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Heart Diseases In Pair- Study Shows

According to Health day news, Couples stay together and share a special bond and attachment, but nobody had an idea that they can share heart diseases too. A recent study from china claimed that if your spouse has a risk of having heart disease, then you are more likely to have it too.

Heart Diseases In Pair- Study Shows

The author of the study claimed that both the members share the same living environment, diet, and lifestyle, so they often have the chances of heart diseases occurring in pairs.

Heart Diseases In Pair- Study Shows

Chi Wang, who is a research fellow at the Heart Health Association in Beijing, said that a particular individual’s cardiovascular report could match with the partner with whom he or she is living as they share the same environment and lifestyle most of the time.

He said that the study was only done in China, but it can be taken as a reference for global research, and the results should not deviate much. One of the U.S officials agreed to this statement also.

DR. Michael Goyfman, who is the director at clinical cardiology at Long Island in New York City, agreed to the stamen and said that the results were not at all surprising because health diseases are genetic too and can be affected by an individual’s lifestyle and the environment in which the partner is living.

He said that the partner, i.e., husband and wife, share almost every environmental aspect of life like eating and living together, so if one of them is reported for any kind of heart disease, the other should be well aware of the situation as well. If one of the partners smokes, the other is more prone to be inhaling second smoke, which can also be dangerous.

In a study in which the researchers studied around 5000 Individuals or heterosexual couples over the age of 45 in around seven regions of China from 2014 to 2016. They were asked to give themselves scores according to their diet, lifestyle, and living environment through various assessments and questionnaires.

The study found that individuals whose spouses had heart disease were more likely to have heart disease as compared to people whose spouses had no history of any sort of heart disease.

The relationship between partners having a heart disease with the other individual is more likely to be seen in men, where they were diagnosed to have heart disease by a percentage of 28 percent if their wives too have heart disease. A man is more prone to have heart disease if his wife has a history of heart disease, obesity, etc.

The researchers said that women’s involvement in the diet of the family is maximum, and this can lead to the increased chance of having heart disease to the husband if the wife has it. According to the ACC news, the chances of having heart disease in Women may increase due to the stress of her husband having it. The stress and socio-economic factors should also be taken into account while talking about the relationship between the two.

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