Legit Psychic Reading Site for Tarot Cards, Astrology & Fortune Telling?

Kasamba is a psychic chat website founded in 1999.

With 3 million happy users to date, Kasamba is one of the internet’s best-known psychic and advisor platforms. Top advisors have tens of thousands of reviews, with prices ranging from $1 to $20 per minute.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Kasamba and discover testimonials from real customers today.

What is Kasamba?

Kasamba is an online psychic platform with 24+ years of experience helping users find advisors.

Like many psychic platforms, Kasamba sorts advisors based on their areas of specialization. Users can choose from psychic readings, love psychics, tarot readings, fortune tellers, dream analysis specialists, astrologists, career forecasters, and other specialists, for example.

Advisors range in price from $1 to $30 per minute. You can view ratings upfront, and top advisors have tens of thousands of reviews from happy customers.

Kasamba’s advisors are available via live chat or phone for a live reading. Alternatively, some advisors offer email readings, allowing you to access their services without needing to chat with them live.

Kasamba was founded in 1999 as an online and phone-based psychic service. Today, the company continues to be committed to providing quality online psychic readings via chat, email, or phone top help users discover the answers they need.

Kasamba Reviews

Kasamba Features & Benefits

Kasamba offers the following features and benefits:

3 Free Minutes with Each New Psychic You Try: Kasamba offers an innovative “best match guarantee” system. After matching with a psychic, you get three free minutes (via chat only) to decide if the psychic is the right choice for you.

20+ Years of Quality: Kasamba is backed by over 4 million 5-star ratings and reviews. Since 1999, the website has helped millions of users get the answers they need.

Real Psychics: Kasamba offers real, proven psychics, professional advisors, experienced astrologists, and other specialists – some with decades of expertise in their craft.

Satisfaction Guarantee: In addition to the best match guarantee mentioned above, Kasamba offers a satisfaction guarantee on your first reading. If you’re not completely satisfied with your first reading, just request a refund.

Dozens of Specializations: Kasamba offers specialists in astrology, tarot readings, love and career advice, and other areas. No matter what type of reading you’re looking for, you can find it with Kasamba.

Comprehensive User Review System: You can view user reviews on Kasamba, making it easy to see the experiences other users have had with the advisor. Some of the top advisors have tens of thousands of reviews and decades of experience providing high-quality readings to Kasamba users.

Global Community Available 24/7: Kasambas psychics come from all over the world. No matter what time of day or night you need a reading, you can find plenty of advisors ready to perform a reading via Kasamba.

Private & Secure: Kasamba takes user security seriously. The website is 100% anonymous and confidential and has secure, SSL payment processing.

How Does Kasamba Work?

Kasamba provides a range of psychic services from advisors specializing in different areas – from astrology to career to love and more. Just sign up by clicking here, browse for an advisor you like, then call or chat with that advisor.

Here’s how Kasamba works:

Step 1) Browse for an Advisor: Kasamba gives you the freedom to choose the best advisor for your unique needs. You can discover love and relationship psychics, astrologers, dream analysis experts, fortune tellers, and more. You can also search for psychics by name, rank them by the number of reviews, and find the optimal advisor for your unique needs.

Step 2) Join Kasamba: Once you’ve found an advisor, register for Kasamba and complete the login process. Setup a username and password, then select your preferred method of payment.

Step 3) Chat & Control How You Pay: Most Kasamba psychics are available by phone or online chat. You can control how you want to pay with simple, convenient options. You can pay with your credit card, charging the card based on the number of minutes your session lasts. Or, you can add funds to your account via PayPal.

After completing payment, you can connect to your advisor and begin the session. If you’re unhappy with the session, then you can request a refund. Kasamba also offers a best match guarantee, where you can request a refund after the first three minutes (via chat) if unsatisfied for any reason.

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Kasamba Areas of Specialization

Kasamba offers hundreds of psychics specializing in different areas of the craft. Whether looking for advice on romance, religion, or paranormal activity, you can find the answers you need with Kasamba.

Some of the areas of specialization with Kasamba include:

Psychic Readings: Kasamba offers general psychic readings. You can choose aura readings, crystal readings, remote viewing psychics, rune casting specialists, and more, for example.

Psychic Mediums: Communicate with lost loved ones using psychic mediums. Kasamba has psychic mediums with a proven connection with spiritual entities.

Pet Psychics: Curious about what your pet is thinking? Wondering why your pet is behaving a certain way? Kasamba offers pet psychic specialists who can help you understand the roots of your pet’s behavior.

Love Psychics: Many Kasamba psychics specialist in love readings. Kasamba’s love psychics include specialists in breakups and divorces, parents and children relationships, cheating and affairs, singles and dating, gay and lesbian relationships, soulmate connections, and marital life, among other areas.

Tarot Readings: Get a tarot reading with Kasamba’s tarot card specialists. The platform offers standard tarot card readings along with angel card readings and cartomancy.

Astrology Readings: Kasamba offers specialized astrology readings, including those specializing in Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology.

Palm Readings: Kasamba offers a range of palm readers and palm reading specialists. The lines on your palms provide insights into your unique personality and future. Palm reading specialists can interpret life lines and love lines, health lines, and more to give you the answers you’re looking for about yourself and the people around you.

Paranormal Psychics: Some of Kasamba’s specialists specialize in paranormal activity. Do you feel like you’re being watched? Do you hear whispers? You may have higher levels of paranormal activity around yourself or your home. Whether you feel the presence of active beings or are curious about their potential presence, Kasamba has experts who can help you communicate and understand unusual phenomena.

