Lion Brand and Joanne Stores join forces to support anti-bullying campaign #HATNOTHATE


To support the 2022 campaign goals, this month nearly 900 JOANN stores will begin offering the #HATNOTHATE showcase filled with Blue Lion-branded yarn.

Karlstad, NJ, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of Lion Brand Yarn CompanyOngoing support for the “Anti-Bullying Campaign” #doesn’thavethatAmerica’s leading retailer of knitting and craft yarns announced today its new collaboration with John The store that stocks Blue Lion branded yarn in 860 in-store display cases to promote the #HATNOTHATE 2022 campaign.

Jessica Hendrickson, Creative Director of Lion Brand Yarn Company, said: “We are extremely excited about this collaboration, which represents a shared goal between the Lion brand and our long-time retail partner, Joanne, to support the powerful #HATNOTHATE campaign. Is.” “These demonstrations will raise awareness of #HATNOTHATE’s anti-bullying efforts and give yarn makers the tools they need to make hats to donate to the cause.”

Founded in 2018 by artisan and activist Shira Blumenthal, #HATNOTHATE has collected nearly 100,000 blue hats donated by bullies, crocheters and weavers around the world to be distributed in schools across America as part of an educational mission to end bullying. The new collaboration with the Lion brand and Joanne marks the first in-store retail activation of #HATNOTHATE.

“We couldn’t be prouder to place #HATNOTHATE in our stores,” said Mike Caserta, Divisional Merchandise Manager for Joan’s Basic Craft, who has shown consistent commitment and support to those affected by bullying. “Blue is the number one anti-bullying color and in the brand displays in our stores, manufacturers use a variety of Blue Lion branded yarns to make hats.”

These Lion branded yarns also include a variety of styles from Wool Ease to Customer Favorites and Vanna’s Choices to Hometown and Heartland. Vibrant protesters – including #HATNOTHATE information and badges – are also part of the mission of the sophisticated Anti-Bullying Campaign for 2022, which includes new calls to action for supporters and volunteers.

“For 2022, we want to engage the community, from yarn shops to libraries, to be the go-to place for #HATNOTHATE,” said Blumenthal. “In the past we have asked manufacturers and distributors to send us hats, which are then distributed to participating schools; This year, however, we want the community to be more involved in the process and encourage makers to provide opportunities to see their handmade hats in their local schools.”

With drop-off points as a new focus of the campaign – and assistants at posts responsible for receiving, sorting and distributing donated hats – #HATNOTHATE is making every drop through its social media channels and will retaliate by increasing the drop-off point. website as they work to find local schools nearby to source hats. To date, #HATNOTHATE has set up dispensaries in 31 US states. Participating establishments range from craft shops and fitness centers to hair salons and even auto repair shops.

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