Is Legit? Pet DNA Tests for Dogs & Cats?

Wisdom Panel is a pet DNA testing company found online.

A single Wisdom Panel test can reveal your cat or dog’s breed mix, relatives, genetic traits, and health metrics, giving you greater insight into your pet with a single 15-second test at home.

Does Wisdom Panel work? What can you learn on a Wisdom Panel test? Please keep reading to find out everything you need about Wisdom Panel and how it works today in our review.

What is Wisdom Panel?

Wisdom Panel is the world’s leading pet DNA testing service.

The company has tested over four million pets to date. It maintains the world’s largest pet health database, allowing them to deliver more significant insights into your pet’s health, relatives, and genetic traits than other pet testing companies.

Wisdom Panel’s test is designed for dogs or cats. You can pay $85 to $130 for an at-home testing kit, complete the test in 15 seconds using a simple swab, then send it to Wisdom Panel for full results.

Wisdom Panel is available online through, Amazon, Chewy, and other major retailers. You can also find it in-store at Walmart, Petco, and more.

Wisdom Panel Benefits

Wisdom Panel aims to be America’s number one dog and cat DNA testing service. Some of the benefits of Wisdom Panel include:

  • 15-second cheek swab test performed at home
  • Screen for 350+ breeds
  • Discover 250+ health tests and traits
  • Discover 50+ additional genetic characteristics, including physical and cognitive traits
  • Find your dog’s relatives
  • The premium test includes vet consultation for at-risk health findings

How Does Wisdom Panel Work?

Wisdom Panel provides a kit for collecting and mailing a pet DNA sample.

Here’s how your Wisdom Panel testing kit works:

Step 1) Swab Your Pet’s Cheek to Gather DNA

You will receive a Wisdom Panel testing kit with all the necessary items to collect and return the sample to the Wisdom Panel lab. Each kit comes with an included swab, which you use on your pet’s cheek for at least 15 seconds. For best results, make sure your dog’s mouth is clean (free of any debris or treats) before testing, avoid touching the end of the swab with your hands, firmly roll and rotate the swab inside your dog’s cheek, apply gentle pressure from outside the cheek, and let the swab dry for at least five minutes for placing it back in the kit.

Step 2) Send Your Sample to the Wisdom Panel Lab

Each kit comes with a prepaid label. Place the collected sample inside the kit, then return it to the Wisdom Panel lab. Wisdom Panel has a CLIA-certified lab staffed with geneticists who handle each pet sample using human-grade equipment. Wisdom Panel’s team analyzes the sample to identify the complete set of genes (via AKA genotyping). Then, they screen that sample against their in-house breed database, creating a clear breakdown of your pet’s genetic makeup.

Step 3) You Get Results in Two to Three Weeks

You should receive results online two to three weeks after mailing a sample to the Wisdom Panel lab. You can discover your pet’s breed makeup, health metrics, genetic traits, and more. This can be a surprising day for many pet owners. You may find your purebred dog is not actually purebred, for example, or your dog is even an entirely different breed than you expected. However, you get further insight into your pet to help you become a better pet parent.

You may also receive a vet consultation for at-risk biomarkers, depending on which testing kit you select. For example, a vet can explain why the POMC gene is fine but also predisposes your pet to overeating and obesity.

Wisdom Panel Testing Kits & Pricing

Wisdom Panel offers three testing kits: Premium, Essential, and Breed Discovery. You can select the appropriate test to discover more about your dog’s breed or understand your pet’s genetic characteristics and history.

Wisdom Panel Testing Kits & Pricing

For Dogs

Available Wisdom Panel testing kits for dogs include:

  • Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery ($84.99): Wisdom Panel’s cheapest test screens your dog or cat across 350+ breeds, making it easy to see your pet’s genetic makeup. The test also lets you find your pet’s relatives. And it checks for MDR1 (which indicates sensitivity to certain drugs).
  • Wisdom Panel Essentials ($104.99): Wisdom Pan Essentials includes everything in Breed Discovery while checking for 25+ additional health metrics and 50+ traits.
  • Wisdom Panel Premium ($159.99): Wisdom Panel’s most comprehensive test is Wisdom Panel Premium, which includes everything in Essentials along with 325+ additional health tests and a vet consultation for any “at risk” health findings from the test.

You order all three tests online through The tests arrive in the mail with prepaid return shipping. You collect a sample by following the instructions. After collecting the dog’s DNA sample, please return it to the Wisdom Panel lab and expect the complete results in two to three weeks.

