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Cellucor is a bodybuilding supplement company known for brands like C4, Super HD, and XTEND.

Today, Cellucor offers dozens of supplements across all categories – from fat burners to BCAA supplements to pre-workouts and energy drinks.

Does Cellucor live up to the hype? What are the best and most popular Cellucor supplements? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about Cellucor today.

What is Cellucor?

Cellucor is an Austin, Texas-based supplement brand. The brand is owned by Nutrabolt (also known as Woodbolt Distribution, LLC), which launched its first Cellucor products in 2002.

Today, backed by 20+ years of supplement industry experience, Cellucor continues to be sold across the United States and worldwide. You can find Cellucor products online and in-store.

Cellucor has won numerous accolades over the years. For example, GNC awarded the company “Vendor of the Year” in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015. The company’s Super HD was also chosen as the best fat loss supplement of the year in 2012 by Other award-winning Cellucor products include C4 Extreme, COR-Performance Whey, and P6 Black.

A 90-day refund policy backs all Cellucor products.

Cellucor Benefits

Cellucor Benefits

Some of the benefits of Cellucor include:

  • Popular, longstanding supplement brands like C4, Super HD, and XTEND
  • 90-day refund policy
  • Available online and in major retailers nationwide
  • Billions of servings sold to date
  • Transparent ingredients
  • Science-backed ingredients and proprietary blends have proven to work

Cellucor Supplements

Cellucor lets you shop for supplements based on category (like pre-workout, sports nutrition, or fat burner) or goal (like building muscle, boosting hydration, or losing weight).

Available Cellucor supplement categories include:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Amino Acids & BCAAs
  • Fat Burners
  • Protein Powder
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Testosterone Boosters
  • Energy Drinks
  • Bundles

Cellucor Pricing And Discount


Cellucor is known for its pre-workout supplements. The company rose to prominence with pre-workout supplements like C4. Today, you can buy multiple versions of C4 and other popular pre-workout supplements from Cellucor.

C4 Original Pre-Workout ($29.99)

Cellucor’s C4 Original Pre-Workout has been a bestselling supplement for over a decade and is one of Cellucor’s most popular products. You get 150mg of caffeine per serving, beta-alanine (CarnoSyn), and other active ingredients. The supplement is designed to boost energy, enhance muscle endurance, and boost overall pump. The company’s official website boasts of selling billions of Cellucor servings. It’s available in flavors like cherry limeade, grape, and watermelon.

C4 Ripped Pre-Workout ($39.99)

C4 Ripped is a pre-workout designed to boost energy before a workout while preparing you for maximum fat burning. Like the original C4, C4 Ripped contains 150mg of caffeine per serving and beta-alanine. However, each 5.8g scoop also contains 1g of performance and thermogenic blend with L-carnitine, green coffee seed extract, cayenne fruit extract, and grains of paradise seed extract; all favored for weight loss.

C4 Sport Pre-Workout ($21.99)

C4 Sport Pre-Workout contains 135mg of caffeine per serving and is NSF certified for athletes. NSF certification verifies the formula is free of banned substances. Each 7.1g scoop contains 3.181g of a C4 Sport Performance Blend (with beta-alanine, L-arginine, and creatine) and 1.138g of a C4 Sport Energy Blend (with taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins).

C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout ($44.99)

C4 Ultimate Pre-workout features 300mg of caffeine per serving – twice as much as the C4 versions listed above. It’s available in strawberry watermelon, Arctic snow cone, and icy blue razz flavors, among other options. Like other C4 pre-workout supplements, C4 Ultimate is designed to boost energy and muscular endurance using a combination of caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline.

C4 Ultimate Shred Pre-Workout ($54.99)

Featuring 300mg of caffeine and additional ingredients for fat burning, C4 Ultimate Shred is one of Cellucor’s most powerful pre-workout supplements. Each 15.8g scoop contains 6g of a C4 Super Citrulline Pump Matrix with 4g of L-citrulline, 1g of citrulline nitrate, and 1g of citrulline malate. You also get taurine, beta-alanine, green tea extract, alpha-GPC, and other unique active ingredients to support your health and wellness goals.

C4 Ripped Sport Pre-Workout ($25.99)

Cellucor offers an NSF-certified version of its C4 Ripped Sport Pre-Workout. The supplement features 135mg of caffeine, CLA, citrulline malate, and beta-alanine. It’s a classic Cellucor pre-workout supplement mixed with proven fat burners like CLA – all with a verified lack of banned substances.

