HydroBoost Portable AC Reviews – Should You Buy Hydro Boost Air Cooler or Scam?

HydroBoost AC is a cooling unit that helps consumers create a comfortable environment during the heat, ensuring that anyone can make it through the warmth of spring and summer. This device is easy to run, and it offers three different modes to get the customized experience that they want with a fan, humidifier, or cooler.

What is HydroBoost AC?

Nothing is quite as brutal as a summer day without relief from the heat. In some areas, the heat can exceed 100 degrees before lunchtime, which is why air conditioning units have become so important. While some people have coolers built into their homes, others don’t have this luxury. There’s only so much that shade and a good fan can do, and these solutions aren’t a good option for someone who truly wants to cut through the uncomfortable thickness of heat.

Finding a good cooler is difficult because the climate varies from one place to the next. While desert environments are incredibly dry, areas near the coast tend to be a little more humid. Finding a product that meets these needs in any environment is incredibly difficult because they usually only have one function. A humidifier isn’t beneficial for an area with plenty of moisture, but an air conditioner can dry out any home that is already dry. That’s why the use of HydroBoost AC is so helpful.

HydroBoost AC offers the unique support of three different functions, creating a customized experience for every user. The device is lightweight and easy to move around, so it can become a fixture in any home, office, or even a car. It doesn’t need to be connected to any power to run once the battery is charged, which makes it easy to bring wherever the user goes. Though the website doesn’t discuss how much space can be covered by this cooling unit, it is primarily meant to be kept in whatever space that the user wants to be.

Consumers who decide to get this type of unit will be able to significantly drop the cost of cooling their home. Since the device only has to be plugged in while charging, the power it consumes is drastically less than any air conditioning installation. The device offers a 2000mAH rechargeable battery, which is charged with a USB connection.

While in operation, consumers will be pleasantly surprised to find how quiet the HydroBoost AC unit is. While full cooling systems can be noisy and overpowering, consumers who use this device won’t have to worry about the same problem with this device. In fact, the creators claim that the noise made by this device is no more than what they’d expect from the outside breeze, which means that daytime or nighttime use is encouraged and comfortable.

All the user has to do is run this device for a single minute to get the cooling effect. Then, with a full charge, the cooling will continue with incredible support for up to 4 hours at a time when the water basin is properly filled.

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Why Use a Portable Cooler?

As consumers seek out ways to stay cool during the summer, some people might shy away from using a portable cooler, but it comes with many advantages, but the main two reasons for using them – lowering energy costs and getting customized relief.

The installation of an air conditioning system can cost thousands of dollars for anyone who has never had one in their home before, but the cost goes far beyond it. Even with a well-maintained cooler, the energy to run this system is extensive, and many consumers end up breaking the bank to cover the cost every month. Running a cooler that only needs to be connected to a power supply for charging is significantly easier on an electricity budget because it doesn’t constantly require power. Instead, this device is only connected for the limited time that it takes to charge it is significantly less power consumption. With HydroBoost AC, this total cost drops by 90%.

The other advantage, as stated above, is the customized relief. Everyone has their preference of how cool or warm they like to be, and the use of a cooling unit helps them to determine exactly how their surroundings are like. Since these small units are usually meant for no more than a small room, consumers can focus on their own comfort without considering the impact of an entire AC on their home.

With the ability to save money and feel comfortable, these portable units are especially good for anyone who doesn’t have the authority to install air conditioning in their home (i.e., renters).

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How Does HydroBoost AC Work?

To give consumers the cooling effect that they want from HydroBoost AC, the device uses three cooling modes. Those three modes include a humidifier, cooler, and a fan. Each of these cooling methods has their own advantages, ensuring that anyone can get the relief that they hope for.

First, there’s the HydroBoost AC’s function as a humidifier. Humidification has been used to help with cooling for quite some time, and this device includes a 10-ounce water basin that consumers can fill with water or ice to get the arctic chill that they want. During the humidification process, the device introduces moisture into the air around it by first drawing in the hot air around the unit. This hot air then gets pushed through the water tank, pushing back out the cool water as humidity in the space.

The tank of the HydroBoost AC is big enough to keep cooling the space for up to 5 hours with the humidifier function, but it will need to be refilled if water levels get low. The cool air can still blow from the device when it is used as a personal air conditioner, only using 8 watts of power to circulate the fresh and clean air.

If the user is comfortable in their environment, they don’t have to use either of the first two functions. Instead, they can turn on the ultra-quiet fan that circulates the air around them to keep a comfortable breeze. The fan offers three different speed settings to ensure that users can further customize the relief they need and want.

When users receive the HydroBoost AC unit, they won’t have to perform any installation because the design is made to be portable. All the user needs are a power bank or other source that the USB can be plugged into for charging. With no cords to worry about during operation, consumers can move it wherever they want for up to four hours of operation.

HydroBoost AC Pricing

Purchasing a HydroBoost AC Unit

Consumers who want to stay cool through the summertime will be happy to learn that this purchase comes with a 50% discount on every order, plus the luxury of free shipping so they just focus on the cost of their coolers.

Choose from:

  • One HydroBoost AC unit for $99
  • Three HydroBoost AC units for $267
  • Five HydroBoost AC units for $395

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If the user finds that this unit doesn’t work for their needs, they have up to 180 days to get ahold of the customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions About HydroBoost AC

What’s included with every HydroBoost AC?

Along with the main colling unit, each set includes a user manual, a built-in 2000mAh battery, a USB charging cable, and a carrying handle.

How long does HydroBoost AC provide cooling benefits?

Depending on the speed setting, consumers can get up to 4 hours of relief from the heat while this device is activated.

How big is the water reservoir?

The tank can hold up to 10 ounces of water, which is substantially more than other personal coolers that use the humidifier function. If it is full, the water should last for 4-5 hours, though the device might need to be charged before the water runs out.

What determines how quickly the water is used on the humidifier function?

Consumers can choose from multiple settings to create coolness in their environment, including high and low settings. When the device is run on low, the battery and water might last slightly longer, but it will not provide the same cooling experience.

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Do users need to hire help to install HydroBoost AC?

Not at all. This device doesn’t actually need to be installed. Instead, users just have to plug it into the charging cable until the built-in battery reaches full power, allowing the cooler to keep running wherever the user places it.

Where can consumers place HydroBoost AC?

HydroBoost AC has a flat bottom and must be placed on a surface that can support it. Since the device is still fairly lightweight when the tank is full, the creators recommend setting it on a counter, end table, or desk near the user for the best results.

Can HydroBoost AC be used outside?

Yes. While the effect won’t create as much of a drop in temperature with the limitless exposure to outdoor air, it usually cools the immediate vicinity of the user down for improved comfort. That’s why the creators recommend including it at campsites or barbecues in warmer weather.

How long does it take to ship HydroBoost AC?

Orders typically go out the next day after the order has been placed.

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How long does shipping take?

Once the order goes out, users will receive their purchase within 3-5 days.

What is the return policy?

Consumers who decide to invest in HydroBoost AC want to make sure that it is a good match for their needs. However, if the user doesn’t get the cooling relief that they want, they have up to 180 days to request a refund.

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]. They should respond to these concerns within 24-48 hours.


HydroBoost AC provides consumers with a way to keep themselves cooled off and comfortable in any setting. The device works in any weather, and it is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Consumers will be able to choose between three distinct methods of cooling on this unit, regardless of their current environment. With the option to purchase multiple units at the same time with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee for every order, anyone can try out this cooling unit to see how well it beats the heat.

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