J&J Covid-19 Vaccine To Get Authorization Within A Day

J&J Covid-19 Vaccine To Get Authorization Within A Day

Happy news for all Americans. An advisory committee by government voted unanimously on Friday to recommend the authorization of Covid-19 vaccine that is manufactured by Johnson &Johnson. As per Dr. Archana Chatterjee, who is a member of the committee and who is also the dean of the Chicago school, said that authorization of the vaccine will fulfill the need for now. 

J&J Covid-19 Vaccine To Get Authorization Within A Day

As per a report by the committee, if the acting commissioner of the FDA agrees as expected, the rollout of the vaccine will start soon and most probably it will start as soon as next week.

J&J Covid-19 Vaccine To Get Authorization Within A Day

Vaccine by Johnson and Johnson will be the third vaccine that will reach Americans. Thus, it will join the other two vaccine manufacturers that are Moderna and Pfizer. These two vaccine providers have provided vaccines to more than 46 million people since the rollout of the vaccine began.

The approval by FDA advisory group was expected because the company met all criterias needed for the authorization of the vaccine. The large-scale trial of the vaccine also called its safety and effectiveness. The company has also ensured that they will manufacture the vaccine consistently by following all safety protocols.

All three vaccines are safe and effective as the members of the committee said. 

Dr. Cody Meissner, who is chief of the pediatrics department at the Tufts University School of Medicine said that it is important for people to not think that one vaccine is better than another. All three vaccines are equally safe and effective. Another doctor named Arnol Monto said that in the present condition you should be thankful that you are getting vaccinated. Thus, don’t compare vaccines when it’s your turn to get the shots.

Dr. Eric Rubin, who is an infectious disease expert said that the voting in the support of the vaccine was an easy call. 

As per the committee members, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has several advantages over other vaccines. But, it had only one disadvantage, that is related to the effectiveness.

In a trial conducted several months after the trail of the Moderma and the Pfizer vaccine, it was found that the J&J vaccine was 72% effective in the US. It was slightly less effective in South Africa and latin America where two more variants of the virus are spreading. 

In the United States, the vaccine by J&J was proved to be effective for all demographic groups, except for people who are more than 60 years in age and who faced different medical issues. 

Last year the trial of the pfizer and the Moderna vaccine was effective for more than 94% of the population.  The arrival of the new virus strain is expected to reduce the impact of both these vaccines too. 

The arrival of new variants of the virus, increases the need of getting a safe and effective vaccine to the public. As per many health experts we are in a race with multiple mutating viruses. Thus, it is important to make sure that more vaccines can come up that can cope up with the challenge of new virus strains.


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