For Cats

For Cats

Wisdom Panel offers a single testing kit for cats:

  • Wisdom Panel Complete ($129.99): Wisdom Panel Complete screens your cat for 70+ breeds and populations. It also checks for 45+ health tests and 25+ traits. Wisdom Panel developed the test with veterinarians to create the world’s most comprehensive cat DNA test. You can also identify your cat’s blood type and discuss at-risk health findings with a vet. Just order your kit, swab your cat’s cheek, send the sample to the lab, and receive results within two to three weeks.

What Will You Learn on a Wisdom Panel Test?

Wisdom Panel tests can provide vital information about your pet’s health, breed, and genetic traits.

Below are some of the things you will discover from a Wisdom Panel test:

Breed Information

Are you curious about the specific genetic makeup of your dog? Do you want to know where your dog’s ancestors came from? Wisdom Panel’s tests can determine your pet’s breed or breed mix.

Breed affects temperament, activity, and more. Each Wisdom Panel test provides a specific breakdown of detected breeds, including the particular percentage of each seen species in Wisdom Panel.

For instance, your Wisdom Panel test results could show a breed breakdown that looks like this:

  • 52% herding breeds, including 29% border collie, 13% Australian kelpie, 5% Australian shepherd, 3% Shetland sheepdog, and 2% Koolie
  • 30% Asian breeds, including 14% Pekingese, 10% Shih Tzu, 5% Lhasa apso, and 1% Keeshond
  • 18% terrier breeds, including 11% poodle, 3% Golden retriever, 2% Labrador retriever, and 2% miniature poodle


Want to know more about your dog’s cousins, ancestors, siblings, parents, and grandparents? Wisdom Panel checks your pet’s sample for any relations within the Wisdom Panel database.

Wisdom Panel has tested over four million pets across the United States. If the database finds a hit, you can view that dog’s profile – including a picture of that dog, their DNA results, and more. You can even message the pet’s owner.

According to Wisdom Panel, 99.9% of tested dogs have a match. Your canine companion may have siblings, cousins, and other relatives also included in the Wisdom Panel database. Or, the system may identify some dogs as distant relatives.


Wisdom Panel examines the DNA of your pet to assess its health measurements. The company has health data from four million pets, making it easy to connect certain genetic information to meaningful health trends.

Wisdom Panel’s test can detect genetic disorders and health risks in dogs and cats, for example, helping to ensure your pet receives the best possible care.

A Wisdom Panel test could indicate your pet has MDR1 drug sensitivity, for example, a disorder that prevents pets from taking certain medications—the Wisdom Panel test checks for the MDR1 protein to determine your pet’s multidrug resistance.


Your pet’s DNA test can reveal genetic traits about your pet, including eye color, fur type, ear type, and more. You can get the full story behind the parts of your dog you know and love – including where those traits came from and which were influenced by genetics.

For example, if your pet has red fur, your Wisdom Panel test could link this red fur to a recessive gene. At least two recessive genes cause a dog’s body to generate red pigment.

Wisdom Panel’s Optimal Selection Canine & Feline Tests for Breeders

Additionally, Wisdom Panel provides a distinct DNA test specifically for breeders of dogs and cats. The test is called Optimal Selection Canine or Optimal Selection Feline test.

Each Optimal Selection Canine Test Looks for:

  • 270+ genetic health markers (now including CDDY, IVDD, and dermatomyositis, along with hundreds of other risks)
  • 50+ traits (now including cocoa and roan)
  • Genetic Diversity and makeup

This is the preferred test for North American dog breeders. It’s also used by breeders, veterinarians, and researchers worldwide.

You can view the specific health tests, trait tests, and other tested items at the official Wisdom Panel website.

The Optimal Selection Feline Test Checks for:

  • 40+ genetic health tests
  • Blood type
  • 20+ traits
  • Genetic diversity

Like the Optimal Selection Canine test, the Optimal Selection Feline test is the preferred choice for cat breeders. Wisdom Panel has taken the latest research on cat population genetics and developed an at-home swab test to inform modern breeders. You can check for 40+ genetic diseases, 20+ traits (including coat colors, coat types, and body shape), blood type, genetic diversity, and breed, among other information.

