Life Of Pi Actor Suraj Sharma Bio, Net Worth, Age, Dating, Wife, Young, Movies, Height And Weight And More


In addition to being well-liked by critics, Suraj Sharma is an Indian actor most known for his work in English-language films. It was in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi that we first saw Suraj Sharma debut on the big screen.

Many viewers will remember Suraj Sharma’s portrayal as Pi Patel, especially the way he carries the picture. As a result, Suraj Sharma has gained notoriety as one of India’s most gifted on-screen performers.

Life Of Pi Actor Suraj Sharma Bio, Net Worth, Age, Dating, Wife, Young, Movies, Height And Weight And More

Consider the career of actor Suraj Sharma, who has represented India in a number of film festivals with distinction.

Life Of Pi Actor Suraj Sharma Bio, Net Worth, Age, Dating, Wife, Young, Movies, Height And Weight And More

Suraj Sharma’s Personal Information

Suraj Sharma was born on March 21, 1993, in New Delhi, India. Sharma was raised in a Malayali home in New Delhi. The economist Shailaja Sharma from Palakkad, Kerala and the software engineer Gokul Churai from Mumbai grew up raising him.

Suraj Sharma, his brother Sriharsh, and his sister Dhruvatara were all reared by a Malayali family. Sharma attended Sardar Patel Vidyalaya Secondary School as a child and St.College Stephen’s of Delhi University as a postgraduate student.

After graduating from St.College with a degree in philosophy, Sharma went on to pursue a career in academia. Stephen’s Suraj Sharma opted to pursue a profession in acting after completing his college studies. The actor, who will be 29 in 2022, has an Aries zodiac sign.

Suraj Sharma is a successful businessman

He created a reputation for himself in his debut film as Suraj Sharma. In order to land the role of Pi in Life of Pi, Sharma and his brother Sriharsh Sharma had to compete head-to-head.

There were 3000 boys who applied, and it took him many auditions before he was cast as Pi. When you leave the audition, things aren’t over yet. In order to play Pi in the film, Suraj Sharma had to weigh between 13 and 14 kilogrammes. In addition to directing and producing Life of Pi, Ang Lee also wrote and wrote the novel that inspired the film.

The New York Film Festival presented Life of Pi, and it was a huge success at the box office. Sharma’s debut performance earned him nominations for Best Newcomer, BAFTA Rising Star, and Critics’ Choice Best Young Actor.

His debut performance was honoured by the Las Vegas Film Critics Society’s Youth in Film Award, MTV’s Best Shocking Performance Award, and the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Young Actor.

When he initially appeared in the Life of Pi, Sharma had already established himself as a versatile performer. Million Dollar Arm, Umrika, Burn Your Maps, Phillaurim and Happy Death Day 2U are only some of Sharma’s film roles. A character named Hassan was Sharma’s first on-screen role in the 2019 film The Illegal.

As a result of his efforts on The Illegal, Sharma received the Best Actor Award at the Yellowstone International Film Festival. His upcoming project is titled The Wedding Season. Additionally, Suraj Sharma has appeared in Homeland and Little America, among other television shows. The most recent series in which he has appeared is How I Met Your Father, a spin-off of How I Met Your Mother.

Sharma’s performance in the show, which premiered on Hulu on January 18th, 2022, received high appreciation. Even though she has been in more English-language films, Sharma is not a household name in Indian cinema.

It’s not true that he has a significant other.

Even when it comes to dating, Suraj Sharma has never made a huge issue out of his personal life. Sharma’s personal life is unknown to the world after becoming an actor and rising to popularity.

His first love was Gyayatri Alma, whom he met at school and began dating three years before he became an actor. Rumors have it that Sharma and Alma were engaged at some point, but their romance was said to have terminated around 2010.

What do you think about Suraj Sharma’s sex life?

The secrecy surrounding Sharma’s love life since his role in Life of Pi has led to some suspicion about his sexual orientation. For the time being, Suraj Sharma is assumed to be straight in the lack of any clarification or outright declaration.

Suraj Sharma’s net worth is how much?

The estimated wealth of Suraj Sharma is $17 million. Sharma has constructed a residence in New York City, where he lives a basic life.

Suraj Sharma Height And Weight

As of this writing, Suraj Sharma stands at 5 ft 9 in (178 cm) and weighs 143 pounds (86 kg). Sharma is a tall, handsome man with dark brown hair and eyes.

Suraj Sharma Social Media

Suraj Sharma is active across a variety of additional social media networks in addition to Instagram and Twitter. A total of 30.4k people follow Sharma on Twitter, while 13.6k people follow her on Instagram.

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