Hawaiian island family stuck in insurance payment battle a year after brutal dog attack

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HONOLULU (Hawaii NEWSNOW) — A Hawaiian island family is still awaiting compensation after a child was attacked by a pit bull and the attack is linked to an insurance company’s policy.

Last November, Violet Beatte, now 7, was walking home from the Mountainview bus stop with her older sisters when her mother said she was attacked by two of her neighbors’ pit bulls. .

Bette’s injuries were so bad that she was taken to Oahu for treatment. But even today, says Beatte, she feels the effects.

“I’m fine except I get scared when dogs bark or growl,” Beit said.

Her mother, Shalay Newman, said her daughter has lost 50% of her vision in her right eye and is struggling with anxiety.

“And it’s not just in dogs that it leads to this concern for everything, anything that touches her face, and she doesn’t expect it,” Newman explained.

The family sued and the dog owners hoped the home insurance would pay off.

But the RLI insurance company said dog owners failed to comply with the requirement to disclose whether they had animals or large dogs on the property.

RLI is seeking termination of homeowners insurance.

In response, dog owners made the following statement.

In applying for our insurance policy, we answered questions truthfully and did not misrepresent that we have a dog and not our breed of dog. It has been acknowledged by our brokerage office that an error in data entry may have led to a misunderstanding.

The Beit family lawyer said the lawsuit would extend the families of the victims.

Attorney Jacob Lowenthal said, “It could altogether prevent Shay and the girls from receiving compensation.”

“But financially it’s hitting us really hard, it’s leaving me between a rock and a hard place,” Newman said. “It has become difficult to get money just for school uniforms and basic things.”

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