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Gege Akutami has captured readers’ attention in the latest chapters of Tokyo No. 2 Colony of JJK directed to Kinji Hakari. So the Jujutsu High student is currently fighting Charles Bernard, a mangaka. While Charles has a pen as a combat weapon, Hakari stands tall with his bewildering Hakari’s Domain expansion based on a pachinko machine. However, if fans found Gojo’s techniques confusing, Hakari will surely blow their minds.

The magician walks around with a thirst for play and happiness in his pocket. Thus, the arcade game is explanatory. However, the game rules are tricky and a jackpot is waiting for you. So here we find the Hakari domain extension explained. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 183 of the manga brought Hakari back into the game. The student challenged Charles Bernard to a fight as his first opponent.

Charles has the ability to see three seconds into the future. But Hakari attacked him seemingly from all blind spots. Thus, the text noted that Hakari easily dominated Charles in a close fight. However, the wizard unleashed its domain extension in the last panel out of the blue.

Hakari's domain extension

Hakari’s domain extension is based on a pachinko machine!

So, to understand Hakaris DE, you need to know what a pachinko machine is. It is a slot machine game in Japan. The game allows players to hit silver balls at a fast pace. The ball rolls down while hitting a series of pins only to fall to the bottom center. Hitting the pins should result in as many jackpots as you can get. And considering the wild luck that our magician bestows, he benefits from this game on several levels.

To hit the jackpot, Hakari must roll 3 out of 7 characters with the same number. Also, both Hakari and the game have a REACH mode. This is activated when Hakari rolls 2 of the same number, then he gets a chance to roll again. And if luck allows, he gets 3 identical numbers. So a jackpot! Currently, Hakari has chosen a shojo romance theme for the play.

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Hakari's domain extension
Namely media

How does it work?

There are three colored balls in this game: green, red and gold. While green means fewer chances of hitting a jackpot, gold literally seals the case. Now Hakari gets a bonus from each jackpot. The features of the bonus are not yet known. But he can easily stack the bonuses, which can be annoying for his opponent. If he keeps hitting the jackpot, the opponent will be stuck in his domain until he dies. Another interesting concept of this game is probability change.

This means if he hits the jackpot there is a chance he will still win bonuses that affect his probability. He can consistently hit jackpots in a chain-like sequence, resulting in a big playout. So literally being on a roll. Another factor is the time reduction. This happens when the jackpot does not result in a probability shift, but shortens the time. In this scenario, the slots for the balls become wider and more spins are allowed. This shortens the time to fit them.

Hakari's domain extension
Namely media

Hakari’s luck

It is clear that Hakari is very lucky. Otherwise his DE would not revolve around such a game. Pachinko machines are Japan’s version of a game of chance, and our magician loves to play. Even more interesting is Hakari’s rush to unleash his DE. If he continues to be lucky, this game will be a big problem for Charles. On the other hand, it never took Hakari 30 tries to hit the jackpot. Finally, to defeat the Jujutsu High student, you have to finish him off early, because the longer they stay, the greater the chance of defeat.

Therefore, Charles will have a hard time undoing Hakari’s domain expansion. He will certainly need a lot of luck. It will be interesting to see what Gege has planned for the two rivals. So stay tuned to our page for more updates.


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