Here’s Why Moon Knight Could Suddenly Fly In The Final Episode


When Marc/Steven manages to escape the Duat and reconnect with Khonshu, they find they are miles away from where Ammit and Arthur are wreaking havoc in Cairo – and Khonshu sends them towards the city. But since Moon Knight can’t normally fly, fans were a bit confused. But speaking to, head writer Jeremy Slater clarified that Khonshu helped our hero glide to Cairo in an air current.

“I’m not 100% sure because the script said he used his cloak as a kind of parasail. And Khonshu said: ‘I am the god of the night sky.’ And the idea in the script was that Khonshu would conjure up this incredible kind of airflow and capture it. And he’s riding that kind of airflow at 200 miles an hour toward Cairo,” Slater explained.

The author went on to say that due to Khonshu’s divine nature, this gives Moon Knight access to powers that he would not normally have. Slater also pointed out that a recent arc in the comics sees the hero dismantle the Avengers by hugging Khonshu. “But look,” Slater continued, “we’ve seen that when he channels Khonshu’s power, he can do some pretty crazy things. And I don’t necessarily know if we already know what the upper limit for that level of strength is. “

The Moon Knight head writer then added that writing his powers gives them more room for future stories. He said: “Moon Knight is a lot stronger than people have given him credit for in the past. And that’s canon now.

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