Henkel makes progress on withdrawal from Russia – CEO


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“We have received over 50 expressions of interest for detergents, cosmetics and adhesives from different countries. We are currently investigating who is behind potential buyers,” Nobel said in an interview with Manager Magazine. “We will adhere to all restrictions and not sell everything so that critical technologies do not fall into the hands of the competition.”

In mid-April, Henkel announced its withdrawal from Russia due to the Russo-Ukrainian war and international sanctions, and expanded its plans to Belarus at the end of April. The decision affects more than 2,500 employees and a total turnover of around 1 billion euros or 5 percent of the total turnover. Henkel has 19 locations in Russia, 11 of which are plants. According to Nobel, Henkel is “in regular contact” with Russian officials in Moscow and on the ground about the plans. It is important to the officials that “we don’t just close factories and lay off employees”.

That’s why Henkel continues to produce during the sales process and pays a salary until the end of the year, according to Nobel. With the new Consumer Brands division, the Group is also making targeted investments in new consumer categories. Henkel will “focus on categories that approximate our competencies and strengths, building on our retail position and distribution channels,” Nobel said.

In occasional XETRA trading, Henkel shares rose by 0.71 percent to 59.96 euros.


Frankfurt (Dow Jones)

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