Inside Hospitals With Soaring Cases Of Delta Variants

Inside Hospitals with soaring cases of Delta Variants

At the Methodist University hospital which is newly opened in Memphis in Tennessee, there is an increased new wave of cases. A working nurse at the hospital Nurse Matt Robinson says he works every day with a heavy heart. He hoped that after vaccination his job would be back to normal. He remembers continuously working for pandemics last year.

A few months back it was a positive sign to see no patients with COVID-19. They hoped that the wide availability of vaccination was strong enough to keep the pandemic away. But now with the delta variant spreading rapidly, the hospitals are getting filled up with patients yet again. In Tennessee, the hospitalizations have been twice than that in past three weeks. The health officials believe that 80 percent of new cases are linked to the delta variant. The transmission rate of this variant is very high as observed.

Inside Hospitals With Soaring Cases Of Delta Variants

Matt says that it is depressing for them to look at wards filled with the beeping sound of monitors. Patients hooked to oxygen cylinders are a sad thing to see. It is ironic to see that more than 90 percent of patients are unvaccinated.

Doctors and health officials should now plan for more hospitalizations if this trend continues. Robinson said it is sad to see that we are back to where it started even though we have vaccinations that are proven effective.

Inside Hospitals with soaring cases of Delta Variants

Previously the patients age ranged from somewhere between 61 and 51 but now the average age of the affected has been dropping. Matt says he sees himself in young people getting hospitalized now. As per the data, only 38 percent of the total Tennessee population is vaccinated. This is very low. Vaccination hesitancy is seen a lot among Tennessee residents.

People tend to believe misinformation that is available online and other unconnected medical failures. In Tennessee, a legal precedent was in action which allowed adolescents to get vaccinated without the requirement of parental consent. But this legal action was reversed and led to the cancellation of vaccination outreach to adolescents. This has become a major concern leading to threatens that includes dissolving the Tennessee’s entire health department.

In the outskirts of Knoxville, it was reported that a woman drove in her car to a vaccination site and yelled “no vaccine”. She could have killed a dozen health care workers on site. Dr Fiscus, a renowned paediatrician said that nobody expected a backlash against vaccination. The political divide is one of the contributors. He says it was surprising to see rural white men were being vaccination hesitant. This included political views. He said that it’s really a dumb move to sacrifice one’s own health and of their families just for some political benefits. Doctors are fed up with this political angle to vaccination and it has made their work harder. In a rural town called Munford, there was high vaccination distrust and only 25 per cent of the entire population were vaccinated. A local hairdresser says that she won’t trust that a vaccine was manufactured just under a year and she won’t get vaccinated.

Dr J Lawrence Turner, reverend of Mississippi Boulevard church says that those who were ready have already got vaccinated. Lack of political leadership and convincing people to get vaccinated was not as effective as it had to be. In Shelby county which is one of the democratic counties, the vaccination rate is only 35 per cent. This Shelby county is filled with around 53 percent of African Americans and they are the population that is hospitalized more. This is saddening data for Black community leaders who have been working relentlessly for vaccination outreach.


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