Hourglass Fit Reviews – Should You Buy? Ingredients, Side Effects, Customer Complaints

Hourglass Fit is a fat burner dietary supplement made with natural and scientifically proven ingredients. The supplement claims to help people, particularly women, achieve a striking body shape. Hourglass Fit is an irresistible supplement available in the market to help people in their journey of a comprehensive body transformation.

The official website of Hourglass Fit provides a comprehensive list of their ingredients and research evidence to back their claims. This level of transparency and cutting-edge results have made Hourglass Fit gain popularity.

However, leaving behind their marketing claims we have created this detailed review with the help of our research and editorial team after pondering over research, users’ reviews, and more. Read our Hourglass Fit reviews to gain an in-depth understanding of the supplement before making a purchase.

Before proceeding, take a look at this summary of the supplement:

Product Category:

Dietary Supplement


Hourglass Fit

Product Form:


Where to Buy:



Starts at $60 (one bottle only)

Serving Quantity:

Every bottle of Hourglass Fit contains 120 capsules

Usage Guidelines:

Four capsules a day

Product Characteristics:

Natural ingredients, caffeine free, non-GMO, suitable for vegan, and soy-free

Key Benefits:

Boost energy, burn fat, control calories, and gain a perfect body shape

Key Ingredients:

Glucomannan, 5-HTP, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Chromium, Zinc, Capsimax®, and Bioperine®

Side Effects:

No side effects have been reported by users in their Hourglass Fit reviews (Read reviews!)

Money-Back Guarantee:


Bonus Products Available:


Who Are The Makers of Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass Fit is made by Roar Ambition. The company was founded by Robert Parker in 2014. Roar Ambition is a health supplement company. They are known to source, build and provide locally to support the environment. All their products are mostly made from natural ingredients.

Roar Ambition is focused on nutritional research and strives to produce research-based and scientifically backed products for gym goers, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes. Roar Ambition claims to never compromise with quality.

Their products are manufactured in USA and UK in FDA-certified facilities and they are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. So, users can be assured to get only the highest quality products.

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

Hourglass Fit supplement works on two things. First, it wards off pangs of hunger and second, it provides a constant supply of nutrients to your body to help it function properly.

By keeping hunger at bay and making you eat less, Hourglass Fit creates a calorie deficit inside your body. Also, it speeds up your metabolism. As you consume fewer calories, less fat is stored up and the body eventually uses this stored fat to make up for the loss of calories in order to produce energy. This boost in metabolism causes your body to burn the stored fat at a much faster rate.

Also, the natural ingredients in the Hourglass Fit supplement boost your energy level which increases your stamina and you are able to exercise better. This also burns the stored fat.

This combination of faster metabolism, increase in energy level, and calorie deficit makes you lose that stubborn layer of fat real easy.

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Striking Features of Hourglass Fit That Make It A Popular Choice

The market is flooded with so many supplements promising to help consumers shed extra pounds and give them a slimmer body. So, what makes Hourglass Fit a popular choice? Well, Hourglass comes packed with a lot of benefits. Its features do give it an edge over the other supplements in the market. Take a look at the Hourglass Fit supplement’s unique features:

  • Healthy Weight Loss: Hourglass Fit fat-burning supplement helps you lose weight in a healthy way by providing you with essential nutrients and fulfilling your body’s needs without causing you to intake more calories.
  • 2-In-1 Formula: The supplement is a 2-in-1 formula as it suppresses the consumer’s hunger creating a calorie deficit and boosting their energy level to make them lose weight by exercising.
  • Simple Solution: Hourglass Fit is a simple solution to lose that stubborn weight and gain a toned attractive body shape.
  • Mood Lifter: The ingredients used in the Hourglass Fit supplement also uplift the consumer’s mood. This keeps not only their physical but emotional well-being in check too.
  • Immune Defense: The supplement also boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

What Are The Benefits of Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass Fit reviews and their official website boast many benefits of the supplement. Some of them are:

Boost Energy

The most important benefit of Hourglass Fit is that the natural ingredients used to create the formula help consumers fulfill their body’s nutritional needs. This supply of nutrients boosts your energy level significantly.

