roadmap to the best investments available.”

Gilder’s Technology Report is normally priced at $249 per year. However, as part of a 2023 promotion, you can pay just $77 for your first year’s Gilder’s Technology Report subscription.

Gilder’s Technology Report and are subsidiaries of Eagle Products, LLC, a Washington, DC-based financial publishing company.

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What Will You Learn in Gilder’s Technology Report?

George Gilder has a reputation for identifying big technology trends before they become mainstream.

When you subscribe to Gilder’s Technology Report, you get monthly issues featuring George’s latest predictions and recommendations, including George’s thoughts on where tech trends will go next.

George’s latest focus is graphene – a special type of technology that could disrupt many industries and be used in many applications.

When you subscribe to Gilder’s Technology Report today, you get two bonus eBooks on graphene investment opportunities – including companies’ names and ticker symbols, which George believes will skyrocket in value as graphene becomes more mainstream.

Subscribers also receive access to George Gilder’s model portfolio and updates on open and closed positions.

Who is George Gilder?

George Gilder is a futurist and stock picker with decades of experience. He’s been publishing Gilder’s Technology Report for three decades, and he now offers a range of other free and paid subscription services online through

Gilder's Technology Report

Here’s how describes George Gilder:

“George is the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology and its impact on our lives.”

Former US President Ronald Reagan was a big fan of George Gilder. He frequently cited George Gilder’s book, Wealth and Poverty (published in 1981) as an ideal form of capitalism.

A former United States Marine, Gilder also served as a speechwriter for Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, and Richard Nixon, among other notable names. He’s known for advancing the ideals of supply-side economics while also identifying new technological trends.

George predicted the iPhone 13 years before its release, for example. He also forecasted the death of cable TV and the rise of Netflix ten years before Netflix was founded. During the tech stock boom of the 1990s, Gilder “was widely considered the best stock picker in the world,” according to

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What is the $11.5 Trillion Miracle Sheet?

As part of a 2023 promotion, George Gilder and his team have published two eBooks on a “miracle sheet” technology called graphene.

These eBooks feature the names and ticker symbols of companies George believes will skyrocket in value with the rise of graphene.

In fact, George describes graphene as an “$11.5 trillion miracle sheet” and believes the technology is “4 times more valuable than Amazon, Google, and Tesla…combined.”

George has identified two companies at the forefront of graphene innovation.

One company holds a unique pending patent for graphene that could lead to graphene’s “aluminum moment,” or breakthrough.

Another company aims to transform household garbage into graphene, producing high-quality graphene at a much lower cost. George believes both companies could turn investors into millionaires as Graphene expands.

Other companies, meanwhile, are using graphene in automotive manufacturing, airplanes, bulletproof vests, military applications, medical applications, and more. There are near-endless uses for a lightweight metal capable of conducting electricity.

We’ve known about graphene for years. However, it’s becoming increasingly versatile and usable in a variety of applications. Graphene is about to become an influential technology, and George wants to make sure you invest in the right companies before it’s too late.

Why Graphene?

What makes graphene unique? Why invest in companies linked to graphene?

Here are some of the reasons George Gilder believes graphene will play an important role – and cause certain companies to skyrocket in value:

  • It’s stronger than steel yet lighter than paper
  • It’s the best conductor of electricity on the planet
  • You can weave it into a t-shirt to make a bulletproof, Kevlar-like vest that weighs just ounces
  • It will soon be found “in every electronic device, automobile, and aircraft on the planet,” according to George Gilder

Graphene is particularly important for military and tech companies and companies that use the technology to its potential today could skyrocket in value in the future.

George believes graphene will suddenly and dramatically impact the stock market. In fact, people who buy George’s recommended graphene companies today could get rich quick. Here’s how he explains the investment potential for graphene:

“[Graphene] promises to make a lot of early investors very rich very soon…Virtually overnight, it will transform the planet and mint hundreds of new millionaires.”

By investing in the right graphene companies today, you could reap the rewards as graphene takes off, earning huge returns on your investment.

Gilder’s Report – Your ticket to savvy investment choices!

Graphene Applications: What Industries Will Graphene Disrupt?

Why is graphene valuable? How will companies generate huge returns from graphene?

