“I must apologize”: Fauci Revises His Forecast For The Covid19 Curve

“I must apologize”: Fauci revises his forecast for the Covid19 curve

In an interview, Fauci said that if the majority of the unvaccinated population receives a puncture, the US could “begin” to gain “good control” of the virus. The pandemic will come in the fall of 2022. 

“I must apologize”: Fauci Revises His Forecast For The Covid19 Curve

America’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, revised his previous prediction that he “defamed” that the United States was keeping the coronavirus disease under control in the fall of 2022. As for NPR, the White House’s chief medical adviser said that if most of the population were not vaccinated, they would be hurt. The blow, the US could “start keeping the pandemic under control” by fall 2022. 

“I must apologize”: Fauci revises his forecast for the Covid19 curve

“I have to apologize,” Fauci said when asked about his forecast. When I listened to the tape, I meant spring 2022, so I was wrong. This winter, “and most of its 90 million people not yet Vaccinated, the US may begin to get good control “in the spring of 2022.” Watching the new wave of Covid19, caused mainly by the highly contagious variant of Delta, about 90 million people are still unvaccinated.

Fauci told NPR on Monday that it is difficult to predict accurately a pandemic curve where 90 million people are not vaccinated, and said that it is likely that the coronavirus will continue to circulate, mutate, form multiple variants, and return the country to the same or worse situation caused by the Delta variant.

The US still registers one of the highest daily cases of Covid19 both overall and per capita, according to the latest epidemiological data from the World Health Organization (WHO). The largest number of new cases from 9 to 15 August was in the United States, Iran, and India. However, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia reported the highest number of new deaths in the same week. 

This prediction comes with a serious caveat, he said, noting that US officials initially thought Covid would be reasonably well under control by July 4 before the delta option came along and skewed the numbers. 

“If we continue to postpone vaccination without vaccinating those who should be vaccinated, it could delay and lead to the development of another option, which could further complicate the situation,” he said. 

On Monday, the FDA fully licensed Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid19 vaccine, the first vaccine in the United States to receive the coveted title. US health officials and experts hope that full approval will convince some unvaccinated Americans that the vaccine is safe. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 3 out of 10 adults were not vaccinated. 

In a separate interview Tuesday on NBC’s TODAY, Fauci said there would be more “passion” to ask for the vaccine, leading to higher vaccination rates. 

Soon after FDA approval, New York City officials said they would require all 148,000 teachers and public school employees to receive the Covid vaccine this fall. They previously stated that employees can avoid vaccinations if they get regular weekly tests for Covid. 

The Pentagon says it will require military personnel to receive the Pfizer vaccine now that it is fully approved.
With full approval, drug manufacturers can now advertise vaccines on television and other media, which could also help boost vaccine availability, Fauci said. 


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