Huge Load Formula Reviews – Should You Buy The New Alpha Nutrition Formula?

The Huge Load Formula is a male enhancement product formulated explicitly with ingredients to help men increase the size of their load.

Using powerful vitamins and minerals, The Huge Load Formula can significantly increase semen volume, allowing men to experience mind-blowing orgasms and robust finishes every time.

Can The Huge Load Formula help you blow massive, porn-star-like loads? Are there any side effects to using this product? Please read our full review of The Huge Load Formula to learn everything you need to know about this product!

What Exactly is The Huge Load Formula?

As mentioned previously, The Huge Load Formula is a natural sexual health product for men looking to increase the size and intensity of their loads. By taking three capsules of the product daily, you’ll experience intense orgasms and massive loads.

The Huge Load Formula is manufactured by The New Alpha, one of the leading supplement companies for male health. The New Alpha is known for formulating ultra-potent yet safe products designed to help men regain their inner alpha male.

Unlike prescription male enhancement products, The Huge Load Formula uses natural ingredients, like vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, to increase your semen volume dramatically.

Best of all, The Huge Load Formula is designed to work for every man, regardless of age, weight, or any other physiological factor. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man in his sixties or his forties. If you want massive loads and earth-shattering orgasms, then The Huge Load Formula is right.

How Does the Huge Load Formula Work?

The Huge Load Formula is the premier product for men looking to increase their orgasm intensity and volume.

The product primarily works by influencing certain hormones and enzymes that cause the body to produce more seminal fluid. The male body produces semen continually; certain enzymes and hormones control this process. The Huge Load Formula activates these enzymes.

In addition, the Huge Load Formula provides your body with the building blocks to produce more semen. Several vitamins and minerals are required to create semen, and this product has them all.

Finally, The Huge Load Formula contains several clinically studied ingredients proven to support your body’s production of testosterone levels. Testosterone controls libido, sexual performance, and energy levels, so it’s no surprise that raising testosterone levels will lead to greater sexual satisfaction.

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Main Benefits of The Huge Load Formula

If you try The Huge Load Formula for yourself, you’ll experience three incredible benefits. You’ll be able to:

  • Increase the size and quality of your loads, allowing you to blow loads like the best porn stars in the world. Your partner will instantly see you as a stud and beg you to finish every time you have sex.
  • Increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms, giving you enormous pleasure when you ejaculate. This won’t just give you more fun; it’ll give your partner more pleasure as they feel you orgasm, driving her wild.
  • Higher testosterone levels and firmer erections, so you don’t have to worry about “getting it up” any longer. You’ll have unlimited sexual potential and mind-blowing sex as a result.

Ingredients in The Huge Load Formula

The Huge Load Formula contains only natural ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and other herbal extracts, to improve your semen volume and orgasm intensity.

In total, there are eleven ingredients found in The Huge Load Formula, which include:


Folate is an essential vitamin used to make and repair DNA, help cells grow, divide, and work properly, produce specific proteins, and much more. It appears to help support heart health by lowering blood pressure and homocysteine levels. In many studies, men given folate experienced a greater sperm concentration, higher quality sperm, and higher production of sperm compared to a placebo.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is another crucial vitamin needed for overall health and wellness. It is necessary to facilitate energy production, ensuring your body has a steady stream of energy. It also appears to improve mood by releasing serotonin and dopamine, which can enhance libido. Vitamin B12 may also combat premature ejaculation, although the exact mechanism isn’t known.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances sex drive by supporting the body’s production of certain male hormones that aid in arousal, mostly androgens, and progesterone. Vitamin C has also been shown to stabilize cortisol output, balancing certain stress hormones and improving mood.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves muscle strength, combat inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health. Vitamin E also appears to support an increase in the production of luteinizing hormone, which instructs the testes to release more testosterone into the bloodstream.

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Zinc is a crucial trace mineral for dozens of biological processes. Zinc is a building block of testosterone, an essential male hormone for libido and sperm production. In some studies, zinc has been shown to increase semen volume, sex drive, and erection quality.


Selenium is a trace mineral shown to improve prostate health. Selenium may also boost testosterone levels in men with low testosterone. It also keeps testes and seminal vesicles healthy, thus benefitting sexual performance in men. It also helps produce more semen as a result.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

Acetyl l-carnitine HCL is the most bioavailable form of the essential amino acid – L-carnitine. L-carnitine acts as an antioxidant and has been shown to support healthy weight loss, heart health, cognition, and energy levels. Some of its’ lesser known benefits include improved sperm motility and sperm concentration, also known as male potency.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha

KSM-66 is a patented form of ashwagandha clinically proven to raise testosterone levels in men. As an adaptogenic herb, it improves your body’s response to stress, reducing anxiety-related performance issues and limiting the effects of cortisol. In one large-scale study, KSM-66 raised sperm count by 167%, semen volume by 53%, and sperm motility by 57%.

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Studies have found low lysine levels can cause impotence. It also has been shown to work with vitamin C to reduce levels of lipoprotein-a, which carries cholesterol in the blood and contributes to the buildup of plaques. This can cause an inability to produce, obtain, and maintain an erection.

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 has been shown to improve male health by improving cardiovascular health, reducing depression, and increasing energy levels. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 also helps combat inflammation, contributing to poor erectile function.


PQQ supports mitochondrial function and the cellular development of new mitochondria. Mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse and are responsible for producing ATP from the foods you eat. This is why PQQ is known to be an excellent energy booster. It also has been shown to improve fertility and potency in animal studies.

The Huge Load Formula consists solely of these ingredients. There are zero artificial ingredients, drug ingredients, or stimulants found in this product. In addition, all components are routinely tested by a 3rd party to ensure only the safest, most potent ingredients are included in the final product.

Huge Load Formula Supplement Facts

Side Effects of The Huge Load Formula – Is it Safe?

Like other products from The New Alpha, the Huge Load Formula is safe and effective. In fact, according to the manufacturer, there have not been any reported side effects at this time.

Even minor side effects like headaches, nausea, or indigestion have not been reported. Although it’s possible to experience mild side effects when beginning a new supplement, the risk is low.

Remember, this product may still not suit everyone despite the lack of side effects. For example, like any sexual health product, you should not use this product if you are under 18.

Likewise, since this product affects blood flow and testosterone, you should be especially careful while using this product if you are on a prescription medication or if you have a severe medical condition.

Overall, The Huge Load Formula can help you blow massive, satisfying loads without causing any side effects. However, if you are still unsure whether or not this product is right for you, the manufacturer recommends speaking to your doctor before trying this product.

The Huge Load Formula Pricing & Guarantee

The Huge Load Formula is the best for massive loads and powerful orgasms. It’s trusted by thousands of men daily despite only recently being available to the public.

If you’re ready to try the product, visit the official website to order.

There you will see three different purchasing options to choose from:

  • One bottle: $99 total
  • Three bottles: $237 Total – $79 per bottle
  • Six bottles: $414 Total – $69 per bottle

Regardless of your selected package, your purchase is automatically covered by a 120-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you experience unwanted side effects, don’t see a massive increase in your load size, or don’t like the product, then you can receive a full refund on your purchase – no questions asked.

Huge Load Formula Pricing

For more information, contact customer service via the following:

Final Recap of The Huge Load Formula

If you’re tired of feeling average in the bedroom, have weak finishes, or want to blow massive, incredible loads, then The Huge Load Formula may be right for you.

Since its launch, it has helped thousands of men regain their vigor, increase their orgasms, and blow massive, intense loads.

If you’re ready to experience these benefits for yourself, then you need to visit the official website and order The Huge Load Formula today!

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