Latino Catholics Raise The Bar With Highest Vaccination


During the past year, the Divine Providence Catholic Church saw many negative days due to the massive rampage and deaths caused by the coronavirus.

Among the predominant Latino congregants, the Parish leaders saw fifty-four Covid-19 related deaths. Due to the coronavirus, many parishioners had to stay at home.

Latino Catholics Raise The Bar With Highest Vaccination

Thus, this resulted in the church remaining empty for more than a year.

But, on this Sunday, around two hundred parishioners filled the pews, out of whom most were wearing masks and the majority of the group had been given the vaccine for the coronavirus.

Latino Catholics Raise The Bar With Highest Vaccination

They swayed around to the sound of hymns being sung in Spanish and lined up for communion.

The Rev. Ryan Cancer, the parish pastor, stated that the major reason due to the spontaneous return of the church to being normal again is its strong will of embracing the Covid-19 vaccines. He said that he saw deaths as the virus went too real for them. He encouraged people to get vaccinated and he feels grateful that they followed his advice. He is a Filipino who gives mass preaching in Spanish. He has helped in motivating a lot of the other parishioners in getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

According to a survey conducted recently by the Pew Research Center, the Latino Catholics, like those located at the Divine Providence, have proven helpful to the country as they have one of the highest vaccination rates out of the major religious groups in the whole of the United States. 

Around ten thousand adults were studied in which around eighty-six percent of the Hispanic Catholics stated that they were partially vaccinated at least. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, around seventy-nine percent of the adults in the United State are partially vaccinated. 

The study has surfaced around the time when the decision of mandating vaccines is being speculated and the debate over the research and manufacture of types of vaccines which include the cell lines from aborted fetuses. The leaders of the Catholic Church, who normally oppose abortion, have reconsidered it when the situation is based on vaccine mandates and used their religious exemptions. 

In August, four bishops of Colorado showed their support through a letter for some vaccines but stated that they strongly opposed the mandates as it was a deeply personal issue and that they continued to support the religious exemptions from every vaccine out there. 

On the contrary, the archdioceses of New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles have emphasized to their priests to not provide any such religious exemptions from vaccines to anyone.

The director of education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center situated in Philadelphia, named Tadeusz Pacholczyk, stated that the Catholics were concerned about getting the vaccines for Covid-19. But this was not due to the concerns for the cell lines of the aborted fetuses, but more due to the lack of trust in the government and pharmaceutical companies as the vaccine had been developed pretty quickly. 

He also said that the Bioethics Center had posted relevant information which could help the readers in getting the vaccines so that everyone can get vaccinated. 


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