C4 Extreme Pre-Workout ($38.99)

Cellucor’s C4 Extreme is designed to provide explosive workout performance. Featuring 200mg of caffeine, the supplement can fight fatigue, boost strength and performance, and fuel muscular endurance, among other benefits. It’s also made with zero sugar, 2g of beta-alanine, and significant doses of creatine and NitraMax (to boost NO and enhance the pump).

NO3 Chrome ($32.99)

Cellucor offers a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement called NO3 Chrome. Designed to amplify the pump and boost nitric oxide, the supplement contains natural ingredients without relying on caffeine to boost energy. Each three-capsule serving contains arginine nitrate, citrulline malate, grape seed extract, and other active ingredients to support your body’s nitric oxide (NO) production. Nitric oxide is linked to blood flow, vascularity, energy, and overall performance.

C4 Dynasty MXX ($69.99)

As one of Cellucor’s highest-end pre-workout supplements, C4 Dynasty MXX provides 350mg of caffeine and is available in flavors like Icy Blue Razz and Strawberry Lemonade. It’s the most potent version of C4 available. You get 18 active ingredients in each 30g serving, including components for legendary energy, legendary endurance, and legendary performance. With beta-alanine, three times citrulline, creatine, nitric oxide boosters, and other active ingredients, C4 Dynasty MXX is one of the world’s best pre-workout supplements.

C4 Ripped SuperSport ($27.99)

Cellucor’s C4 Ripped SuperSport is an NSF Certified for Sport pre-workout supplement free of banned ingredients. You get 150mg of caffeine per serving and other popular and proven Cellucor pre-workout ingredients – betaine anhydrous, beta-alanine, and L-arginine.

C4 Sport ($19.99)

C4 Sport is a natural pre-workout supplement with natural sweeteners and zero sugar. It’s designed to deliver powerful performance and explosive energy. You can order it in two flavors, including mango or strawberry lemonade. It’s also NSF Certified for Sport, making it the right choice for athletes. Active ingredients include 13mg of caffeine and beta-alanine, creatine, and arginine.

C4 SuperSport Pre-Workout ($24.99)

Another NSF Certified for Sport supplement, C4 Supersport, contains 150mg of caffeine and other classic C4 pre-workout ingredients to boost pump and endurance.

C4 Extreme Natural Zero ($34.99)

Cellucor offers a natural zero version of its favored C4 Extreme formula. The supplement is clean with no artificial dyes or flavors and provides 200mg of caffeine per serving.

NO3 Ultimate ($39.99)

NO3 Ultimate is a powdered nutritional supplement designed to boost nitric oxide and enhance performance without stimulants. The formula works similarly to NO3 Chrome. Each serving contains L-citrulline, arginine, and other active ingredients to boost your body’s nitric oxide (NO) production.

Amino Acids & BCAAs

Cellucor offers a lineup of amino acids and BCAA supplements. The pre-workout supplements above already contain significant amounts of amino acids, and C4 is known for its rich amino acid profile. However, Cellucor also offers dedicated amino acid and BCAA supplements for endurance, muscle recovery, hydration, and more – including the popular XTEND lineup.

XTEND Original ($27.99)

The initial edition of Cellucor’s formula is known as XTEND Original. Backed by 15+ years on the market as a bestselling supplement, XTEND Original provides 7g of BCAAs per serving and zero sugar. It has 10+ flavors, including blue raspberry ice and orange cream.

XTEND Ripped BCAA Powder ($37.99)

XTEND Ripped BCAA Powder blends 7g of BCAAs, electrolytes, and proven fat-burning ingredients like CLA and Capsimax. You get the same proven BCAAs as XTEND Original – but with additional elements for added fat burning. The formula comes in two flavors: blueberry lemonade and strawberry kiwi splash.

XTEND Healthy Hydration ($24.99)

XTEND Healthy Hydration features a blend of ingredients for hydration – including electrolytes and essential amino acids – along with vitamin D and B vitamins. You also get zero grams of sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. The formula contains L-valine, L-isoleucine, and L-threonine, three essential amino acids the body cannot make. You get 1.25g of BetaPower betaine for enhanced hydration and performance.

XTEND Sport BCAA Powder ($21.99)

This NSF Certified for Sport supplement provides the same proven XTEND formula with 7g of BCAAs – but it’s certified to be free of banned ingredients and to have met strict standards for testing. Each serving also contains a blend of electrolytes to support hydration and overall performance.

XTEND Natural Zero BCAA Powdder ($32.99)

This is a natural zero version of the popular XTEND supplement, containing only natural ingredients instead of artificial sweeteners and flavors.

