Know Everything About Eunice Barber: Bio, Career, Achievements, Controversies, Net Worth, Instagram, And Height And Weight


Eunice Barber is a well-known athlete, who is well-known for her performance at the World Athletics Championship. She was primarily involved in the long and heptathlon and was the winner of the heptathlon in the World Athletics Championships in 1999 as well as the long leap in the year 2003. The achievement boosts her standing as an athlete.

A lot of people who are interested in sports are seeking more information on Eunice Barber. If you’re similar to that this article will assist you learn what you can regarding Eunice Barber!

Eunice Barber Bio

Eunice Barber was born 17 November 1974 at Free Town, Sierra Leone, West Africa, as the daughter of Margaret Barber. Her personal life is secret and there isn’t any information about her family, parents or siblings. 

There are numerous reports that reveal Eunice Barber was fascinated by sports since childhood. Eunice Barber hasn’t revealed her academic information. Eunice Barber’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Eunice Barber’s Athlete Career And Achievements

Eunice Barber began her athletic career playing for her home country, Sierra Leone. In 1999 that she started competing for France and that brought an increase in fame for Eunice Barber’s athletic career. 

She participated at the Olympic Games in 1992 for 100-meter hurdles and heptathlon. She competed in the heptathlon at the World Championship in 1993 but she failed to qualify for the event.

At the 1995 World Championships Eunice finished fourth in the heptathlon. She also set personal record for six of the events. The same year, she competed at the All-Africa Games in Harare and received a gold medal as well. In 1996 she won the heptathlon with a 6th place finish at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

The year 1999 was the time that Eunice Barber was made a French citizen. She then competed for the World Championship for France. In 1999 she defeated Denise Lewis in the heptathlon and took the title. She had the best ever score in 2000. It also boosted her career in the process. But, she had to pull out of at the Olympic Games in the same year because of a serious injuries. 

In 2003 Eunice Barber took the Long Jump title at the World Championships in Paris but she was unable to surpass Carolina Kluft in the heptathlon. But, she came in 2nd behind Kluft in the world Championship.

Eunice Barber Controversies

Eunice Barber is at an oblique distance from all kinds of scandals and is living her life in private. But she was sentenced to two months in jail in the year 2008. 

In 2006 she was part of a public debate where she claimed she was agressively handled by police officers in a stop in connection with a small traffic violation. The media and the general public were questioned and looked for the truth about the issue.

Eunice Barber Net Worth

Eunice Barber, a woman athlete who has won numerous athlete competitions around the world. According to reports her net worth Eunice Barber is estimated at $5 million. The majority of her earnings comes from athletics itself.

Eunice Barber Weight And Height

Eunice Barber is an height at 1.75 metres and weighs 68kg. She has a strong and healthy body that is essential for athletes.


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