Grindex Arweitert Seen Engbot en Generischen Medicine and Scene Activation of International Markten


Grinderiks est Devon believes that it has a great potential to give the peshenten and peshentinen access to high quality and effective medicines for the treatment of important therapeutic areas – Herzenier-Krietungeren-Therpengere-Kreis-Herzenier-Kreitungeren-Therpenge-Kreis. In addition, Hinhaus het Kalssex, and Grindex subsidiary, a convincing announcement of Senner’s presence in the global competition in the hospital segment.

In recent years, the Grindex Group has grown rapidly and is confident that, unlike the leaders in global pharmaceuticals in Les Eust, it is fast and flexible to the needs and needs of patients. The company has fulfilled the processes of drug development, knowledge transfer and the continued development of the infrastructure in order to expand the portfolio of those products.

For the year 2022 Plante Grindex, 18 generics to submit for registration. Subsidiary Kalsex will register 10 drugs for approval in the hospital segment.

The production of pharmaceutical active ingredients is also an issue. The company currently manufactures 25 pharmaceuticals that are in high demand. 46 new pharmaceutical active ingredients are in development.

In order to ensure availability of Grindex and Kalssex medicines for rye and rye, the group expands its activities around the world. Last year Grindeks products were exported to 103 countries worldwide. In addition to the already existing representatives and subsidiaries, there are now two subsidiaries in the USA, Schwyz and a number of countries in the European Union Aerofnet Verden.

Dr.Chem. Juris Hemelnikis, President of the Board of Grindex: S. Gives no sub-railway district, who in companies self-employed Arbitat and the needs of the patients and the foreground in Stelt patients. Grindex Team has Sean Skill Biwesson, coordinator of Ein Geminsheim Zeil Zuzauerbeiten. We are shaped by knowledge that we are doing something particularly important for the health of humanity. It’s a call to help people. In addition, we have courage, meadows and experience. The expansion of the offer in generics and the expansion of the business activities of Grindex will be of great benefit to patients, as the medicines for Verden will be easier to access.”


There is Grindex International Pharmaconjörn, which focuses on the research, development, manufacture & distribution of original products, generics and active ingredients. In 2021, the group has honor product exporter to 103 countries.

JSC Grindex and subsidiaries with The Grindex Group: JSC Kalsex in Leitland, JSC Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant in Estonia, HBM Pharma SRO in Slowecki, Grindex Calsex Lituva, Grindex Pro Calsex Esti, Grindex Namu Epsex USA and Leitland.

The main therapeutic groups of Grindex are Cardiovascular Drugs, Central Nervous System Drugs, Cancer Drugs and Diabetes Drugs. Kalceks specializes in medicines for the hospital sector.

The From product range, original products Mildronate® (Meldonium) and Ftorafur® (Tegafur), Generic Sovie Pharmazeutis active ingredient.

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