How Effective Are Double-Masks Against Coronavirus?

How Effective Are Double-Masks Against Coronavirus

With lots of ways explained by people and politicians around the world for prevention of Coronavirus, another innovative method has received public attention. As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention in the US, double masking can be another way to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus.

How Effective Are Double-Masks Against Coronavirus?

What is double masking?

Double masking is a simple way, in which one mask can be worn over another. The practicality of the method is being considered for the past few months. The concept of double masking was advocated by Anthony Fauci, who is President Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser.

What does the report say?

As per a lab test by CDC, double masking can actually lead to a reduction in the likelihood of Coronavirus transmission. Infact, the transmission can reduce upto 95%, if both parties are wearing masks correctly. The CDC has also updated its guidelines about wearing double masks at public places.

How Effective Are Double-Masks Against Coronavirus

How to wear the double mask?

As per the guidelines of CDC, people should start by wearing the disposable medical mask. Then, they should add a cloth mask on the top. It is highly essential that both masks should fit perfectly and it should cover the mouth as well as nose. The inner mask should have a nose wire that can provide proper seal against the nose. On the other hand, the cloth mask can give a tighter fit.

If the mask does not feel perfect and if you find yourself adjusting the mask frequently, it’s time to look for a better fitting mask.

The report by CDC has been released after going through several rounds of lab tests. As per the lab test, the fit of the mask can be improved by using simple materials like nylon hosiery around the neck region. In addition to this, the use of mask fitters can also be helpful in securing the mask tightly on the nose region.

Different tests have been conducted in the past few months to test the effectiveness of double masking. As per a report. The three-ply surgical mask can block upto 42% particles from entering your body. On the other hand, a three-ply mask made up of cloth can block almost 42% of particles from entering. But, when used together, the double mask can block as much as 92% of particles.

President Biden has requested all Americans to wear masks. In addition to this, he has also signed executive orders that say wearing a mask is compulsory on federal properties like trains, buses, and planes.

Almost 36 states in the United States made it compulsory for people to wear masks and face covering at public places to prevent the spread of virus.

Even if the concept of double masking can provide 92% protection against spread of coronavirus, it can’t be said to be a substitute for other needed precautions. Thus, it is important for people to stay diligent. It is highly recommended to follow all instructions as given by CDC.  Avoid public places as much as you can, wear masks in public places, and stay 6-feet apart. We can just be hopeful of preventing this disease by following all these safety protocols.


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