Keter Group’s Sustainable Outdoor Furniture is Ideal for a “Summer Oasis”


Alejandro Pena, Keter CEO, highlights the company’s ongoing sustainability incentives and how to create a sustainable summer oasis.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, responsibilities often stand in the way of relaxation. Work or school commitments, family obligations, and unexpected events seem to fill every day, leaving little time to refresh and rejuvenate.

When a family finally carves out time for a warm-weather get-together on the patio,  family members may have to find another home for the randomly scattered sporting gear and assorted gardening supplies before the quality time can begin. When insufficient storage is a real problem, family members rarely put everything away.

Equally importantly, there often isn’t enough comfortable seating for everyone. Without sturdy tables for drinks and snacks, family members and friends must balance items on their laps or the ground. Sometimes, accidents happen, causing an unplanned soaking and putting a damper on the festivities.

When this happens it means it’s time for a full-scale patio reboot. After all, The outdoor space should welcome family and friends rather than inconvenience them. And when the process is complete, the patio will be transformed into a summer oasis that blends pleasing aesthetics with personal comfort.

5 Key Outdoor Space Design Tips

Creating a beautiful, functional patio (or other outdoor space) requires careful planning and attention to detail. When the project is finished, family and friends will have a favorite outdoor gathering spot. These five recommendations apply to outdoor spaces of any size and configuration.

Pinpoint the Space’s Function and Layout

Before choosing furniture and accent pieces, the homeowner should clearly define the space’s purpose. Maybe they’ll use it as a Happy Hour venue where drinks and snacks mix with easy conversation. Perhaps the homeowner enjoys dining al fresco with family and friends.

Once the space’s purpose is clear, the homeowner should create a layout that maximizes the space’s advantages. If the square footage allows, distinct seating, cooking, and dining areas are ideal. An unobstructed traffic flow between the zones also makes sense.

Provide Protection from the Elements

There’s something satisfying about gathering outdoors while enjoying protection from the sun, rain, and/or wind. Depending on the setting, a pergola, awning, shade sail, or umbrella(s) may provide a good solution. Although Sunbrella is the gold standard of outdoor fabrics, other weather-resistant brands may also offer protection.

Add Strategically Placed Lighting Effects

A well-designed lighting scheme enables the outdoor space to be functional during the evening hours. Pathway lighting for safety, and targeted lighting for the cooking and serving areas, are important. Accent lighting will enhance the gathering space’s ambiance.

Select Stylish, Weather-Resistant Furniture

Sturdy, weather-resistant furniture is ideal for seating groups, dining areas, cooking/serving venues, and pool deck use. Cushions with Sunbrella or other outdoor-resistant fabrics will stand up to the elements. Careful arrangement of these pieces will enable easy, safe movement while inviting conversation. Keter’s furniture and storage solutions are long-lasting and require little to no maintenance, rendering the perfect solutions for outdoor areas.

Add Plants, Landscaping, and/or Water Features

Lush potted plants help soften up hard outdoor surfaces. Smaller tabletop plants enhance seating groupings while large landscaping plants add lovely green contrast to pavers and other angular elements. Adjacent flower beds can add color and texture. If space and infrastructure permit, small water features can add sound and movement.

Keter Group Brings Durable, Sustainable Outdoor Furniture to the Marketplace

Space design, weather protection, and lighting elements contribute to a pleasing outdoor setting. With that said, stylish, functional, and durable furniture serves as the center point of every outdoor living space. 

Regardless of a piece of outdoor furniture’s function, it should be able to withstand glaring sun, pounding rain, and howling wind without adverse effects. Stated another way, outdoor furniture should retain its integrity in often-harsh weather conditions.

Bringing Livability to Everyday Spaces

Keter Group is an international leader offering durable consumer lifestyle-based products for home and outdoors. Founded in Israel in 1948, Keter Group has more than 5,000 employees throughout North America, Israel, and Europe. Keter North America’s headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida.

From the company’s inception, Keter Group has focused on designing lifestyle solutions that enhance users’ quality of life. The company produces resin-based outdoor products that can stand up to all climates and weather conditions.

Focus on Minimizing Environmental Impacts  

Concurrently, Keter Group’s enduring mission reflects the desire to minimize products’ environmental impacts. The brand strives “to minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.”

To accomplish this ambitious goal, Keter Group is focused on increasing its products’ recycled content. In 2020, Keter Group products contained 40 percent recycled content. In 2025, the products are projected to contain 55 percent recycled content.