XTEND Elite BCAA Powder ($32.99)

XTEND Elite BCAA Powder has two flavors: island punch fusion and sour gummy. You get a blend of 7g of BCAAs and other active ingredients to help you perform at your highest level. Each serving contains electrolytes, citrulline nitrate, beta-alanine, and a performance blend with six types of mushroom extract. If you want the classic XTEND formula with added adaptogenic ingredients, then XTEND Elite BCAA Powder could be the right choice.

Alpha Amino ($27.99)

Alpha Amino can help with muscle repair, hydration, and recovery while containing zero sugar. You get 14 amino acids and 5g of BCAAs in each serving in a 2:1:1 ratio. Electrolytes, coconut water powder, and BetaPower betaine help you stay hydrated.

BCAA Sport Hydration Powder ($22.99)

This NSF Certified for Sport hydration powder contains muscle recovery and hydration ingredients. You get 8.25g of vital amino acids per serving to help you stay hydrated and perform at your best.

Glutamine Powder ($29.99)

Cellucor’s Glutamine Power contains zero caffeine and calories and is designed to replenish your glutamine after a workout. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in muscle tissue, and taking a glutamine supplement after a workout can kickstart muscle growth. Cellucor contains glutamine and micronized creatine for maximum mixability and performance.

Fat Burners

Many of Cellucor’s fat burner supplements across multiple categories. For example, the popular C4 Ripped Pre-Workout is a pre-workout and fat burner rolled into one, while XTEND Ripped is a two-in-one BCAA supplement and fat burner. However, Cellucor also offers dedicated fat burner supplements.

CLK ($39.99)

CLK is a stimulant-free fat burner designed to tone and sculpt the body and burn fat. With a blend of four ingredients, the supplement uses conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to help your body use food for fuel and Slimpro, an appetite suppression ingredient. Zero caffeine or stimulants make it easy to pair CLK with another pre-workout – like C4. Just take three softgels of CLK daily for fat burning.

SuperHD Fat Burner ($29.99)

SuperHD Fat Burner is an energy-boosting, fat-burning formula designed to boost mental and physical performance. Each serving contains a blend of proven weight-loss ingredients along with antioxidants. You get cayenne, green tea extract, Huperzine A, and N-acetyl L-tyrosine, among other active ingredients. Some elements are ideal for energy and metabolism, while others, like Huperzine A, are explicitly designed for cognitive performance.

SuperHD Ultimate Fat Burner ($55.99)

SuperHD Ultimate Fat Burner provides high-definition energy, fat burning, and physique while offering Cellucor’s most potent weight loss and energy experience overall. Just take two capsules daily to give your body a blend of proven thermogenic and other fat-burning ingredients. Each serving contains 400mg of caffeine, cayenne fruit extract, nitric oxide boosters, and other active ingredients.

Protein Powder

Cellucor offers two protein powders, including XTEND Pro Whey Isolate and Whey Sport:

XTEND Pro Whey Isolate ($39.99)

XTEND Pro Whey Isolate contains 25g of 100% whey protein isolate per serving and 7g of BCAAs. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or dyes. Cellucor recommends it for muscle repair and recovery. You can choose from two flavors: chocolate lava cake or vanilla ice cream.

Whey Sport ($29.99)

Cellucor offers a popular NSF Certified for Sport protein powder called Whey Sport. It’s designed as an all-in-one post-workout supplement and features more than just protein. Each serving contains 30g of protein along with 2.5g of creatine and 2g of glutamine, helping your body begin the muscle repair process after your workout. You get a fast-digesting way, 160 to 170 calories per serving, and a protein powder trusted by substantial sports bodies worldwide.

Sports Nutrition

Cellucor offers a broad “sports nutrition” category, and most Cellucor supplements can accurately fit into this category. However, there are two supplements here not found elsewhere, including:

COR-Performance Creatine ($29.99)

Cellucor’s COR-Performance Creatine is one of the company’s most popular products. You get 5g of creatine per serving to increase strength and promote lean muscle mass. Creatine is a popular supplement among bodybuilders worldwide. You get 5g of creatine monohydrate with zero caffeine and calories – and superior mixability. You can use it alone or pair it with another popular Cellucor supplement.

Glutamine ($29.99)

Cellucor offers a popular glutamine supplement with zero caffeine and calories. It’s designed to replenish your glutamine after a workout, assisting with muscle growth and development. The unflavored formula is designed to be easy to mix.

