Heart Failure In Youngsters Due To Energy Drink

Heart Failure In Youngsters Due To Energy Drink

Energy drinks may give a quick boost till you don’t know what else they can cause due to overconsumption. Experts find that 21 years old person has a life-threatening kidney and heart failure. This case was reported by British doctors in BMJ reports on April 15. It is reported that an energy drink of 500 ML cans contains 40 MG of caffeine with protein which is called taurine. A young man had been drinking four 500 ML of cans per day for a couple of years. 

Heart Failure In Youngsters Due To Energy Drink

He developed shortness while breathing, weight loss, and heaviness while lying down on the bed in the period of four-month. He also added that he was having a problem with digestion, palpitations, and tremors in the past. He said he did not go for medical help regarding these issues. Later, he became sick, and it led him to drop his college due to sickness. In the last, he got admitted to the hospital for treatment.  

Doctors found after treatment that the man has kidney and heart failure at a severe level such that he needs a double organ transplant. Though, he still needs a kidney transplant as his condition is unrelated and one positive thing which doctors notice that his heart problem is improving over time. Doctor Andrew, a cardiologist, and his team members added that “It has become little difficult while predicting hospital courses in recovery or potential in relapse.

Reporters of this case said that the patient’s case shows so many signs of growth in the body that it can cause harm to the cardiovascular system due to energy drinks. According to the team of researchers, these energy drinks can stimulate the nervous system of the body, increase blood pressure, and abnormalities in heart rhythm. “Cause of Cardiovascular danger due to overconsumption is the clear warnings that youngsters should reduce the consumption,” U.K. doctors added.

In the speaking for journal news, the patient said that he believes that people should be more aware of the effects and causes of energy drinks. He also said that these kinds of drinks could be addictive to young teenagers, so there should be enough awareness about it. Two other U.S doctors who were not initially involved in this research said that isn’t surprised by the man’s case. They said, “sodas and other energy drinks get processed with food and it is evident that it can cause heart disease.”

Doctor Michael Goyfman, a cardiologist in New York, said, “As there is not a very large number of studies which can evaluate cardiac effects caused by energy drinks, and excess of alcohol, we can say that these drinks can cause cardiac problems at a severe level. Goyfman adds that, for now, there is no requirement to ban energy drinks; what is more important is to guide the limited consumption of these drinks. “What is more important is to consume a normal amount of energy drinks as 4 to 5 cans per week will not cause any significant problem or effects”, Goyfman added. He also said that there is not enough evidence in our hands that can ban such drinks, which are commonly used by normal people in moderation. 


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