Howard’s Storyline On Better Call Saul Was Almost Wildly Different


In a recent interview with Variety, Patrick Fabian spoke about the latest episode of Better Call Saul, titled Black and Blue. In the episode, Howard realizes that Jimmy must be the one behind the recent events after fellow attorney Cliff Main (Ed Begley Jr.) confronts Howard about his alleged drug problem. Howard attempts an “Ave Mary” and invites Jimmy to box with him in hopes that a fight against Jimmy’s antics will put an end to it.

Then Fabian was asked what Howard’s life would be like if he had never met Saul. He replied: “After we found out Howard didn’t go out to hang his own clapboard, it’s kind of a predictable life with a country club, golf, a very successful company, high-end clients, a wife and stuff like that. I think his life is undisturbed if he doesn’t meet Saul. But he’s obviously worried. The idea of ​​Howard having a bowling ball on his Jaguar, hookers throwing him at lunch is irresponsible for a man like him.”

Of course, Howard hit Saul and so his life continues to be disrupted while Jimmy and Kim go through with their plan. Considering how unfazed they both seemed after Howard confronted Jimmy, it’s safe to say they expected Howard to find out, and their plan is already adjusted accordingly. We can’t wait to see how Jimmy and Kim’s plan unfolds — even if Howard doesn’t quite deserve what’s coming.

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