  • Optimal Selection Canine Price: $129.99
  • Optimal Selection Feline Price: $99.99

Wisdom Panel Features

There are other pet DNA testing services available today. Why pick Wisdom Panel? What makes Wisdom Panel the superior option?

Here are some of the features that separate Wisdom Panel from its competitors:

Backed by 20+ Years of Research & Development

Wisdom Panel traces its history back to 2002, and the Genomics Technology Platform (Profile Technology) launch at WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition and Nottingham University Laboratories. Today, the company’s system is based on 20+ years of history.

4 Million Pet Samples Collected to Date

Wisdom Panel has collected over four million pet samples since launch. This gives the test additional validation over competing pet testing services because you know four million people have used it. Wisdom Panel boasts one of the largest databases to verify research and compare pet results. You can get detailed breed and genetic health risk information about your dog because Wisdom Panel has recently scanned millions of other dogs.

Discover Pet Relatives

All Wisdom Panel tests include a pet relative finder feature. If your pet’s siblings, cousins, or distant relatives have ordered a Wisdom Panel test, you could identify those relatives and view their profiles through your Wisdom Panel account. In fact, according to Wisdom Panel, 99.9% of tested samples have at least one relative in the database. You can even message the other pet owner directly through the app.

Competitive Prices

Wisdom Panel’s tests are priced at $85 to $160. However, the company periodically holds sales and offers discount codes. You can pay as little as $128 for the Wisdom Panel Premium test, which includes breed screening, 250+ health tests, 50+ trait tests, and a vet consultation.

Three Testing Kits Available

Wisdom Panel offers three testing kits, including a breed testing kit and two levels of health and trait testing kits. Order the testing kit you prefer from Wisdom Panel, whether for breed insight or comprehensive health screening for your dog.

Screen for Physical Traits & Appearance

Have you ever wondered why your dog’s fur has a red tinge in the light? It could be a genetic trait caused by a recessive gene. Each Wisdom Panel test includes screening for 50+ physical features and appearance characteristics linked to your dog’s genetic makeup.

Vet Consultation

The Wisdom Panel Premium test comes with a free consultation with a veterinarian to discuss any “at risk” information indicated by the test results. For example, you can discover specific genes or traits and how to use this information to make the best decisions about your pet’s health.

Tests for Dog Breeders

Wisdom Panel also offers a particular test for dog breeders called Optimal Selection Canine. The test includes 270+ genetic health tests, 50+ traits, and detailed genetic diversity information of the tested dog.

Free Shipping

Wisdom Panel provides free shipping on all US orders.

Refer & Earn $20

If you refer a fellow pet owner to the Wisdom Panel platform, you can receive $20. Wisdom Panel also offers an affiliate program.

Test for 23% to 150% More Breeds

Wisdom Panel uses the most extensive reference database in the world to provide accurate testing information for your dog or cat. That testing database helps you screen your pet against 23% more dog and 150% more cat breeds, giving you greater insight into your pet.

21,000+ Samples from 50+ Countries

Wisdom Panel’s pet genome database has 21,000+ samples collected from 50+ countries, allowing you to see specific information about your pet’s genetic makeup.

1,140x More Efficient than the Industry Standard

Wisdom Panel can process tens of thousands of samples in minutes. The company claims its system is 1,140x more efficient than the industry standard.

Human-Grade, CLIA-Certified Lab

Wisdom Panel tests pet samples in a human-grade, CLIA-certified laboratory. That lab is AAHA-compliant and ISO 17025-certified. Plus, it’s accredited by both A2LA and the USDA. The lab tests 1.5 million samples annually while maintaining strict quality and reliability standards.

Available Through Amazon, Walmart, Petco, Chewy, and Other Major Retailers

You can buy Wisdom Panel’s test online. However, tests are also available through Amazon, Walmart, Chewy, Petco, and other major retailers.

Free Online Breed Database

Wisdom Panel has published its breed database for free online. You can search for a specific breed or breed group, then learn more. Each database listing includes the approximate weight, height, and lifespan of the dog breed, along with its ordinary characteristics. You can learn about the dog’s history and place of origin. Wisdom Panel publishes dog care information, including each breed’s recommended diet, exercise, and training habits.

The Science Behind Wisdom Panel

Genetically speaking, a chihuahua and a Great Dane are 99% identical. That’s why the science of pet genetics is complex.

Wisdom Panel has spent 20+ years developing and refining its science. Today, each test uses the latest advances in pet genetics to help you get greater insight into your pet.

