Irregular Choice X Pokemon shoes, boots, pants, and more launched for anime collaboration collection


Journey On Pokemon-inspired paragraphs.
Journey On Pokemon-inspired paragraphs. Photo credit:

The Irregular Choice X Pokemon Shoes collaboration seems like a match made in heaven, or rather, The Pokeverse. The collection was launched last Friday April 29, 2022 and some items are already sold out. So, visit the official e-commerce site as soon as possible. Be sure to read on so you can see my top picks if you’re unsure of which shoes to buy.

The creative duo bring a whole new line of whimsical Pokémon-themed shoes, bags and tights to the fashion world. This is the first partnership between the London-based fashion label and the hit Nintendo game series and popular anime adaptation. The chunky boots and platform-style heels seem to be their biggest hit and sell out fast.

A dream come true for Pokémon gamers and anime enthusiasts

My top pick is the Shock Walk Pikachu boots. These are a must have for any Pikachu fan. The sparkly black boots feature yellow and gold lightning bolts, sparkly glitter and a large cut-out applique of Pikachu jumping down the side of the boot. The heel is a striking patent red reminiscent of the famous Christian Louboutins. Motion-sensitive, non-rechargeable LED lights surround Pikachu so the lights flash as you walk.

Boots inspired by Shock Walk Pikachu.
Boots inspired by Shock Walk Pikachu. Photo credit:

My second pick is the Pokemon Beach Day Boots featuring first generation Pokemon like Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Krabby, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Lapras, Dewgong, Magikarp, Pidgeot, Gyarados, Cubone, and Slowpoke. There’s even a 3D Pikachu clutching the back of the shoe heel! The design features an outdoor scene in a wooded area full of Pokémon waiting to be caught in Pokeballs, a cheerful rainbow sky, and some intricate emerald green beads and sequins.

Beach Day Pokemon-inspired boots.
Beach Day Pokemon-inspired boots. Photo credit:

My third choice is the stunning Journey On wedge heel. The heels are actually a translucent capsule habitat that contains a Pokemon captured in 3D. The design on the shoe resembles a “Pokemon Forest” with grass, flowers, mountains and a sky.

Journey On Pokemon-inspired paragraphs.
Journey On Pokemon-inspired paragraphs. Photo credit:

My fourth pick is the chunky Day and Night Boots. These are for the Eevee lovers. Espeon and Umbreon cutouts are on the side of each boot, the main design features a cute polka dot print, and Sylveon and Eevee feature in hearts on each toe.

Day and Night Pokemon-inspired boots.
Day and Night Pokemon-inspired boots. Photo credit:

High fashion labels offering anime collaborations are on the rise

Irregular Choice is a fashion company based in London, England. Founded two years into Pokemon’s release year, the label is known for its whimsical designs and colorful shoes, handbags and jewelry. Perhaps some of his designs have already been inspired by Pokemon and their vibrant coloring? Previous collaborations include Hello Kitty (Sanrio, Japan) and Care Bears. Irregular Choice aims to create products that feel playful and dreamy. Pokemon seems to fit Irregular Choice perfectly, as can be seen in this vibrant collection.

Pokemon players and anime fans will be in for a real treat with these tons of accessories filled with their favorite pocket monsters. I mainly focused on the shoes, but the matching bags and cute stockings are also worth pursuing.

Before you go, allow me to show you the adorable Pikachu purse that goes perfectly with these boots!

Hello Weekend Bag Pikachu-inspired wallet.
Hello weekend bag. Photo credit:

A leaked photo of a potential Sailor Moon X Vans collaboration was shared on Twitter. Anime Geek will keep you posted on whether this collaboration is legit or not.

Vans X Sailor Moon collab.
Leaked photo of a possible collaboration with Vans X Sailor Moon.

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