Burn Fat

By boosting your energy levels and increasing your stamina, Hourglass Fit makes your fit for extensive workouts to burn fat faster. The ingredients in Hourglass Fit also boost your metabolism process which causes the breakdown of fat.

Control Calorie

The ingredients in Hourglass Fit help you control your calories by curbing your hunger. As a result, you are able to consume fewer calories and keep your calorie level low.

Gain A Striking Look

Although listed at the end, this benefit is the most crucial one. Hourglass Fit helps you achieve a striking look by helping you shed extra pounds and toning your body. This not only enhances your physical look but also boosts your confidence.

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Ingredients Present In Hourglass Fit That Make It Work

Here’s all that you need to know about the ingredients infused into the Hourglass Fit formula which eventually helps impart all the magic into the supplement:


Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the roots of the konjac plant, also known as Amorphophallus konjac. When mixed with water, glucomannan forms a gel-like substance that expands in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness and reducing appetite.

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted to explore the weight loss effects of glucomannan. One notable study published in the Journal of Obesity in 2013 examined the effects of glucomannan supplementation on overweight and obese individuals.

The results of the study revealed that on average, the glucomannan group lost around 5.5 pounds during the study period. Furthermore, glucomannan supplementation was found to reduce cholesterol levels and improve other markers of metabolic health.

Vitamin B6, B12, and B2

One of the primary reasons these vitamins are added together is their involvement in energy production and metabolism. Vitamin B6, B12, and B2 are all involved in various enzymatic reactions that convert food into energy.

They act as coenzymes, facilitating the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which are the primary sources of energy for the body. By ensuring an adequate supply of these vitamins, Hourglass Fit helps optimize energy production, preventing feelings of fatigue and low energy levels.

Furthermore, these vitamins also play essential roles in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B6, for instance, is crucial for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that transmit signals between nerve cells.


Chemically, 5-HTP is derived from the amino acid tryptophan, which is found in various foods such as turkey, chicken, and bananas. Once ingested, 5-HTP is converted into serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter that regulates various physiological functions, including appetite and mood. By increasing serotonin levels in the brain, 5-HTP may help reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

To support these claims, a specific scientific study conducted by Cangiano et al. in 1992 demonstrated the potential of 5-HTP in promoting weight loss and suppressing appetite. The study involved 19 overweight women who were given 5-HTP supplementation for five weeks. The study found that the participants experienced a decrease in carbohydrate intake and reported feeling fuller and more satisfied after meals.

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Chemically speaking, chromium is classified as a transition metal and is denoted on the periodic table with the symbol “Cr.” It is known for its shiny, silver-gray appearance and is commonly found in minerals such as chromite ore.

One key mechanism of action for weight loss is its interaction with insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Chromium enhances the effects of insulin by improving its binding to receptors on cell membranes, thereby increasing insulin sensitivity. This, in turn, improves glucose uptake into cells and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.


One of the main reasons why zinc is added to Hourglass Fit is its involvement in the regulation of hormones related to body weight and metabolism. Zinc is a key component in the production and release of hormones such as leptin and insulin. By ensuring optimal levels of these hormones, zinc helps to maintain healthy body weight and prevent fluctuations.

Furthermore, zinc is also involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It promotes the breakdown and utilization of fats in the body, leading to increased fat-burning and energy expenditure. This is particularly important for individuals looking to lose weight or maintain healthy body composition.

Capsimax® and Bioperine®

Capsimax® and Bioperine® are two powerful ingredients that are combined in Hourglass Fit to help prevent unexplained weight gain and low energy levels. These ingredients work synergistically to provide optimal results and support a healthy metabolism.

One of the key reasons these ingredients are added together is due to their thermogenic properties. Capsimax®, derived from red chili peppers, contains capsaicinoids which have been shown to increase thermogenesis. Through this, Capsimax® can help boost the body’s metabolic rate, leading to increased calorie burn and weight loss.

Bioperine®, on the other hand, is derived from black pepper and contains a compound called piperine. Piperine has been found to enhance the bioavailability of certain nutrients and compounds, including those found in Capsimax®.

