How The US reached 500K Covid-19 Deaths In 12 Months?

How The US reached 500K Covid-19 Deaths In 12 Months?

It’s been more than one year since the arrival of the dangerous Coronavirus. The USA has witnessed the death of more than 500,000 citizens due to the disastrous virus. In this article, we will see how the Virus affected the USA in the last one year.

How The US reached 500K Covid-19 Deaths In 12 Months?

On Monday, President Biden’s administration observed a minute of silence to commemorate the death of people due to the Coronavirus. President Biden also urged Americans to set aside the partisan difference and fight the virus together.

How The US reached 500K Covid-19 Deaths In 12 Months?

Let’s see how the virus impacted the country

Early Covid-19 cases

The US confirmed the first case of Covid-19 on January 21, 2020. The case was because of a citizen who returned from a trip in Wuhan. The man was in his 30s and he was in good condition. After the first case, president Trump said that the new disease was under control. 

The first death due to the virus was reported on February 29 in Seattle. In the same month, two more patients died in California. After these deaths, President Trump claimed that person who died was at Medically high risk. 

After these cases, the outbreak of the virus happened quite rapidly all across the nation. Then, lockdown was imposed in all states. 

By mid-March, the death toll reached 100 and cases were confirmed in all states in the US. The United States came to a standstill and everything was closed. But, the economy was affected severely. On March 23, President Trump said that the United States could not afford lockdown. After this, the president gave states the responsibility to decide whether they want to impose lockdown or not. 

On April 6, 2020 the US reported the third-highest number of deaths, with more than 10,000 deaths. 

The mounting death toll

On May 27, the United States reached 100,000 deaths. The number of deaths doubled within a month. President Trump blames China for the spread of the Virus. He also threatened to conduct a serious investigation into the handling of pandemic by China.

Conflicting messages by Trump

Amidst the soaring number of deaths everyday, President Trump gave lots of confusing and conflicting advice to citizens. President Trump insisted that he would not wear masks. 

In May, the US became the epicenter of corona cases. In another confusing remark, the President urged people to wear masks. 

On September 22, the US reported more than 200,000 deaths. On October 2, President Trump’s staff said that the president and his wife had contracted the virus. After 5-days of treatment, he came back from hospital.

By November 27, the number of Covid-19 patients treated in different hospitals in the US reached 90,000. The rate of hospitalization increased and there was an alarming rate of experts and health professionals getting infected.


On December 14, the first American received the vaccine. On December 21, newly-elected President Joe Biden got the vaccine on Live TV.

The vaccine drive is continued and within president Biden has a goal of vaccinating 100 million americans within 100 days of his administration.


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