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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 has the potential to become one of the most interesting texts in history. The previous chapter left many clues that now converge towards the finale of the war. On the last outing, Koko realized that they had supported the wrong cause all these years. So now he has faced his fears. Challenging Mikey was perhaps his biggest challenge yet. So here’s everything you need to know about the latest installment of Tokyo Revengers.

At the next match, the first fight fans will come across is between Haruki Hayashida and Manjiro Sano. Aside from that, fans can also hope to see how Senju fares after the merciless defeat. And finally, Koko’s challenge to Mikey will also fester in the next episode. Fans are already excited to condense all of this action into one chapter.

Tokyo revengers chapter 252

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252: What Will Happen Next?

The last panel of the previous chapter was one of the most shocking revelations in history. Koko had a change of heart while fighting the second generation Tokyo Manji Gang. So he went to Mikey and decided that he would fight his former friend. Therefore, in the following chapter, two fights taking place in parallel will be considered. The first fight is between Mitsuya and Hanma.

In this one, Hanma seems to have the upper hand as he’s fresh to the fights. Meanwhile, Mitsuya has only arrived at the scene after winning a fight. Next up will be the most awaited fight between two friends, Mikey and Koko. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 is ready to light up the stage with fire of action and fury.

Tokyo revengers chapter 252

Summary of the previous chapter!

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251, Senju suffered a grievous loss at the hands of her own brother. Then the chapter started with Benkei coming to help Wakasa fight Inui. It could be seen that Inui was pretty good at fighting these two. But things turned around pretty quickly when Koko saw Inui getting overwhelmed from fighting two people at once. Meanwhile, Kokonoi claimed he was happy to be on the winning side.

In the second half of the chapter, Mikey took the spotlight. It could be seen that he watched all the battles with keen eyes. Seeing that things are not going in his gang’s favor, he orders Hanma to pay a visit. At the end of the chapter, he faced Mitsuya and challenged him to an ultimate brawl.

Tokyo revengers chapter 252

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Release Date

Without a break, the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers will bring the conclusion of this hard-fought battle. Let us know your rating of the latest story in the comments section. Therefore, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 will be released this week on May 4th, 2022. Fans can read all the chapters of the manhwa only on Kodansha’s official pages. Last but not least, we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as there are more updates on this.

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