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King Legacy

The Roblox experience King Legacy is based on the legendary anime and manga franchise One Piece. Players take on the role of a pirate or marine and try to strengthen their character by completing quests and practicing specific combat skills, similar to a modern MMORPG. Since it’s based on the One Piece series, a large part of the King Legacy experience gains superhuman abilities from eating various “devil fruits” found in the open world and purchased from in-game shops. You can play King Legacy for free on Roblox website by simply clicking the Play button on the King Legacy page. If the link doesn’t take you directly to the experience, type “King Legacy” into the search bar on the main page to find it.

King Legacy Codes Update 3.5

Roblox, developed by Roblox Corporation, is a game and game development platform. Roblox offers a large number of games made by both their developers and individual developers. These games belong to a diverse genre that caters to the needs of all types of players. One of the main features of this platform is the availability of promo codes that players can use to get a range of rewards and boosts. Knowing these promo codes is a great benefit for the players as it takes the gameplay of these players to the next level. Roblox King Legacy update 3.5 was released yesterday, April 15, 2022. Scroll down to view the King Legacy update 3.5 patch notes.

King Legacy Codes Update 3.5 April 2022

Active codes

  • 1MFAV – 5 gems
  • 550KLIKES – Statistics reset
  • DINOXLIVE – 100,000 bel
  • PEODIZ – 100,000 bel
  • THXFOR1BVISIT – 3 Gems
  • UPDATE3_17 – 3 gems

Expired Codes

  • 100KFAV
  • 100CLICKS
  • 100 MVISITS
  • 150CLICKS
  • 200 MVISITS
  • 250CLICKS
  • 300 KFAV
  • 300 MVISITS
  • 200KFAV
  • 20MVISIT
  • 22CLIKE
  • 23CLIKE
  • 26CLICKS
  • 300CLICKS
  • 35MVISIT
  • 400CLIKES
  • 45MVISIT
  • 45CLIKES
  • 500 KFAV
  • 500CLICKS
  • 50CLICKS
  • 600 KFAV
  • 60 MVISITS
  • 70CLICKS
  • 700 KFAV
  • 800 KFAV
  • 80 MVISITS
  • 900KFAV
  • ALLO
  • OPOP
  • SNOW
  • UPDATE2_13
  • UPDATE2_16
  • UPDATE2_17
  • UPDATE2_5
  • UPDATE3_15
  • UPDATE3_16

Roblox King Legacy Update 3.5 Patch Notes

Here are the complete Roblox King Legacy Update 3.5 patch notes below;

New content

  • Added 2 new legendary swords
  • Added 2 new accessories
  • Added 2 awakening fruits
  • Added Night Blade V2 progression
  • Added a new tier of items called Collectibles. These items in this tier are unlimited. These are items that were obtainable but weren’t and won’t be coming back (e.g. Yule Blade).
  • Added enable/disable for showing multiple texts in setting (Ex Dodge Text Combo Text Jump Text)
  • Added NPC for Conqueror Colors Random and Sea King also has a small chance to give you random access colors with this NPC
  • Added new secret dragon colors/skins
  • New death effects for players and mobs
  • Changed reward texts
  • Awakened movements now have official names for them once you’ve awakened and equipped them
  • You can see the exact amount of gems/money$ by hovering over the text
  • Made it so you can no longer aim your abilities through walls
  • Legacy poses now have an animation indicator when equipped
  • King Samurai spawn time has been changed from 3-4 hours to every 2 hours
  • You no longer get the same colors/skins from random dragon spawns
  • Spirit Fruit’s price has been reduced from R$3000 to R$2250. Also changes tier from Legendary to Epic
  • There will be more alerts, e.g. B. when you have awakened the force, leveled up or received an item

Revisions & Changes

  • New level requirement for Second Sea 1500 => 2250
  • Bubble (Bullitus) will explode automatically if you used Fly, Transform, Teleport moves
  • Gum flight speed now scales with health like other flights (the lower you are, the slower you will be)
  • Buffed Rumble dmg all skills
  • Reworked dragon fruit moves Z, X, C, B
  • Revamped Cookie Sword Z-Move
  • Reworked Infernal Sword
  • Changed the effect on Z movement and also improved the range
  • X Movement speed increased and range improved. This move will inflict 10 hits on your opponent, the last hit (10th) will be a critical hit
  • Revamped Conqueror
  • effect changed
  • There are now different colors of Conqueror (if you have Conqueror after joining the game, you will be given a random color)
  • Conqueror will now only stun your opponent if their level is lower than yours for 5 seconds, and will not stun anyone of the same level as you
  • Revamped dash effect
  • Revised mobile shift lock
  • Redesigned Mobile Buttons (Observation, Arming, Conquest, Dash, Run, Teleport)
  • Reworked some animations of bosses and mobs in the first sea
  • The menu section has been redesigned and also added a keyboard shortcut to close/open the menu by pressing “M” and moved the trading/settings buttons to the menu

How do I redeem the codes in King Legacy?

Follow the steps to redeem the codes in King Legacy;

  • Open the King’s Will in Roblox.
  • There is a gear icon in the top left corner of the screen
  • Below is an Enter Code section that appears as a popup.
  • Copy one of the above codes and paste it into the text box
  • Press Enter on your keyboard to get the reward.
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