I’m a shopping pro – my three finds from Walmart will make your home more expensive and save you up to 94%


A shopper reveals big ways to save money on three items at Walmart that’ll make your home look more stylish.

Searching for save money can help you save up to 94%.


According to TikToker Merlin2685, a large lantern similar to Pottery Barn’s more expensive version costs $21, which is a savings of about 94%Credit: TikTok / @Marilyn2685


A high-end version by Pottery Barn is listed for $349Credit: TikTok / @Marilyn2685

TikTok user Marilyn, aka Marilyn2685, made three surprising discoveries at Walmart.

This included lanterns and some baskets.

In the video, she compared the prices of her find with the branded versions available online.

The difference in price was surprising, while actual product comparisons showed a high level of similarity between high-end products and Walmart bargains.

Her post read, “Here’s proof you don’t have to shop big to look good,” while pointing to a line of lanterns available at Walmart.

A small Black Lantern is listed for just over $13, a medium one for around $17, and a larger model for just over $21.

The video then features Pottery Barn’s best selling indoor/outdoor lantern, ranging in price from $69 to $349 depending on size.

For a price comparison, Walmart’s larger lamp saves you about $328 before tax.

That’s about a 94% savings and both items look remarkably similar.

Next, she compared the two wooden bowls: The Walmart version cost $37, and the other, a wooden “Dough Bowl Tray” from Pottery Barn, cost $249.

Pre-tax cost savings are $212, a savings of just over 85%.


Marilyn2685 shared that this Walmart wooden bowl, which retails for $37, looks almost identical to a Pottery Barn version that retails for $249Credit: TikTok / @Marilyn2685


You can save 85% by purchasing the cheaper version of this Pottery Barn modelCredit: TikTok / @Marilyn2685

Finally, she showed two baskets to decorate your home.

The Walmart version retails for $27, while a more expensive model from home decor site Serena & Lily was $178.

Again, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two models.

If you had bought the cheaper version, you would have saved $151 before tax.

That’s about 85% savings.

The self-described “NewYorican (New York Puerto Rican) Boy Mom” ​​has nearly 350,000 followers and her post has garnered nearly 1,500 likes.

Tiktok users have lost weight.

One, Kim, the hobbyist, said she got a cheap bowl from Walmart.

Another, Sarah, was even more budget conscious. She said, “I don’t want to spend the low price either. Just waiting to see what thrift stores are up to.”

And Rachel added: “A lot of people are interested in the label. I personally don’t.”

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