Learn about the science behind each Wisdom Panel pet DNA test:

Wisdom Panel has improved its pet DNA test over the years to a point where it now has 40x more genetic resolution and 98% accuracy, making it easy to spot slight differences between closely related breeds.

What makes Wisdom Panel stand out is its method of testing samples against its extensive database. The company uses the world’s largest reference database for dogs and cats, allowing you to test your pet’s genetic code against millions of possible breed combinations. This database enables Wisdom Panel to test 23% more dog breeds and 150% more cat breeds than other leading providers – and they continue to expand their database with every test.

Specifically, the Wisdom Panel database contains 21,000+ samples from 50+ countries, making giving pet owners accurate results easier.

Plus, Wisdom Panel claims its test is 1,140x more efficient than the industry standard. The company can process tens of thousands of samples in minutes, allowing them to maintain an affordable price.

Wisdom Panel worked with some of the world’s leading pet genetics researchers to develop its testing protocol, including computational biology specialists, genetic researchers, and canine and feline genetics experts with PhDs in related fields.

Wisdom Panel Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Wisdom Panel makes big claims about its genetic testing service. But does the test reveal valuable insights into your pet’s health and wellness? How does Wisdom Panel’s test work? We’ll explore Wisdom Panel’s reviews below.

Wisdom Panel’s flagship test has an average rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with most customers (53%) giving it a 5-star rating and a significant number (24%) giving it a 1-star rating. Pet owners either seem very happy or disappointed by the test results. Most pet owners found the test kits easy to use and were pleased with the results. However, some were disappointed by vague breed information – especially for mixed breed dogs or shelter dogs with uncertain genetic makeup.

DNA industry and pet websites tend to have good things to say about Wisdom Panel, with many describing it as the world’s best pet DNA testing service., CanineJournal, TheSprucePets, The New York Times, and other major media have published good reviews for Wisdom Panel.

PCMag gave Wisdom Panel a 4.5-star rating 5, choosing it as an Editor’s Choice product. The company praised the test for providing accurate information about 350+ breeds and 210+ genetic problems while being easy to use.

Wisdom Panel has a low Trustpilot score with a 1.9-star rating based on over 45 reviews. Most reviewers (71%) gave it a 1-star rating, and most complaints are from customers who disagree with their dog’s breed test results. For instance, some tests have shown that a dog is 100% a beagle, but it looks nothing like a beagle.

Chewy users have given Wisdom Panel an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 750+ reviews. Most Chewy customers are very impressed with the test and its accuracy, finding it gives them unique insight into their four-legged friends while being affordable and easy to use.

Walmart users have given Wisdom Panel a 4.7-star rating out of 5 based on 17,800+ reviews, making it one of the best-rated pet products on overall. Customers praise Wisdom Panel’s test for its comprehensive results, easy-to-use kit, and affordable pricing, among other perks.

Most Wisdom Panel customers are impressed with their test results and happy they performed a test. Some are curious about their dog’s breed and genetic makeup, while others want to make informed decisions about their pet’s health and future. Wisdom Panel is one of the world’s top pet DNA testing solutions.

Wisdom Panel Refund Policy

Wisdom Panel offers a 60-day money-back guarantee under its “Product Promise” system. You can request a refund on your test within 60 days.

For Wisdom Panel products sold through third-party retailers, purchases fall under that retailer’s return policy.

About Wisdom Panel

One of the top pet DNA test companies in America is Wisdom Panel. The company has tested over four million pets to date.

According to, the company spends 20+ years developing the world’s most accurate pet DNA test. They collaborated with leading academic institutions, research labs, and Banfield Pet Hospital to improve the accuracy, safety, and accessibility of Wisdom Panel’s tests.

Wisdom Panel traces its history to 2002 and the Genomics Technology Platform (Profile Technology) launch at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition and Nottingham University Laboratories. You can learn more about the company’s timeline at the official website.

Wisdom Panel also worked with top breeders, veterinarians, and geneticists to create one of the leading breed libraries in the world.

You can contact customer service via the following:

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PST.

Final Word on Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel is a top-rated pet DNA testing service available online and in stores.

With three tests available for cats and dogs, Wisdom Panel can check your pet’s DNA for 350+ breeds, 250+ health traits, and 50+ physical attributes, among other characteristics.

Visit the official website to order a Wisdom Panel pet DNA test or learn more about how it works.

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