Israel Vaccination Program: Pfizer Vaccine Can Prevent 94% Symptomatic Infections

Good news for people as vaccines by Pfizer is working as good in reality as it did in the clinical trial. As per a public health doctor named Prof Hagai Levine, the vaccine is highly effective in preventing illness and diseases among people of all groups. 

As per doctor Hagai Levine, high vaccination coverage is the key to the program.

Israel Vaccination Program: Pfizer Vaccine Can Prevent 94% Symptomatic Infections

The recent findings were provided by Israel’s largest health fund, Clalit. As per the recent findings, there were positive tests in 6,00,000 vaccinated people and the same number of unvaccinated people. The data was related as per age and health status.

Israel Vaccination Program Pfizer Vaccine Can Prevent 94 Symptomatic Infections

As per the recent findings, there were 94% fewer infections among the vaccinated groups. The entire data relates to the test results and record in people who had symptoms or if they came in close contact with someone who has tested positive. The vaccine helped people with serious illness. The pattern was the same among people in all age groups including people over 70 years in age. 

The data has not been formally published yet. But, whatever information is available, it sends a message to bigger nations like the UK about the usefulness of the vaccination. 

Dr Prof Levine said that he can’t put a number on what proportion of people would be immunised before the restrictions could ease. 

As per Dr levine, the vaccine is very useful for personal protection as well. Another health expert named Prof Eran Segal who compiles and analyses data for Israel Ministry of Health, said that Israel had to vaccinate almost 80% of its people who are more than 60 years in age to learn the effect on Covid-19 cases. 

Israel is one of the first countries that has witnessed the impact of the vaccination programme. The vaccination program has significant population coverage and it can be seen as a milestone for Israel as well as many other countries in the world. 

One of the benefits of the recent results of vaccination is that greater fall in the number of cases for people above 60 years who were vaccinated for the very first time. Prof Segal also warned that more falls have happened at much slower rates than the expectation. This can also be because of the impact of UK variant strain of the virus. 

Even with the rapid speed of Israel’s vaccination program, there are still lakhs of people who are unprotected and people can become ill infected. Dr Prof Segal also said that it is very important for people to exit the lockdown very cautiously. 

Israel has witnessed a significant wave of infections and it is still taking strict measures. But, with all people above the age of 16 years who need to get a vaccine, the hope is that the education system will be open very soon. 

Recently, Israel has also come into spectrum and met with lots of criticism over who should provide the vaccination to Palestinian territories. 

Amidst the recent pandemic, any good news and analysis related to vaccine gives us a positive response.

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