Additionally, Keter Group’s entire product line is 100 percent recyclable. The company emphasizes that this is a big step in reducing the products’ environmental impact. Finally, Keter Group does not manufacture any type of single-use plastic consumer items.

Keter Group’s Signature Products Feature Style and Functionality

Keter Group’s resin-based products feature a clean, modern style with different finishes and textures. A knitted motif and rattan look are two popular choices. Brass, copper, or wood finishes are also available. All furniture is fabricated in neutral tones that lend themselves to colorful accent items.

Patio or Deck

A roomy patio or deck is often a popular gathering space. It provides a great setting to relax and wind down after a long day. Sometimes, it’s an inviting spot for sharing Happy Hour drinks and snacks. Alternatively, a patio or deck can become a desirable outdoor dining venue with lush greenery as a backdrop.

Having enough comfortable seating for everyone sets the stage for an enjoyable experience. Keter Group’s Adirondack chairs certainly fit the bill. With four inviting styles and five classic colors, homeowners will find one that suits their tastes and color scheme. Gathering chairs together, and adding a side table for food and drinks, creates an instant conversational hub.

Of course, sometimes there’s no substitute for a sturdy, classic-style rocking chair. Keter Group’s well-built Adirondack rocking chairs combine traditional styling with modern resin-based construction. Whether whiling away a lazy summer afternoon or rocking a fussy baby to sleep, this rocking chair is perfect for any occasion. Even better, it’s built to last for years.

For a smaller patio, Keter Group’s 3-Piece Patio Set offers a compact seating group with plenty of style. This grouping’s small size makes it suitable for virtually any setting. Two neutral colors will fit with any landscape or color scheme.

Outdoor Kitchen Cart

Before cooking on the grill, proteins, and vegetables require preparation with rubs or marinades. Grilling tools, serving ware, utensils, and other accessories are also integral components of an al fresco dinner. However, hauling these items outside (and back inside) is a time-intensive task.

Fortunately, the Keter Group Outdoor Kitchen Cart solves the food preparation and item storage dilemma. This sturdy wheeled cart can be loaded up in the kitchen and wheeled to any outdoor location. Even better, it can double as a food preparation surface and/or a place for hungry diners to enjoy their meals.

Storage Bench

Storing sporting gear, garden tools, and other miscellaneous “stuff” means they won’t become trip hazards during outdoor social gatherings. Keter’s durable Storage Bench solves the problem with its impressive interior capacity. In addition, the closed lid doubles as sturdy guest seating.

Pool Deck Area

Lounging by the pool is an ideal way to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some relaxation. Keter Group’s rugged Adirondack chairs are a versatile seating option. The chairs’ resin-based construction means they’re also the perfect drying spot for wet beach towels.

Sunbathers who prefer intensive relaxation will gravitate to Keter Group’s sun loungers. Each lounger reclines for all-over sun exposure or adjusts its inclination for easy conversation. The furniture’s sleek construction and neutral tones make it compatible with any outdoor décor.

Cool Bars

Naturally, soaking up the sun makes sunbathers thirsty. Fortunately, Keter Group’s Cool Bars provide a stylish, portable solution. The smaller 7.5-gallon Cool Bar features a pop-up lid that serves as a table. There’s plenty of room for iced-down beverages in the bottom compartment.

Keter Group’s 14.8-gallon cooler takes pool refreshments to the next level. The larger-volume Bevy Bar can handle more beverages and ice. This expansive cooler also offers a larger horizontal surface to hold more guests’ beverages and snacks.

Apartment or Condo Balcony

An average-sized apartment or condo balcony can become a relaxing respite from the hectic world. One or two Keter Group Adirondack chairs with a side table, or a 3-Piece Patio Set, can become the space’s focal point.

Now, residents and guests can enjoy their morning coffee or Happy Hour refreshments in style. If the space has sufficient room, a sturdy Storage Bench can accommodate two more people while offering additional storage capacity.

Keter Group Offers Sustainable Outdoor Solutions

Homeowners across the United States continue to embrace the “entertaining at home” movement. Keter Group’s versatile, durable outdoor furniture can turn differently-sized spaces into well-appointed entertainment and relaxation venues.

The pieces’ neutral colors blend seamlessly with varied décor, making each setting a gathering spot for family and friends. 

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