Testosterone Boosters

Cellucor offers a lineup of testosterone boosters, many of which are under the P6 brand. The company’s most popular testosterone boosters include P6 Alpha, P6 Original, and P6 Extreme. You can take these supplements daily to support testosterone:

P6 Alpha ($24.99)

P6 Alpha is a testosterone booster designed to increase vitality and support blood flow using a blend of proven ingredients. It’s intended as a new and improved version of the P6 Original blend. Each serving contains SenActiv, Asian ginseng, elevATP, TESTFACTOR, and other proprietary ingredients that support your body’s testosterone production.

P6 Alpha Advanced ($49.99)

P6 Alpha Advanced is a more powerful version of P6 Alpha. You get the same base ingredients as P6 Alpha, including SenActive, TESTFACTOR, Asian Ginseng, and elevATP. You also get extra ingredients for blood flow (including citrulline and nitrates) and muscle building.

P6 Original ($89.99)

P6 Original was the first popular testosterone booster from Cellucor. Today, all other Cellucor testosterone boosters are named after P6 Original. The supplement provides comprehensive male support while boosting lean muscle and strength. Each serving contains a blend of KSM-66 ashwagandha, LJ100, and other ingredients to boost testosterone and support healthy estrogen balance.

P6 Extreme Enhanced Testosterone ($99.99)

P6 Extreme Enhanced Testosterone can boost testosterone and overall male vitality while featuring more ingredients than other P6 formulas. Each serving contains ashwagandha, elevATP, TESTFACTOR, citrulline nitrate, SenActive, fenugreek, DIM, and Asian ginseng, among other active ingredients. Just take five capsules daily for testosterone-boosting results.

P6 Ultimate Enhanced Testosterone ($149.99)

The third most potent testosterone booster in the Cellucor family, P6 Ultimate Enhanced Testosterone features LJ100, PeakATP, citrulline nitrate, PeptiStrong, NucleoPrime, and other unique active ingredients to support testosterone and overall hormone balance. Take five capsules daily for muscle building, libido, pump, vitality, and more.

P6 Ultimate ($159.99)

P6 Ultimate boosts testosterone, pumps, and cognition using a proven blend of ingredients. Each serving contains alpha GPC, NO3-T arginine, KSM-66 ashwagandha, and other active ingredients. You take five capsules daily to support testosterone and vitality.

P6 Ultimate GH ($199.99)

Support growth hormone (GH) production with P6 Ultimate GH. It’s designed to support GH, testosterone, lean muscle mass, and strength while being the most potent hormone supplement in the Cellucor catalog. Each five-capsule serving contains LJ100, shilajit, elevATP, and other active ingredients. These ingredients can help with protein synthesis, growth hormone production, protein breakdown, and fat metabolism, among other effects.

Energy Drinks

Cellucor offers a lineup of energy drinks under the C4 brand. They’re available in carbonated and non-carbonated options and contain similar ingredients to the original lineup of C4 pre-workout formulas. Depending on your purchase option, you can buy a 12-pack of energy drinks for $27.99 to $39.99. Available flavors include Original, Starburst, Skittles, and more.

Cellucor energy drinks include:

  • C4 Energy
  • C4 Ultimate
  • C4 Energy Non-Carbonated
  • C4 Ultimate Carbonated

Cellucor Features

There are plenty of supplement companies available today. Why pick Cellucor? What makes Cellucor unique?

Here are some unique features and benefits of Cellucor:

Free Shipping on Orders Over $55

You qualify for free shipping if you spend over $55 on the Cellucor online store.

Subscribe & Save

You can subscribe to receive regular orders of Cellucor supplements to save money. You get 30% off your first order, 20% off each recurring charge, and free shipping. Plus, you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.

Transparent Ingredients

Although Cellucor uses proprietary formulas in some supplements, it maintains transparent ingredient labels. It’s easy to see what’s inside each Cellucor serving, for example, and Cellucor discloses caffeine dosages upfront, even when it is within a proprietary formula.

90-Day Refund Policy

If unsatisfied, you have 90 days to try any Cellucor supplement and request a refund.

American Company

Cellucor is a subsidiary brand of Nutrabolt, a health and wellness company based in Austin, Texas.

Performance Insider Rewards Program

Cellucor has a rewards program called Performance Insider. You can sign up for free and receive a $10 credit immediately. Membership gives exclusive access to the Cellucor online store, perks, and savings. You also get rewarded on your birthday for referring a friend, writing a review, and following the company on social media, among other tasks. The more you perform, the more points you earn.