This means that when Bioperine® is combined with Capsimax®, it helps to improve the absorption and utilization of the active ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness.

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Delving Deeper Into The Pros of Hourglass Fit

There are many factors that make Hourglass Fit an irresistible choice for people. Hourglass Fit reviews definitely present a compelling case. Some of the pros of Hourglass Fit are:

  • Hourglass fir is caffeine free. This means that there is no artificial spike in your energy level or sudden burnout due to it.
  • Hourglass Fit is also soy, gluten, and GMO-free. This makes it a safe choice for most consumers.
  • To target a large number of consumers, Hourglass Fit has made its formula suitable for vegans.
  • Hourglass Fit has used natural and safe ingredients to help users achieve their weight goals and stay healthy throughout their weight-loss journey.
  • Hourglass Fit is transparent about the types of ingredients it has used and other information necessary to make an informed decision. This makes the supplement a reliable product.

To know more about Hourglass Fit and learn about individual experiences, you can check Hourglass Fit reviews on their official website.

Exploring The Cons of Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit is considered a safe and effective choice for women when it comes to achieving that hourglass shape. However, there are a few things that put a damper on its credibility. Take a look at some of the cons of Hourglass Fit:

  • Hourglass Fit is advertised as a weight losing supplement targeted at women. However, the official website reports men can also consume it. This makes things vague and misleading.
  • The supplement may not be safe for pregnant women or people undergoing treatment or on other medications.
  • Despite the positive and numerous Hourglass Fit reviews, the results may not be the same for every individual.
  • There is no free-trial period or money-back guarantee available.

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What Is The Recommended Dosage of Hourglass Fit?

The recommended dosage of Hourglass Fit is four capsules a day. The consumers can take the capsules at breakfast, lunch, late afternoon, and dinner. They can also divide and make a schedule to take the capsule at suitable intervals.

Every bottle contains 120 capsules to be taken in under a month’s duration. However, the consumer can opt for two doses a day initially to be on a safer side.

The supplement is touted as safe by the makers but people should still consider consulting their healthcare professional before taking any capsule. Also, it is not recommended for people with other medical conditions before medical advice.

Pricing of Hourglass Fit Packages

The consumers get three options to select from. According to their fitness goals and need, the user can select the most suitable package. Given below are the packages and their pricing:

Hourglass Fit 1 Month

This package includes one bottle of Hourglass Fit supplement. It contains 120 capsules for your one-month body transformation journey. The price of this bottle starts at $60. No free delivery is available so, buyers may have to pay a small shipping charge.

This product is affordable and most recommended to new users.

Hourglass Fit 2 Months

Hourglass Fit 2 Months package includes two bottles. It has 240 capsules meant to be consumed over a period of two months. This package includes no delivery fee for users living in the US and UK. However, international consumers may have to pay shipping charges. Also, this package comes with a bonus product.

Ultimate Slim

Ultimate Slim package includes three bottles of Hourglass Fit supplement. Consumers get another bottle of Hourglass Fit for free. So, this package includes a total of 360 capsules to be consumed over a period of four months.

This package has a free shipping policy for users living in the USA and UK. International clients may have to pay shipping charges. Like Hourglass Fit 2 Months, this product also comes with a bonus product.

This package is recommended for people who are seeking a significant body transformation that would take a long time.

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Bonus Product – Boss Shape and Burn

Hourglass Fit provides a free bonus product along with their Hourglass Fit 2 Months and Ultimate Slims packages. This bonus product is called Boss Shape and Burn.

This free bonus product is worth $149 and includes an easy-to-follow video program to achieve a slim body shape.

Boss Shape and Burn also includes an e-book which is a nutritional guide and helps the consumer keep their diet balanced and nutritious. This program is a four-month-long body transformation guide.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to weight loss supplements, it’s important to choose a product that is not only effective but also safe. Hourglass Fit is made with high-quality, natural ingredients that have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

All in all, it is a weight loss supplement that stands out from the rest. With its focus on energy, appetite control, and metabolism-boosting, Hourglass Fit is a comprehensive solution for women looking to achieve their ideal body. So why wait? Give Hourglass Fit a try and see the results for yourself!

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