Is David Culley The New Head Coach Of Texans?


David Culley is finally going to be the head coach of Houston Texans and confirmed one of the persons who is acquainted with the situation. The final decision to name the Baltimore Ravens assistant head coach as the next head coach of Texans came out after a long search full of many twists and turns. 

The person asked to maintain anonymity as the official announcement is yet to be made. Till then, just enjoy the suspense.

At the age of 65, Culley will take up the position as a head coach for the first time in a career of 27 seasons in national football league (NFL) coaching. For the past two years, he had served as Baltimore’s wide receiver coach, passing game coordinator, and assistant head coach.

Is David Culley The New Head Coach Of Texans?

Culley is the first black candidate to fill up the vacancy of head coach for Texans. He is going to take up the position of head coach for this cycle.

He is a non-play-caller to occupy the head coach vacancy. Though it is a rare scenario, his expertise in the field, knowledge about coaching, and wonderful leadership qualities have earned a lot of respect in the league.

Is David Culley The New Head Coach Of Texans

Culley has exceptional communication skills in words of former players, is a great motivator, and a wonderful teacher.

Not only former players but peers also look at Culley as having an amazing and high character.

Culley has a vast experience in NFL. He is a native of Sparta, Tennessee. He had served as Buffalo’s quarterback coach for two seasons. Prior to that, Culley had worked primarily as a wide receiver’s coach. He has worked for Kansas City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay.

NFL has launched a new incentive program for developing and promoting candidates from minority groups to reach up higher on the coaching ladder. As part of the incentive, Raven’s are going to receive compensation for two third-round draft picks. 

The Texans have reduced to disarray from the playoff squad. Culley is now going to accept the challenge of changing this Texan franchise position as a head coach.

Many controversies also come to light due to the growing frustration over the poor decision-making of Houston Brass; Franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson wanted to be a trade-off. 

Former Patriot executive Nick Caserio was hired as the general manager this month for Houston Texans after firing coach and general manager Bill O’Brien within four weeks of the season.

It was Caserio who had interviewed many candidates for the position of Texan’s head coach. Culley and Leslie Frazier, Minnesota defensive coordinator, were interviewed twice by Caserio before finalizing Culley to fill the head coach vacancy. He also interviewed Kansas City’s Eric Bieniemy and Indianapolis’ Matt Eberflus for the job.

Finally, after a lot of frustrating rounds of interviews for a colored coach, the struggle ends with Culley’s selection. It was even more frustrating when the league wanted to seek the Rooney Rule; only two minority candidates (Culley and Robert Sleh) applied against the seven openings of head coach. Robert Sleh is the head coach of the New York Jets in the NFL.  

Among one of the rare cases, Culley has now joined as a blackhead coach in NFL. Mike Tomlin, the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers, and Brian Flores, the head coach of Miami Dolphins, are the other two black head coaches in the national football league. 

With lots of struggle and amidst the chaos, Houston Texans have found a head coach. Just stay tuned for Texans’ official announcement about the head coach vacancy being filled by David Culley. And it will be more thrilling to see if the new head coach can shut down the rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson’s trade-off. 


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