Available Online and In Stores

Cellucor is available on the official website. OR, you can buy Cellucor supplements at major retailers nearby, including Walmart, GNC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many other major retailers. Use the Cellucor store finder o find a retail location for Cellucor near you.

C4 Pre-workout Lineup

Cellucor’s C4 brand provides a range of pre-workout supplements. You can buy the original C4 Pre-workout. Or, you can purchase versions of C4 for weight loss, energy, and other targeted effects. C4 contains caffeine and amino acids to energize you before a workout. With billions of C4 servings sold and multiple C4 varieties available, C4 remains one of Cellucor’s most popular product lineups.


Cellucor is known for its XTEND lineup of BCAA supplements. Starting from the original XTEND formula, Cellucor has launched a lineup of amino acid supplements targeting various health and wellness goals. Many recipes also contain electrolytes for hydration and other ingredients for additional effects.

Super HD Fat Burners

Cellucor’s Super HD is a highly sought-after supplement known for its fat-burning properties.

Build Your Bundle

Cellucor offers pre-built bundles. Or, you can create your bundle, buying multiple products at once to save money.

60-Second Online Quiz to Find the Right Supplement

The official website has a 60-second online quiz you can complete to find the right supplement. The company developed the quiz based on 20+ years of supplement industry experience. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of Cellucor options and aren’t sure where to start, this quiz can help.

Discounts for Students, Military, Medical, & First Responders

Cellucor offers a lineup of deals to qualifying individuals. If you’re a student, a military member, work in the medical industry, or are a first responder, you could save 30% on your Cellucor purchase. Verify your discount on the official website.

NSF Certified for Sport

Cellucor offers NSF Certified and NSF Certified for Sport supplements. These supplements must meet strict testing criteria and be free of banned substances.

Cellucor Reviews

Cellucor Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Cellucor has thousands of five-star reviews online from verified purchasers and industry media. Like other big-name supplement companies, Cellucor tends to have good reviews from most people for its pricing, quality, transparency, and overall supplement formulas.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers and review aggregator websites online today:

Most Cellucor products have a 4.1-star or higher rating on Amazon, with some collecting thousands of reviews. For example, the Cellucor Super HD fat burner has an average score of 4.1 stars out of 5 with 1,200+ reviews.

Cellucor has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 on Google, with thousands of customers happy with the value, quality, and overall experience of their Cellucor product.

The few negative reviews for Cellucor online come from people who were not accustomed to high doses of caffeine or felt side effects from taking large amounts. Some Cellucor supplements contain 300 to 400mg of caffeine per serving (although others have 120mg or less). If you’re not used to large caffeine doses, start small to avoid side effects (the average cup of coffee has around 125mg of caffeine).

The official website has a 2.7-star rating on Trustpilot, with many customers complaining about shipping, flavor options, and customer service issues. Although many were impressed with Cellucor’s supplements and how they worked, others had a bad experience with the company overall because of shipping and customer service issues.

Cellucor has strong ratings from supplement industry websites and media, including 4 to 5-star reviews from Garage Gym Reviews, Bar Bend, Influenster, Fitness Clone, Diet Spotlight, and others.

Certain Cellucor supplements are more popular than others. For example, Cellucor’s Super HD fat burner and C4 pre-workout tend to collect more reviews than other online products.

Many customers like Cellucor’s 90-day refund policy. If you’re unhappy with your Cellucor product, you can request a refund within 90 days. It’s tough to beat that refund policy.

Most customers highly appreciate Cellucor supplements’ reasonable price and excellent overall value. You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a good quality supplement from Cellucor.

Some customers dislike the use of artificial flavors and sweeteners in Cellucor products. However, the company also offers natural supplements with no artificial ingredients, swapping all artificial ingredients for natural ones while leaving the base formula intact.

Overall, most customers are happy with Cellucor and its lineup of products, finding the company’s products work as advertised, offer good value and transparency, and deliver on their promises.

Cellucor Refund Policy

Cellucor backs its products with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied, you have 90 days to try a Cellucor supplement and request a refund.

If you purchased a Cellucor supplement from a third-party retailer, that retailer’s refund policy may apply.

Contact Cellucor

Cellucor is a subsidiary brand of Nutrabolt, an Austin, Texas-based wellness company. To get in touch with Cellucor and their customer service team, you have the following options:

Final Word on Cellucor

Cellucor is a longstanding supplement company known for Super HD, C4, and other popular products.

Found online, the company has 20+ years of industry experience and has sold billions of servings of its most popular products.

To learn more about Cellucor or to shop around today, visit the official website.

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