Here are some of the potential applications for graphene:

Lightweight Bulletproof Vests & Other Military / Police Applications: Graphene has huge potential in military and police applications. There’s a reason Captain America’s shield was made from graphene: the material is lightweight yet 200x stronger than steel. The military is experimenting with graphene as a way to make lightweight, bulletproof vests.

You could wear a bulletproof vest that’s as light as a t-shirt but capable of stopping a bullet. The United States military is set to spend $770 billion this year, and some of that money will go towards graphene. According to George Gilder, “27 of the world’s largest militaries” are actively researching graphene.

Night Vision Contact Lenses: According to George Gilder, the University of Michigan has developed revolutionary night-vision contact lenses using graphene.

Countless Electronic & Technological Applications: Graphene’s most exciting areas of development, however, may be in electronics and technology. Graphene is the most conductive substance on the planet. It could transform the way we create electronics, build cars, and construct countless other innovations.

Batteries: According to George Gilder, graphene could “replace every battery with superfast-charging, long-lasting batteries” made from graphene. It has the potential to disrupt the $104 billion battery market.

Silicon Chips: Silicon chips are found in virtually every electronic device on the planet. It’s a $1.1 trillion market that could be disrupted by graphene.

Medical Applications: Graphene is the “only known example of what’s called an ‘electrically conductive membrane,’” according to George Gilder, which gives it enormous potential in the medical field. Researchers recently healed a lab rat’s spine using graphene, and that rat made a full recovery in a matter of weeks. In the future, graphene injections could help people walk again when they previously had no hope. They could also provide sci-fi-level prosthetics.

Water Filtration: Graphene could create cheap, foolproof water filtration systems around the world and end water scarcity. It’s a $3.2 billion market.

Automotive Manufacturing: Graphene could change the auto industry by making it easier for manufacturers to create hyper-efficient fuel cells and near-weightless car parts, transforming how we make cars. It has the potential to disrupt the $2.8 trillion auto industry.

Graphene is one of the world’s most valuable substances and costs around $450,000 per pound. Because it can be used in a variety of applications, graphene can transform medicine, electronics, the military, and much more. George Gilder believes it has the potential to disrupt markets worth over $11 trillion, which is why he sees it as an $11 trillion technology.

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How to Get Rich from Graphene Investing

We’ve explained the value of graphene and the potential industries it can disrupt. But how can you get rich from graphene? Which companies can you buy today to make money through the rise of graphene?

George has identified several companies that could benefit as graphene takes off. By subscribing to Gilder’s Technology Report today, you can discover the names and ticker symbols of companies George believes will skyrocket in value by using graphene to its full potential:

Company #1: One company is trying to create graphene out of one of the world’s most common resources: garbage. In the future, you could sell your household trash to graphene manufacturers, allowing them to make lightweight aircraft and featherlight body armor out of household waste. If a company can genuinely transform trash into graphene, they could produce graphene at a significantly cheaper price than it’s $450,000 a pound rate, unlocking significant wealth.

Company #2: Another company is trying to spark graphene’s “aluminum moment.” Aluminum was once one of the world’s most valuable substances and significant advances. Once aluminum became mainstream, it had its breakthrough moment. One company has a pending patent that could lead to graphene’s own breakthrough moment. In fact, George believes this company “could be recognized as the most valuable company in the world” by unlocking the potential of graphene.

By subscribing to Gilder’s Technology Report today, you get both companies’ names and ticker symbols – including a detailed analysis of why George believes they have enormous potential in graphene’s $11 trillion industry.

All new subscriptions come with a free eBook called Your Way In: Graphene’s Trillion-Dollar Takeover and another free eBook called The Trillion-Dollar Ripple Watchlist. Both eBooks contain the names and ticker symbols of George’s recommended graphene investments – and why he believes they’re smart investments.

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What’s Included with Gilder’s Technology Report?

Gilder’s Technology Report is a monthly newsletter. You receive a new issue of Gilder’s Technology Report every month, loaded with stock recommendations, market analysis, and technology predictions.

