Young Poet Amanda Gorman Said Guard Tailed Her On Assumption Of Threat

Young Poet Amanda Gorman Said Guard Tailed Her On Assumption Of Threat

Amanda Gorman rose to fame as a young poet and made history in President Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony. Amanda Gorman became the youngest poet who recites a poem on a Presidential inauguration event. She reported that she was once racially profiled by a guard when heading to her home. 

Young Poet Amanda Gorman Said Guard Tailed Her On Assumption Of Threat

She opened up about the incident on Twitter. On Friday, Gorman tweeted that she was followed by a guard who thought of her as some kind of threat. She was walking to her apartment at that time.

Young Poet Amanda Gorman Said Guard Tailed Her On Assumption Of Threat

The 22 years old young poet wrote that she was tailed and then asked by the guard if she stays at the place. The guard said to her that she looks suspicious to him. While Amanda showed him the apartment keys and even was able to buzz herself to her apartment, the guard just left without even an apology. She wrote that this was the reality of Black girls in the country. One day you are admired as an icon; the next day, someone will call you a threat.

With Amanda’s recent historical fame, the tweet soon went viral. On Jan 20, during the presidential inauguration, even for Joe Biden, Amanda recited a poem titled “The Hill We Climb”. The poem talks about the racial injustices faced by the Black in the country. 

She then wrote a separate post on Twitter saying that, in a sense, the guard was, in fact, right. She added that she indeed is a threat but to the injustice, to ignorance and to inequality. She wrote that anyone is looked upon as a danger, a threat, who speaks the truth and walk with hope against the obvious danger of powers to be.

Gorman is a Los Angeles native. She finished writing her famous poem on Jan 6 this year. The poem describes her saying that as a descendant of Black slaves in the country, being a single mother’s daughter, she dreamt of becoming the President of the United States. But instead, she found herself in an event to recite for the presidential inauguration for someone else.

Amanda had also opened about her sort of stuttering speech, especially with the letter “r”. Unlike President Joe Biden, who openly expresses himself about his stuttering, she is not an exact stutterer. But had to work upon with the very letter that she could not pronounce for years. Without the letter, she could not even speak her name “Gorman”. But, now, she had overcome those difficulties. 

Gorman has also talked about her dream for running for the presidential elections. Not only through her poem, but otherwise as well. She confessed that she is planning to run for the presidential elections in 2036. 

After the historical poem recital on Jan 20 during President Joe Biden’s inauguration event, Amanda again has touched the hearts of many in another major event of the Super Bowls. She read one original poem at the Super Bowl stage in Florida, titled “Chorus of the Captains”. 

The poem was a tribute to three people, Trimaine Davis, an educator, nurse & manager, Suzie Dorner and Marine Veteran James Martin. The three people has contributed a lot during the pandemic. The poem was a tribute for their worthy work. 

The performance was not on the field but through a taped video. The video was released on the event that shows images of the three personalities to whom the poem was dedicated and Amanda’s voice in the background while reciting the poem. 

The recent incident made her feel that they are living in a contradictory society. She said that she will rise but not alone. She will take with her all those Black girls who are invisible to society. 


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