Numerology: Numerology uses the power of numbers to inform crucial decisions in your life. Kasamba offers numerology specialists to help you understand what your life path number means and more. From the date of your birth to other important dates, the numbers in your life can play a role in your future.

Universal Laws: Natural laws guide every aspect of our lives. Some Kasamba specialists focus on universal laws, including how the 12 universal laws impact your future. You can manifest prosperity, love, and happiness in your life with Kasamba’s universal laws advisors.

Eastern Philosophy: Some Kasamba advisors specialize in eastern philosophy. We’ve looked to the east for wisdom and guidance for years. Today, eastern philosophy can give insight not found anywhere else. Kasamba offers a network of online psychics to help you find out what’s ahead.

Past Life Reading & Analysis: Your past life could influence the person you are today. With a Kasamba past life reading specialist, you can discover how your past life shapes your life today. You can unlock secrets of your past to make your present better. Get a past life reading now to gain better insight into your life.

Intimacy: An online psychic can help you create a deeper connection with your partner. Some Kasamba specialists focus on intimacy, including helping you feel more empowered in sex, love, intimacy, and romance.

Occult Reading: Kasamba has some advisors who can teach you how to perform a spell or engage in other occult activities. Some specialists explore the power of candles, spells, and protective charms, for example. Others focus on wicca and witchcraft.

Handwriting / Graphology Analysis: Your handwriting says a surprising amount about who you are, your personality, and your future. Some Kasamba advisors specialize in handwriting, graphology, and similar crafts.

Picture Readings: Want to discover the energy behind a photograph? Want to see if a spouse is telling the truth? Some Kasamba advisors can perform picture readings, capturing the energy in a photograph to reveal secrets about you and loved ones. Send a picture to Kasamba’s online psychic readers to discover the truth behind a photograph.

Career Financial Outlook: Kasamba has financial outlook advisors who specialize in helping you navigate difficult situations, make the right decisions at work, and choose a career path. A financial psychic reading could help you make the best decisions of your life in the face of complicated choices.

Kabbalah Readings: Kabbalah is an ancient practice focused on identifying the secrets in a special Hebrew text. It can bring peace, enlightenment, and prosperity into your life – but you need a spiritual guide to help navigate. Kasamba has 20+ Kabbalah advisors who specialize in the craft.

Psíquicos en Español: Kasamba, like many US-based psychic services, offers service in Spanish. You can order a session from a psíquico to find your way to love and happiness.

New Age Spirituality: Some Kasamba advisors specialize in new age spirituality, including wicca, crystals, meditation, inspiration, and more. The goal of these advisors is to put you on the path to enlightenment, prosperity, and happiness. A Kasamba new age spiritualist can help you see into your future, find lasting love, and heal your body, among other benefits.

Religious Readings: Kasamba offers online psychics and psychic mediums who specialize in live psychic readings, helping you find your way to love and happiness. You can chat with an online psychic who specializes in religious advising.

Fortune Telling & Fortune Tellers: Many Kasamba advisors specialize in fortune telling. Psychics can reveal your destiny through the power of fortune telling. They can answer questions accurately, provide insights into your future, and help you chat live with a fortune teller to determine what your future has in store.

Dream Analysis & Dream Meaning: What do your dreams mean? How should you interpret your dreams? Kasamba has advisors who specialize in decoding what your subconscious mind is telling you through dreams. You can discover the meanings of your dream symbols with the help of an online psychic dream analyst, giving you a better chance of achieving love, inner peace, and joy.

Career Advisors: Kasamba has career advisors who can help you make the right career choices. You can determine if now is the best time to change your job, for example, and how you should navigate your career path to find fulfilment, joy, and financial success. If you need help making important decisions about your career or future, then Kasamba has a network of advisors who can help, using their connection with phenomena to help you decide the best path forward.

Kasamba Advisor Profiles

Kasamba, like most online psychic platforms, makes it easy to read advisor profiles, get the information you need, and determine if they’re the right match for you.

Some of the things you can learn on each Kasamba advisor’s page include:

  • Number of reviews from previous customers
  • Average rating from previous customers (out of 5 stars)
  • Price per minute for live chat and phone sessions
  • Fee for email readings
  • Areas of specialization
  • Experience, qualifications, and background

Kasamba Pricing

Kasamba’s advisors disclose pricing upfront. All psychics charge a per-minute rate. You could pay anywhere from $1 to $30 per minute with the platform’s psychics.

Some advisors also offer alternative services, including short readings and detailed readings via email. You might tell the advisor something about yourself over email, then receive a detailed reading to help you find health and happiness.

Prices of Kasamba specialists include:

  • Per Minute Fee by Online Chat or Phone: $1.99 to $30 per minute
  • Short Email Readings: $10 to $200
  • Detailed Email Readings: $100 to $1,000

All advisors disclose prices upfront, making it easy to see how much you’ll pay long before you start chatting with a psychic online or over the phone.

If you’re disappointed with your Kasamba reading, then you can request a refund within the first three minutes (of a live chat with a new psychic). Or, you can request a refund on your first session with a psychic.

Contact Kasamba

Kasamba is based in New York City. The company was founded in 1999 and has served over 3 million customers over the years.

You can contact Kasamba via the following:

Final Word

Kasamba is an online psychic platform found at Kasamba.com.

Featuring a network of top psychics specializing in different areas, Kasamba can help you find psychic readers, love psychics, tarot readers, fortune tellers, dream analysis specialists, astrologers, numerologists, and many other types of specialists.

To learn more about Kasamba and how the platform works, or to sign up for a Kasamba reading today, visit the official website.

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