How One Chicago’s Jesse Lee Soffer Really Feels About Upstead


If you’re guessing that it’s impossible for an actor to be angry that fans care enough about their character to grace their romantic endeavors with an affectionate portmanteau, you’re absolutely right. In a Q&A video posted on Access Hollywood’s Twitter Soffer and other “One Chicago” actors reportedly asked a series of fan questions…and, perhaps inevitably, ran into a question about his take on the entire Upstead situation. “What do you enjoy most about Upstead’s relationship and partnership?” a fan asked Soffer.

Luckily for Upstead fans, the actor counts very much among them, specifically naming the couple’s tendency not to make a big deal about themselves as one of his favorite aspects of the relationship.

“I think I really like that they’re sort of their own thing,” Soffer said. “They didn’t make a big deal about the wedding. They are just, that’s what they are.”

In a world of overly romantic on-screen couples, a humble relationship like Upstead can feel like a breath of fresh air — and judging by Soffer’s comments, the “One Chicago” couple won’t be changing course anytime soon.

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