However, suppose you subscribe to Gilder’s Technology Report today. In that case, you get to pay a discounted rate for your subscription and get immediate access to a bundle of bonus products – including a bonus eBook on graphene and its future applications.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Gilder’s Technology Report today:

12 Monthly Issues of Gilder’s Technology Report: Each month, you receive a new issue of Gilder’s Technology Report. Issues feature George Gilder’s analysis of current market conditions, his investment recommendation and stock picks, updates to his previous recommendations, changes to his recommended portfolio, and more.

Free Bonus eBook #1: Your Way In: Graphene’s Trillion-Dollar Takeover: George Gilder is a big believer in graphene and its potential future applications. In this eBook, you can discover the #1 public way to tap into graphene’s technological takeover. George provides a specific graphene company’s name and ticker symbol that could skyrocket in value as graphene becomes increasingly mainstream.

Free Bonus eBook #2: The Trillion Dollar-Ripple Watchlist: This second graphene eBook explains some of the industries graphene could disrupt. Graphene has many applications across many different industries. George believes graphene will send a “ripple effect” across the tech world “like we’ve never seen before.” Some companies are in a perfect position to skyrocket from the launch of graphene. In this eBook, you can discover the names and ticker symbols of the companies that could benefit most from graphene.

Gilder’s Technology Report Quick Start Guide: This quick start guide helps you maximize the value of your Gilder’s Technology Report subscription. For example, you can discover how to get started immediately and begin exploring recommendations in as little as five minutes.

Gilder’s VIP Access: All Gilder’s Technology Report subscribers receive access to Gilder’s VIP email list. You receive three weekly hotlines per month, including updates on special situations to ensure you have the best chance of buying low and selling high on your investments. VIP subscribers also receive buy and sell alerts, including special situations George recommends acting on immediately. George also periodically hosts teleconference events for VIP subscribers, and you’ll receive an invite link.

Overall, Gilder’s Technology Report features the core monthly subscription with additional bonuses – all at a discount rate from the ordinary retail price.

Gilder’s Technology Report Pricing

Gilder’s Technology Report is normally priced at $249 per year. However, as part of a 2023 promotion, you can apply a $172 cash credit to your first year’s subscription, dropping the price to just $77. After your first year, your subscription automatically renews at the best available renewal rate.

Here’s how pricing works:

1 Year Subscription to Gilder’s Technology Report: $77 for your first year, then $249 per year thereafter

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Contact Gilder’s Financial Publications’ customer service team to cancel.

Get Gilder’s Technology Report for the best price today!

Gilder’s Technology Report Refund Policy

Gilder’s Technology Report comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription within the first 30 days, contact the customer service team for a full cash refund.

You can keep all bonus guides and eBooks bundled with your subscription as a reward for trying Gilder’s Technology Report. Because all products are digital, there’s no need to return them.

About Eagle Products, LLC & Gilder Financial Publications

Gilder’s Technology Report is part of the family of newsletters, published online by Gilder Financial Publications. The company’s services include Gilder’s Technology Report Pro, Gilder’s Moonshots, Gilder’s Private Reserve, and Gilder’s Millionaire Circle. is a product of Eagle Products, LLC, a Washington, DC-based financial publishing company. Eagle Products employs a range of investment experts who publish monthly newsletters with the goal of helping anyone make informed investment decisions.

Other brands within the Eagle Products family include,, and, among others. In addition to George Gilder, the company employs Jim Woods, David Phillips, Bryan Perry, Melodie Gatz, Todd Phillips, Dr. Mark Skousen, Bob Carlson, and other experts.

You can contact Eagle Products and the Gilder Financial Publications team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-866-223-4966
  • Mailing Address: Gilder Financial Publications 122 C Street NW, Suite #515, Washington, DC 20001

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 530 pm EST.

Final Word

George Gilder has published Gilder’s Technology Report for three decades to recommend the best stocks and investment opportunities to ordinary investors worldwide.

Today, George continues to expand his reputation as a successful futurist and stock picker with each monthly issue of Gilder’s Technology Report.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Gilder Financial Publications is offering steep discounts and bonus eBooks to new subscribers of Gilder’s Technology Report. You can learn more about an “11.5 trillion miracle sheet” technology (graphene) that could be the next big technological breakthrough – including two companies that could skyrocket in value if their graphene technology takes off.

To learn more about Gilder’s Technology Report or to subscribe to the newsletter today, visit the official website.

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