Home News House Approves $2000 Stimulus Checks With 275-134 Vote

House Approves $2000 Stimulus Checks With 275-134 Vote

House Approves $2000 Stimulus Checks With 275-134 Vote

In a surprising move, the House approved $2000 stimulus checks as part of the covid-19 package. This will be big support for millions of Americans who have lost jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The House passed the bill with a 275-134 vote, and it clearly got the much needed two-thirds majority without any problems.

House Approves $2000 Stimulus Checks With 275-134 Vote

The proposal was initially submitted by the democrats, and it was opposed by the republicans during the negotiations.

House Approves $2000 Stimulus Checks With 275-134 Vote

However, after the bill was sent to the president, he refused to sign, indicating that the amount was very less and wanted to provide a $2000 direct payment to the people affected due to the pandemic.

It was sent back to the House, and the Democrats provided unanimous support to increase the stimulus checks to $2000. The earlier amount proposed by the bill was $600.

The bill will now move to the Senate, and it would be interesting to see how the republicans will react to the changes in the bill.

The republicans are now divided between supporting the demands of Trump or sticking to their earlier argument of providing $600 direct payment.

The discussion is likely to happen tonight, and the entire country is waiting to see if a bipartisan agreement can be reached in this regard.

As the Senate is controlled by the republicans, it is not easy for the bill to get the support from all the republicans. In this regard, the bill is still pending, and the Republicans will have the final say in deciding the stimulus check that will reach millions of Americans during this pandemic situation.

According to the estimation given by the joint committee on taxation, increasing the stimulus cheques from $600 to $2000 would cost nearly $464 billion.

Trump is now counting on conservatives to help him in this regard. The joint session is likely to happen shortly to discuss the issue.

The president had criticized the package even though his own administration had negotiated the legislation with Congress. He had described the legislation as a disgrace and initially rejected the bill.

However, he finally agreed to sign the bill and send it back for review. The $900 billion covid-19 packages were also part of the government spending bill, and it was essential to avoid a government shutdown.

As several changes were suggested by the president, Congress will temporarily freeze certain funds for 45 days. If further changes are not made to the legislation, the funds will be released as discussed in the relief package.

Trump wants to reduce wasteful spending and instead provide more support to Americans suffering due to the pandemic. He had clearly rejected the bill that offered $600 stimulus checks.

He wanted Congress to increase the stimulus text to $2,000 per adult and $600 per child. Trump finally agreed to sign the bill that would stop millions of evictions and provide rental assistance to people who have lost jobs during the pandemic.

Apart from that, the bill will also help to restore unemployment benefits that are about to expire shortly.

Not only that, but the covid relief bill also provides the much-needed financial for vaccine distribution. Several companies are hoping that they will get financial assistance to develop vaccines in the near future.

The FDA has approved two vaccines as of now, and the companies are working hard to improve the production capacity.

The mass immunizations will get a good boost from the covid 19 relief package, and the Federal government will be able to vaccinate millions of Americans in the next few months.

This is a major step in fighting the pandemic, and it will lessen the burden on public health care. Apart from that, it will also help several Industries to get back to work without worrying about infections.



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