Kamala Harris In The Spot For Navigating Her New Job

Kamala Harris In The Spot For Navigating Her New Job

The US Vice President Kamala Harris on March 2 shared her remarks in Washington. She’s one of the most talked-about politicians across the globe majorly for delivering the tie-breaking vote to advance the first major piece of legislation in the new administration. Since 2019 the favorability towards Harris has grown from 29% to 53%.

Kamala Harris In The Spot For Navigating Her New Job

Vice President Harris being second-in-command is enjoying a high profile. That is unusual because of the path-breaking nature of her election along with the front-and-center role given to her by President Joe Biden has given her.

Kamala Harris In The Spot For Navigating Her New Job

With the speculation that President Biden would seek another term in 2024, Harris is already undergoing public tryout for the presidency, although it is not clear if she is going to take up this job.

However, experts believe that it is of critical advantage for a woman of color, since it allows Americans in getting accustomed to seeing her in this role. It further also makes Harris an early target for the Republicans along with those who do not want a woman particularly for those who are either a Black national or is a South Asian woman. Harris’s role has engaged to the historic role of being the first South Asian woman in this role.

Looking at Harris doing her job effectively in the first month already is normalizing the idea of a female racial minority. “This is great,” says Moe Vela, a political consultant who was an advisor in Bidens Campaigning. He believes that it makes Americans more comfortable and with prolonging transpires Republicans are going to get nervous and concerned.

St. Louis University professor Joel Goldstein said that Biden as a former vice president acknowledges the potential frustrations and contributions of the person whose main role is to be there in case if something happens to the commander in chief.

Kamala Harris is focusing on making sure that  President Joe Biden is successful during his term. In the last month, Harris has stood by the President signing events and speeches, watching and following his lead.

President Biden said that it is a delicate, new role for someone who used to work as a senator from California and the state’s attorney general. Biden Added that Harris is yet to take on a specific set of issues beyond promoting whatever the US President is focused on, which largely has been concerned with the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Biden has made clear that he wants Harris with whom he sparred during the Democratic presidential primary so that she can model her approach.

When Biden appeared with Harris for the first time after selecting her as his running mate in August, he shared how Barack Obama chose him as his vice-presidential running mate, Biden said “I told him I wanted to be the last person in the room before he made the important decisions.”

That is what Biden asked from Harris, Biden added “I asked Kamala to be the last voice in the room, to always tell me the truth, which she will. Challenge my assumptions if she disagrees. Ask the hard questions. Because that’s the way we make the best decisions for the American people.” 

So far, Harris has often been the last person in the room with Biden while important decisions are being made. A White House aide, noted that it was still the case Harris was the first and last person in the room with him, noting they sometimes will have pull-aside conversations after meetings.

Biden acknowledged that Harris’s role won’t be easy in his term and shared that even he had arguments with the former president Obama sometimes like in 2012, when Biden as Vise President famously said he supported gay marriage well before Obama did, too.


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