How To Beat Mission 1


To exit the cave, use the hole near the main entrance. This will help you avoid the animated and malevolent trees lying in wait. From here, head back to the Circus Cages, where the next main objective is. Since you’ve already cleared it out, this area should be mostly clear of enemies. Take the shovel indicated by the quest marker to progress further. This will also make a purple chainsaw available in the nearby yard. This weapon is very important as it handles the easier Deadites much more efficiently.

Once you get to the purple chainsaw location, two Deadites will ambush you. Take on fast attacks and collect your reward. Once you’ve gutted a few more zombies and grabbed your powerful new weapon, head southeast to the next objective marker. By now your fear meter has probably increased at least a little. If you fill it, Ash will be possessed and you will fail the mission as a result. To empty this meter, find the fire pit on the way to the next marker in the forest, light it and cool down a bit there.

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