Health Officials Warned That Coronavirus Will Likely Become Endemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert says that “we need to plan that this is something we may need to maintain control over chronically. It may be something that becomes endemic, that we have to just be careful about”. The health officials and experts also said that even as cases continue to decline and more Americans receive their vaccines, the coronavirus isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Experts opinioned that COVID will become endemic and people need to learn to live with it. Biden’s administration has declared mass delivery of vaccines and it also started in many high-income countries almost two months ago. But the mass immunization of populations will take time. However, more and more physicians and officials warn that even with the mass rollout of vaccines, Covid may become endemic. 

Health Officials Warned That Coronavirus Will Likely Become Endemic

Dr. Donald Burke, professor of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health said, “The centers for Disease Control and prevention defined endemic as the constant presence and/or usual prevalence of a disease within a population in a certain geographical area. An endemic disease spreads at a baseline level every year without causing major disruption to people’s lives. Things that are endemic are present for long periods of time without interruption, continuously circulating in the population”. 

Health Officials Warned That Coronavirus Will Likely Become Endemic

People need to balance their lives with endemic diseases: experts say

Experts warned that people need to balance their daily life with endemic diseases. During an online event Wednesday, Heymann said that, “I think it is good to put this in context and think about the other infectious diseases that are endemic today. We have learned to live with all of these infections, we have learned how to do our own risk assessments. We have got vaccines for some, we have therapeutics for others, we have diagnostic tests that can help us all do a better job of living with these infections”, he added.

Heymann also said that it is not a matter of this being a special disease. This is one of many that people have to balance their living with and understand how to deal with it as we do influenza, as we do with other infections.

After initially contracting the virus, patients suffer from prolonged illness and are medically referred to as long Covid. Experts say that new variants from the United Kingdom and South Africa, whi8ch studies have shown may be more transmissible, were discovered in the USA. they also said that health officials are more concerned about the South Africa variant as the COVID-19 vaccines seem to be less effective against it. Officials also warned that it will be difficult to project what this will look like five years from now. But we can anticipate some kind of COVID-19 endemicity over the next several years.    

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