The Growing Covid Numbers A Serious Cause Of Concern For The US

The Growing Covid Numbers A Serious Cause Of Concern For The US

The figures of Covid-19 are gaining new heights with each passing day. The US is not far behind with reports that claim the new cases of Covid-19 have risen. This is from what the numbers were a day earlier. The governor of Michigan has requested for all high schools to continue their schooling remotely for at least two weeks. This is to curb the spread of infections that are abysmally surging across the state.

The Growing Covid Numbers A Serious Cause Of Concern For The US

A Democrat, Governor Gretchen Whitmer was quick to call in a halt to all forms of youth sports as well as restricting indoor dining. 

The Governor on Friday stated in particular in confirming that these were not mere orders but are amongst a form of a mandate and a requirement for the foreseeable future. She also put in a request to the federal government agency to accept her clause of sending in a higher number of vaccine doses for the state.

The Growing Covid Numbers A Serious Cause Of Concern For The US

This comes on a warring note where it is all about the Midwest and Michigan now but could be the Northeast or even South in the days to come. This could be tomorrow or next week and the situation is grim, the governor stressed.

The US clocked in whopping numbers in terms of new infections. The total cases stood at 81,000 as of Friday. This is a tad higher than the cases which were numbered at 79,000 a day early. This is as per data released by the John Hopkins University. The figures might even rise further given the exact data compilation could come later in the day.

The USA has had its fair share of records since the pandemic hit. The country saw 300,000 cases being registered on January 2, 2021, which was a daily record in itself. This number if tallied surpasses 31 million Covid cases across the USA since the world came to a halt ever since March 2020.

The death count as accorded for on Friday in the US charted a 944 down from a 1000 a day before. This is as per the records released by the John Hopkins University. 

The worldwide figures count for 134.7 million-plus people in total who have found to be Covid positive. The total death numbers have touched 2.9 million people in total from the beginning of the pandemic days.

Amidst all this, the latest development in the vaccination front states about vaccine preparedness. The deliveries for the one-shot vaccine for Covid-19 by Johnson & Johnson are slated to fall. The figures have been given a projection to fall more so than ever before, counting at over 80% by next week. This is as per data recorded by the federal agencies and state officials. 

The company is struggling hard to keep the manufacturing troubles at bay and producing as per demands. Which is seeing to exorbitantly rise with each passing day.

700,000 doses of the one-shot vaccine by Johnson & Johnson have already found allocation. The federal government has jotted out US states, territories as well as cities under the radar for next week. The dosage is lower than what had been assigned for the current week that is approximately 4.9 million. The reports come in confirmation by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  

There is another round of turmoil ongoing that comes as a cautionary message for Johnson & Johnson. The European Union concerned health department has given warning bells in regards to vaccination. This happened during investigations of a few rare cases of severe blood clots amongst people who have undertaken the one-shot vaccine by Johnson & Johnson.

To put it to number, there are four grave cases of blood clots and one death. This is amongst the ones inoculated with the J&J vaccine, as per reports received by the European Medicines Agency.


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