Home News Harvard University Focuses To Expand Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution To Critical Patients

Harvard University Focuses To Expand Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution To Critical Patients

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In accordance with the Covid-19 in-house vaccination program, Harvard University has decided to arrange a list of all the affiliates to ensure better protection against the virus. 

The University’s Health Services Director Mr. Giang T. Nguyen stated in his interview with their official outlet Harvard Gazette, that they have received the first set of Covid-19 vaccines on December 23, last year after Massachusetts approved to stand as a provider for the statewide vaccination program.

Harvard University Focuses To Expand Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution

Pfizer and Moderna were first distributed to the healthcare workers at all the medical divisions of Harvard which also included their housekeeping staff. 

The initial shipment comprised of 200 vaccines followed by 300 in the second shipment. 

Harvard University Focuses To Expand Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution

Nguyen also said that they have begun to provide vaccinations to the non-patients by including them in Phase 1 as well as Harvard’s police officials who will be vaccinated by the City of Cambridge.

As per the vaccine guidelines set by the Massachusetts state officials, individuals who are prone to high-risk factors, as well as people above the age of 75, will be included in Phase 2 of the vaccine in February. 

This was put forth when Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) Chief Medical Officer Soheyla D. Gharib mentioned in a letter to the HUHS patients that a list of covid-sensitive patients will be listed for the vaccination. 

The state officials also estimate that the general public will be receiving the vaccine by April as Phase 3. 

The University would like to ensure the treatment of all its students and staff first before proceeding to the public, as they are more in contact with the covid patients.

Nguyen remarked about the country’s latest political change and said that the vaccine supply would definitely progress under the administration of President Joe Biden. 

He also said that even though both vaccines are 95% effective, the remaining 5% is critical which is why everyone should follow the safety guidelines of social distancing, sanitizers, and wearing masks. 

Nguyen mentioned to the Gazette that all individuals must definitely undergo vaccination and take advantage of the opportunity provided. 

The HUHS co-ordinated with Harvard Medical Advisory to arrange faster arrival of the vaccines. They organized standard freezers for storing the vaccines in which the Pfizer vaccine required deep-freezers for storage.

So far 96.2 million covid cases have been reported worldwide, in which 24.7 million cases have been recorded in the US. Also around 410K death cases have been reported in the US alone which makes it even more crucial to arrange the vaccines as soon as possible. 

Currently, over 40 coronavirus vaccines are in development around the world. With so many medical workers and institutes, creating a 100% effective vaccine has become crucial considering the immense death rates in 2020. 

Harvard University’s medical associates state that all individuals are encouraged to take the vaccine regardless of being a patient or risk-prone. Strengthening the immune system has become the only way to fight against this virus. 



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