In Attack On Titans, What Will Become To Zeke Yeager? Do You Know What Happened To The Warrior Unit’s Most Potent Warrior?

Zeke Yeager

The last few episodes of Attack on Titans were a roller coaster of emotions. Last episode was an emotional rollercoaster, and we’ve seen our characters break and flex since then.

There will be no life left on Earth save in Paradis Land after Erene Jaeger seizes the power of the Founding Titan and begins The Rumbling. There has been a noticeable absence of Erene Jeager from recent episodes, save from Zeke Yeager. Speculation is rife about what happened to Zeke after he vanished from the show.

What Will Become To Zeke Yeager?

Because the last time we saw Zeke, things were not going well for him in Attack on Titans. To the best of my knowledge, he’s still on the mend. No, we don’t know for sure.

zeke yeager

It could be a good idea to take a look back at how Zeke appeared in Attack on Titans first. He had previously intervened to stop Erene from encouraging Found Yimir to start a nuclear war.

Yimir agrees to Erene’s request to let out all of the Titans on Earth as a result of Erene’s influence. Zeke is left behind when Erene assumes the role of founding titan. Zeke’s whereabouts remain a mystery following this incident.

Because he is a Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager’s chances of survival are far better than his chances of death. As far as I know, he’s fully versed in Beast Titan’s titan form.

Because of this, Zeke is unlikely to be easily beaten in a Titan-filled environment. It is possible that Captain Levi’s unfulfilled wish to kill Zeke would let Zeke survive, but we all know that he will die in the series.

In order to activate the Founding Titan’s Power, Erene will need Zeke’s blood, and he will need Zeke’s presence in order to do so and access all of its potential. Zeke, Reiner Braun’s most powerful fighter, is still alive because there are more possibilities of him being alive than of him being killed.




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