Hospital In Missouri Won’t Force Their Staffs Get Vaccinated 

Hospital In Missouri Won’t Force Their Staffs Get Vaccinated 

During the Covid-19 epidemic, Dr. Randy Tobler, CEO of Scotland County Hospital in Memphis, Missouri, has battled to retain personnel, losing 10 of his 57 nurses in the main hospital and three rural health clinics.

Tobler can’t afford to alienate any more healthcare professionals, but he fears a Covid-19 vaccination requirement will accomplish just that.

Hospital In Missouri Won’t Force Their Staffs Get Vaccinated 

He claims that such a rule will not compel his unvaccinated employees to receive the injection. It will force them to resign.

That is why Tobler opposes President Joe Biden’s vaccination requirement, which will apply to millions of healthcare employees across the country.

Hospital In Missouri Won’t Force Their Staffs Get Vaccinated 

These are perhaps the most important employees to immunize because the vaccinations would protect them and their patients, as well as keep the staff well so they could continue working. As a result, they were among the first people to be administered a Covid-19 vaccination.

There are signs that vaccination compliance among healthcare professionals is high. Many professional health care groups have pooled their members, the vast majority of whom have previously been immunized. Despite proof that vaccinations are safe and effective, some health care providers have refused to use them.

The disparity is obvious at Scotland County Hospital in rural northeastern Missouri: According to the report, just 60% of the personnel is vaccinated.

Sheila Balch, who works at the hospital’s front desk and is typically the first person visitors see when they come, is one of those who aren’t. So far, she has opted against getting a Covid-19 vaccination, but not because she does not believe the virus is a threat, she told CNN.

When asked what she would do if Scotland County Hospital required her to get vaccinated, Balch replied that she would search for another employment. She doesn’t want to quit, she says, since she cares about her patients and the people with whom she works.

Tobler believes his approach simply reflects the community in which he and his employees live and work: According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 23% of Scotland County’s population is completely vaccinated.

Curt and Jamie Triplett, two brothers who share ownership of a farm in the region, are not among them. Curt Triplett told CNN that he has no objections to the vaccination, but that it has been made into a “political football,” which has turned off some rural Americans.

Meanwhile, Jamie has stated that he has not been vaccinated because he simply feels that the risk of being exposed to Covid and what it would do to him is not larger than the dangers of the vaccination.

Ricky Fowler and Stan Barker told CNN during breakfast at Lacey’s Family Diner that they had both gotten vaccinated. Fowler said he received his immunization straight away, as soon as I could, while Barker said he feels more confident after having the injection that I won’t have (Covid-19).

Alan, the third man at their table who declined to offer his last name, isn’t convinced. He has not received a Covid-19 vaccination, and he does not think they have been proved safe, despite the fact that the vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech obtained full approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.


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