How to Rank Up Faster in League of Legends?

Moving up in League of Legends ranked mode takes skill and knowing the right tips. Climbing to higher tiers can take a long time. But there are ways to speed up how fast you gain LP and ranks. Whether you are stuck in low elo or pushing to reach the next level, you can rank up quicker with the right strategies. 

This guide will teach easy tips to boost your climb. With these helpful tricks, you can start gaining LP faster than before. Keep reading to learn how to start climbing ranks more quickly. These secret tricks will help you rank up faster in League of Legends.

Master One Role 

One of the most important things you can do to improve your ranked climb is to focus on mastering a single role. By specializing in just one or two positions, you are able to refine your match-specific skills and champion mechanics dramatically faster. Becoming an expert at a role allows you to punish mistakes, dominate lane phase, and hard carry games once you begin to snowball.

For example, maining mid lane will let you perfect roaming to side lanes at key timings to get your allies ahead. Or mastering the ADC role means you’ll be able to maximize farm and outplay during big teamfights. Not only does role mastery improve your individual contribution, but teammates will also trust and play around you more when they see your expertise. 

The depth of game knowledge needed to reach the highest elos requires focusing on just a select few positions. Allow yourself to fully learn matchups and optimize decision-making for your desired role by being dedicated and not spreading yourself thin. The focused practice will rapidly translate into ranked points and quicker advancement up the tiers.

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Master 3 Champions or Less

Mastering just 2 or 3 champions helps you rank up faster too. By playing the same small group of champions a lot, you learn them much quicker. You get very good at knowing their damage, combos, and matchups. Mastering just a couple champs means you can focus more on strategy and decision-making. 

You won’t have to think as much about how to use your abilities. With deep knowledge of your main champions, you can pick what fits your team and beat the enemy team. Trying to learn too many champs spreads your focus. 

Stick to simple, strong champs for your role that you can practice repeatedly. Focusing on just a few champions may seem limiting, but it lets you get really good at carrying games. Spamming the same small champ pool will help you start winning more and climbing ranks.

Learn From Others 

Watching experienced LoL streamers and pros is an easy way to pick up new techniques and knowledge to improve your own gameplay. By seeing how high-elo players approach matchups, early laning, teamfights, and macro decisions, you gain insight you can integrate into your own matches. Streams allow you to learn optimal ability usage, warding spots, champion limits, and much more.

Pay close attention to their positioning, map movements, objective control, and how they convert leads to victories. You’ll begin to understand the thought process behind high-level play and what translates into wins. Key educational streamers explain their decision-making out loud, which accelerates your learning. 

You can also ask streamers questions live and get them answered right away. If you’re serious about fast progression, add watching streams to your daily routine. Absorb as much high-elo knowledge as possible, then implement it yourself in your ranked games. The strategic insights will slowly become second nature the more streams you watch and help propel your climb upwards.

LoL Scripts

Using League of Legends scripts may offer a tempting shortcut to climb the ranks faster in the game, thanks to their ability to automate complex actions, improve reaction times, and enhance map awareness. These scripts can help players perform better and more consistently, ultimately yielding positive results in matches. 

However, it’s essential to recognize that employing such scripts is a clear violation of Riot Games’ terms of service and is considered cheating. The consequences of using scripts can be severe, ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans. It’s crucial for players to uphold fair play and ethical gaming practices while striving to improve their skills legitimately within the game’s rules and guidelines. LoL Smurfs

Practice on Smurf Account 

Creating a secondary “smurf” account can accelerate your improvement by allowing you to practice new skills and strategies against lower-ranked opponents. On your main account, you may feel stagnant and afraid to experiment in ranked matches. But by playing on an alternate account with hidden, lower MMR, you can expand your champ pool and develop new techniques without worrying about LP losses. Use your smurf to limit test aggressive trades, practice roaming timings, perfect uncommon champion picks, and more. 

The lower-intensity games enable you to focus on proper execution of fundamentals. Not only can you expand your skills, but stomping lesser-skilled opponents is also great for improving confidence before going back to your main. Just be sure to avoid toxicity – the goal is focused practice. Then take what you’ve learned back to ranked on your main account. Doing this regularly helps break plateaus, so don’t neglect the value of targeted smurf training when gunning for the next tier. You might also consider buying a lol smurf that is ready to play ranked without the struggle of reaching level 30. 

Final Words 

Reaching the next tier or desired rank is a long journey that tests your patience and dedication as much as your skills. But with the right focus and improvement mentality, climbing the ladder can be an achievable goal. Always stay positive, analyze your replays, and think critically about your own gameplay.

Small adjustments and improvements add up over time into big ranked gains. Remember that attitude and mental fortitude are just as crucial as mechanical play. Stay determined in pursuing your ranked ambitions, and don’t get discouraged by temporary setbacks.

Keep sight of the end goal, implement what you’ve learned, and you may be surprised how swiftly you can progress. With the will to keep improving and the desire to reach the next level, the highest ranks are within your grasp. Good luck on the Rift!  

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