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Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 has a set release date of this week. The break time in Japan is over. And all anime and manga series are back on their regular schedules. More interesting to see is the fact that many arcs will be turning in newer directions in the coming weeks. The previous episode set up Arc to try to fix his face. And so Ariane takes her to the city of the elves. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode.

In this week’s release, fans can see how things are developing in the city of elves. The last time he hooked up with newer faces, things didn’t go as they planned. Well, Ariane’s plan may or may not work. Will the prince agree to help him with this?

Skeleton knights in another world episode 6

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next episode of Skeleton Knight is “Learning about the darkness of this world in the elf village”. As mentioned in the title, the episode will delve deeper into the darkness that lurks in Lalatoya. After seeing what happened to Arc’s face after reincarnation, Ariane was determined to help him improve the odds.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 begins with Ariane and Arc meeting the Prince of the Limbult Kingdom. It could be seen that the forest gave them all hints of danger. But somehow things didn’t go the way they planned. So will Arc ever be able to get his face back? Only the next episode will give us the answers.

Skeleton knights in another world episode 6

Summary of the previous episode!

The fifth episode of Skeleton Knight In Another World, titled “A Mystery Solved and a Bond Made,” began with the Tryton being beaten up by the slaves. On the other hand, Udolan was still held captive by Ariane. But before Arc could manage to get out of the palace, the place was torn to pieces. He understood that this was all the work of the ninja. That’s when Arc pulled out his helmet.

Ariane was shocked when she looked at her face. Then she told him that Elder might know how to fix his face. It was decided together that they would meet with the elves. The final scene of the episode takes us to Ariane’s personal connections. She is talking to her sister, Seriana, who was engaged to the prince of the Kingdom of Limbult. The episode ended with Ariane and Arc meeting an elf.

Skeleton knights in another world episode 6

Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 Release Date

The elf village hides more secrets than it appears on the surface. As the story takes a dark turn, more storylines will unfold in the coming weeks. So, Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 6 will release non-stop this week. The episode is scheduled for release on May 12, 2022. Fans can only watch all episodes of the anime in Crunchyroll’s official sections. So keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more information about it.


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